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Is It Possible to Make a Nose Longer (Upwards and Downwards Direction Not Outwards)?

I have a short button nose and I feel like there's a pretty big space between the bottom of my nose and the top of my lips. Is it possible to make the... READ MORE

Possible to Lengthen the Nose to Reduce Distance Between Nose and Upper Lip?

I have a short nose, which accentuates my long philtrum. I'm wondering if it's possible to increase the length of the nose and thereby close the gap... READ MORE

How is a Nose Made Longer?

I had an attractive long nose and just wanted it a bit slimmer and ended up with a short, stubby, piggish, bulbous nose. I am told I have no septum or... READ MORE

Can Nose Surgery Fix a Short Upper Lip? (photo)

I want to have nose surgery to get rid of the dorsal hump that I have. I also feel that my upper lip is too short, I breath through my mouth and it is... READ MORE

Septum Cartilage Grafts to Lengthen Tip?

Can you use septum cartilage to lengthen the tip or does it have to be ear or rib? It'd be about a millimeter and how do you turn the tip down a... READ MORE

What Could Cause my Nose to Look Like This? I Am So Embarrassed. 6.5 Months Post-op, Open Septo/rhino (Photos)

Last time I saw my surgeon, he said this looked good. Not sure what he was looking at. What went wrong? (Osteotomies, spreader graft, dorsum shaved,... READ MORE

Could my Shortened Nose Be Made Longer Again? (photo)

I got a rhinoplasty and I think the result made my nose look too short and small for my face. Could it be made longer again? This isn't my picture... READ MORE

Nose Too Short After Rhinoplasty - Will It Grow Out?

I had a closed rhinoplasty six months ago and my doctor shortened my nose too much. I'm a male and I'm 18 years old. I'm wondering if it... READ MORE

Tip Deprojection and Lengthening?

My doctor wants to do a tip deprojection/lengthening on my nose for my rhinoplasty surgery. This sounds great in theory, as my nose is slightly short... READ MORE

Short Upturn Nose? (photo)

I'm seeking to turn my nose downwards to cover the nostrils a bit. They said they could not use a long implant because it would protrude and at best I... READ MORE

Should I Get a Lip Lift or Should I Get Nose Lengthening Rhinoplasty? (photo)

My goals are to reduce the space between my mouth and nose and improve the symmetry of my lips. The reason the space is too large is because my nose... READ MORE

Will Cartilage Grafts to Nostrils Make Nose Seem Longer?

My nostrils are retracted and rounded, and a doctor suggested reducing the view from the front with cartilage grafts from my ear. But will this make... READ MORE

What is the Process of Using Cartilage to Lengthen the Nose?

Which is the best way to add length to my nose? When ear cartilage is being used where exactly does the cartilage come from? Will my ear be weird... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty / Implant

Hi Doctors, If one wants to increase the height of his nose bridge together with lengthening the tip, would a single piece of implant be necessary or... READ MORE

Can Nostrils Become Wider After Nose-lengthening Rhinoplasty?

I underwent secondary rhinoplasty whereby the doctor removed my silicon implant and replaced it with a silicon-cum-goretex i-shaped implant, in... READ MORE

Is there a way to lengthen the columella?

I had a rhinoplasty 6 months ago. My doctor deprojected my nose and also shortened my columella. Now my nose looks smashed down to my face and my... READ MORE

What is the best way to increase Dorsal Height and lengthen and create a defined tip?

Can rib cartilage be used alone to increase dorsal area of nose and also help to lengthen and create a defined tip. Or should I use implant for dorsal... READ MORE

Nose Feels Too Short and Looks Like Lip is Being Pulled Upward Only 10 Days Post Rhinoplasty?

My nose was definitely shortened. I'm hard to having a longer nose, but now I feel that it's pulling my top lip upward making it look stiff and... READ MORE

I'm Not Happy with my Nose Job. Can I Reconstruct It?

Hi! I did a nose job in Sweden 2 years ago. But It's too small, too short and he lowered the nose a good bit. But afterwards, I see that the nose... READ MORE

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