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How Long Should I Wait to Ride a Bike or Do Martial Arts After Bridge Rhinoplasty?

How long should i wait to ride a bike without wearing helmet after bridge rhinoplasty? i would like to join again my martial art & karate center... READ MORE

I plan on getting Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty, will I be able to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu again?

I plan on getting rhinoplasty/septoplasty soon. Will I be able to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu again? If yes, until when? It's a grappling martial arts. READ MORE

Nose job before competing in a combative sport like boxing and MMA?

I see other people asking about nose jobs and fighting. I see the answers are that they don't mix and its not recommended. But they usually ask about... READ MORE

Is getting a Rhinoplasty 3 years before going into Mixed Martial Arts okay?

At the moment I am competing in Judo, a martial art where one person is trying to throw another person or submit them in a joint lock. I never fall on... READ MORE

Martial Arts After Rhinoplasty? Recommended Healing Time?

How long should I have to wait until my nose is as strong as before surgery? I would like to resume taekwondo lessons and I just wanted to know when I... READ MORE

After an Open Rhinoplasty, How Long Does It Take in General Until the Nose is "Healed Up" Resp. No Longer Prone for Injuries?

I do martial arts and would like to know when I could possibly start (vigorous) training again after an open Rhinoplasty has been performed. Thank you... READ MORE

I Want to Know if Ethnic Tip Rhinoplasty Will Be a Problem with Martial Arts?

The only thing I want is a smaller tip and nostril. I do martial arts and want to know if I get hit or fall after a year, will it be seriously damage?... READ MORE

Is it possible to play sports and do martial arts after nose surgery?

After complete recovery of nose surgery (for any part of the nose), is it possible do play sports and do martial arts? READ MORE

I Do Judo, I Will Get a Nose Operation to Straighten my Septum Since It's Crooked.Will I Be Able to Do Judo After the Operation?

I am 14 years old and will get the operation in 6 months. If I can do judo again do i have a chance it will get injured or crooked again? I dont want... READ MORE

I'm getting Rhinoplasty and I'm a MMA fighter.

I'm getting a rhinoplasty but what happens if I break my nose after the recovery process because I'm a fighter and I do that as partime ATM but I'm... READ MORE

When I Can I Start Practicing Kendo?

Would 4-5 months be a sufficient amount of time for me to start practicing Kendo after my rhinoplasty? I will be wearing a helmet(also has braces to... READ MORE

Martial arts class after rhinoplasty?

How long will it be ok to take martial art class which include boxing after rhinoplasty( grafting with cartridge )? there is sparring in the... READ MORE

Would I need to give up sparring and martial arts all my life if I decide to get a Rhinoplasty?

Hi I had my first consult for rhinoplasty today and it's gone pretty good except that talking with the surgeon it came out that I must avoid contact... READ MORE

A martial artist doing a rhinoplasty?

Hello!! I'm actually into rhinoplasty but what I'm scared of is that I'm a Martial artist what if I get hit on my nose will it affect?? Of course if I... READ MORE

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