Lay Down + Rhinoplasty

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How Long Until I Can Lay on My Side After Open Rhinoplasty?

I had an open rhinoplasty two weeks ago. I think the bone was broken. How long do I have to wait before I start sleeping on the side? And my question... READ MORE

Dizziness After Nose Job

I just had a nose job last month & 2weeks after my operation i started getting dizziness along with nausea. the nausea is cured now as i visited a... READ MORE

When Can I Sleep Lying Down Again After Rhinoplasty?

2 questions. When can i sleep lying down or on my side again im 10 weeks PO. Also I know this sounds silly but is it ok to yawn or chew anything hard... READ MORE

Can Lying on Your Stomach Affect the Healing of or Displace Nasal Bones 4 Weeks Post-op?

I had an osteotomy performed to narrow my bridge 4 weeks ago. So far I've been sleeping inclined at 45 degrees until now, but today I became so... READ MORE

I Just Had Rhinoplasty Done. I Am About 10 Days Post-op and Wanted to Get a Back Massage on a Massage Table?

The massage table has a opening for the face. I would be laying face down for about 45 min. Would this be ok to do? READ MORE

Feel pressure every time I rest my head on the side, laying down after rhinoplasty. Is this normal?

Im 25 day post op. Everytime when i lay down in bed and turn my face, i feel presssure on the nose towards the direction i turn to. For example, if im... READ MORE

I have a hump on my nose which gives me pain. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have a hump on my nose which I press sometimes to lower/down it in frustration. Now I feel pain irregular on my hump specially when I lay down for... READ MORE

I can't get a straight answer. Will a turbinectomy / turbinate reduction help someone who has congestion when laying down?

I know you cant give me exact advice. I know this is a quick interaction on the internet and not a physical exam. I just want to know in a very... READ MORE

Can anything be done to stop my left sinus from closing when I lay down to sleep? I've tried strips. It's not the nostrils.

I had a previous rhinoplasty. Now whenever I sleep especially if I roll onto my left side my sinus will close completely and the pressure will wake me... READ MORE

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