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How Long Do I Have to Wait After Rhinoplasty to Wear Makeup?

I wasn't sure how long I need to wait to put on makeup after rhinoplasty? Also, is it dangerous for me to tan before the surgery? I don't mean... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait After Rhinoplasty to Go Tanning?

I need to go tanning and i have to know how long i have to wait..asap!! READ MORE

Tanning After Rhinoplasty

How long does one have to wait after having a Rhinoplasty to tan? READ MORE

Is Tanning Okay After Rhinoplasty?

Naturally under the sun? I hardly tan because of the lack of sun/warmth where I live, but Iam going on vacation and wouldnt mind laying out in the sun... READ MORE

Can I Sunbathe 2 Weeks Post-rhinoplasty if I Completely Cover my Nose with a Towel?

Good Evening, I am aware of the fact that the sun should be avoided at least 3 months after a Rhinoasty, although because of the surgery and other... READ MORE

How Long After Rhinoplasty Before I Can Go in the Sun Without Any Protection at All?

When can I expect my nose to be like it was pre operation? I didn't have to use sunscreen pre op, when can I expect to go to the beach and not... READ MORE

Can I Sunbathe Two Months After a Closed Rhinoplasty? The Swelling Appears to Have Gone?

I love my new nose, and have been sunbathing for the last three days as i am on summer holiday. However i am concerned that i am going to ruin my nose... READ MORE

A small bump has formed on my nose tip 5 and a half months after surgery, what could this be? Shifting cartilage grafts? (photo)

A few days ago I noticed a small little bump forming on the right side of my tip. It feels hard and almost pointy to touch. The only thing I've been... READ MORE

Tanning After Open Rhino?

So I had an open and closed Rhinoplasty on December 20. My doctor told me to tape my nose daily until Feb 20, and when I saw him Feb 20, he told me to... READ MORE

How soon after rhinoplasty is it ok to start tanning again? And drinking? Is it ok to have a cocktail after 9 days?

How long after rhinoplasty is it ok to start tanning again? And drinking? I don't usually drink except when I have a night out or when I go to parties... READ MORE

I Am 10 Days Post Op for Neck and Jowl Lipo, As Well As a Rhinoplasty to Remove a Bulbous Tip. Can I Sunbathe?

I am 10 days post op for neck and jowl lipo, as well as a Rhinoplasty to remove a bulbous tip. Attached is a computer simulation, however my surgeon... READ MORE

Working out and tanning after rhinoplasty-how soon?

Hoping to get a rhinoplasty soon, and wondering how long I'll need to stop my workout routine for. What are the recommendations when it comes to... READ MORE

Tanning bed after closed rhinoplasty?

I am about 6 weeks post (closed) rhinoplasty and would like to hit the tanning beds at my gym. Will this affect my results? Should i opt for spray tan... READ MORE

Is it safe to tan after a closed rhinoplasty?

I had a closed rhinoplasty exactly 9 weeks ago, and i will be heading to california August 12 the day i make 3 months after surgery. Will it be okay... READ MORE

Using the tanning bed with a splint?

Im going to have my dorsal hump rasped and I want to continue tanning afterwards. I always cover my face with towels in the tanning bed. Can I still... READ MORE

Can I sun tan before a rhinoplasty?

I am having my procedure done in the beginning of the summer and i know i want be able to tan until 6 weeks after which is why i want to tan before my... READ MORE

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