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How Long to I Have to Wait to Kiss After a Rhinoplasty?

I am getting rhinoplasty in 3 days. How long to I have to wait until I can make out again? I am kind of with this guy and don't want to make him wait... READ MORE

Does Kissing Make Your Nose Droop?

I had a nose job 3 months ago and do not want to kiss because I value my nose over a smooch. So, I would like to know if there are any long/short term... READ MORE

Will My Tip Ever Soften Or Am I Stuck With A Hard Tip?

I am three months post-rhinoplasty and have had a kenalog injection to reduce the swelling (which my doctor says is almost gone) but my tip is still... READ MORE

Is Activity (Kissing) Risky After Septorhinoplasty?

I had a septorhinoplasty about 3 months ago (nasal deviation, reduction of tip, and removal of hump on nasal bridge). I'm afraid my question is a... READ MORE

Kissing and vigorous sex one year after open rhinoplasty.

I had open Rhinoplasty done about one year ago now. Last night my boyfriend and I had rough/vigorous sex, and kissed - a lot. I know it has been a... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, can kissing after Rhinoplasty ruin the results?

I have rhiboplastry 4 weeks ago. Yesterday me and my boyfriend were kissing and he accidentally squished the tip when he accidentally hit my nose not... READ MORE

Kissing and sex one month after nose job?

One month after nose job i can kiss (snog) someone and do sex and oral sex without being afraid of ruin the result? READ MORE

3 months after septo/rhinoplasty I hit my nose a couple of times while kissing a girl (Photo)

While I was kissing this girl which seemed like a nice girl, 3 months after a septo/rhinoplasty she hit my nose 3 times side ways. I felt some pain... READ MORE

At four months post-op (rhinoplasty), can aggressive kissing affect your results?

I had a rhinoplasty four months ago. I had a droopy tip so most of the work was focused on the tip. A hump on my bridge was shaved down as well but no... READ MORE

Timeline for heavy making out/kissing after rhinoplasty?

When can you kiss someone more um... aggressively - after rhinoplasty? Right now I can hardly move my upper lip and can not breathe out of my nose... READ MORE

3 months post rhinoplasty (open; thick skin): intense/rough/prolonged kissing. Will my long term results be affected?

2 days ago I was making out with a guy - first time since surgery someone apart from me or my surgeon has had any contact with my nose. During, my... READ MORE

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