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Will Rhinoplasty Affect my Singing?

To correct deviated septum, will it effect a person singing? READ MORE

Will Rhinoplasty Affect my Voice?

Does rhinoplasty change the voice? The job is going to work inside the nose. It is very importance for me because I'm a vocalist and it is very... READ MORE

This is Very Important for Me. When Can I Start Belting out Songs After Rhinoplasty?

When can I start hardcore training singing again, hitting all the high notes and mouth opening wide. I dont want to distort my would be new nose.... READ MORE

Singing after rhino surgery?

Thank You all doctors who take time to help us:-) almost 3 weeks post Septorhinoplasty, been going back in singing training slowly, could this damage... READ MORE

Should I have rhinoplasty ? I want a smaller nose

I want a smaller nose..but I'm not sure i need rhinoplasty and it changes the singing voice? READ MORE

Will a Nose Implant Mess Up my Singing?

Or the procedure to make my nose bigger has no effect? And why? Thank you. READ MORE

Is that normal to develop hoarseness after Septorhinoplasty surgery?

Thank You all doctors who make time here for us. Is that normal to develop hoarseness after rhino surgery? I'm a month post trying get back to singing... READ MORE

Did I damage my rhinoplasty results after singing?

I had rhinoplasty done 9 days ago. My cast was taken off 2 days ago. A lot of work was done my bridge was lifted with cartilage and my nostrils were... READ MORE

Will I suffer from functional problems after nose job? (Photo)

I am contemplating a rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, however I need to know the long term risks this might pose to the functionality of my nose.... READ MORE

What procedure(s) could fix a nose that looks pointed and flared, especially when singing? (photos)

I am an opera singer and I notice that when I sing my nostrils elongate and my nose becomes very prominent, like a beak on an animal. In resting... READ MORE

Does rhinoplasty affect singing?

One thing I for got to ask the MD during my consultation - resonance in my nasal area, face, and head in general are all important in singing. Would... READ MORE

Could singing damage rhinoplasty results?

I had a closed rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago & i sang today for 5 minutes could that affect my result? i felt a sort of pressure inside my nostrils READ MORE

Singing voice. Problems with rhinoplasty

I have a bone bridge, the tip is bulbous and protrudes outwards. I can't breathe well and It's slightly crooked on the right side of my nose (I can... READ MORE

When to sing after Rhinoplasty?

Its my 1st week and 5 days of post rhinoplasty, I would like to ask if I can sing again? Because my long time friends asking me to have karaoke. Can I... READ MORE

When I sing I can feel the vibrations in my nose. Will this subside in time? Septorhinoplasty.

I am a singer and have the correct breathing and singing technique but as you can imagine to sing certain words or sounds, there is a buzz/humming and... READ MORE

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