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Does Rhinoplasty Affect Eyebrow/forehead Movement?

I have had my splint off for about a week now but still unable to move my eyebrows/feel my forehad. I have seen that smiling may temporary not be... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, when can I wax my eyebrows after Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago when can I get my eyebrows waxed? I was told I can tweeze but not wax READ MORE

Are there any methods of shaping eyebrows that is okay two weeks after Rhinoplasty?

Are there any methods of shaping eyebrows that is okay two weeks after rhinoplasty? Shaving, tweezing, threading? I know waxing should be avoided for... READ MORE

Is it possible to use Turkish delight? Id like my nose to curve into my eyebrows like before my primary rhinoplasty. (photo)

How would this be possible? I heard the Turkish delight was moldable but I'm not sure how it would stay in place. Please see the picture to see what I... READ MORE

When can I use thread or wax?

When can I use wax or thread my face, including on my nose, between my eyebrows, and under my nose above my mouth? Both threading and waxing cause a... READ MORE

Threading after surgery?

I have almost 5 weeks after surgery and I got my eyebrows threaded. It caused some swelling and it was sore. I was wondering if will ruin final... READ MORE

Can rhinoplasty make your eyebrows lower and eyes look different?

I had a primary rhinoplasty over a year ago where an osteotomy was performed to manipulate the nasal bones in correction of a naturally deviated... READ MORE

How much down time should I give myself?

Plan to undergo Rhinoplasty, under eye fat removal, brow lift, fat removal around jaw line June, 2011. My in-laws want to book a 50 yr anniversary... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty didn't fix my crooked nose. What are my options?

I did a rhinoplasty and nose looks better. However the lower part slants to the left. Surgeon said I can't fix this. One side of my face is bigger... READ MORE

What order would you suggest for these procedures; Rhinoplasty, Juvederm( face), Botox (lips) & Permanent Makeup (eyebrows)?

I would like to get the following done but not sure in which order: Rhinoplasty Eyebrowse permanent makeup ( Can I do this before I fix my nose? or... READ MORE

Should I go for a surgery consultation ?

There is something I dont like about my face , I feel like its uneven and I want to get a nose job too & my eyebrows are uneven cause one of my... READ MORE

17 yrs old with sagging eyebrows, indentation beside inner eye, and a swollen slightly deformed nose. Any suggestion? (photo)

For the past 3 years my features have been progressivly been getting worse, my eye brows have been sagging alot, leaving me with vision problems now... READ MORE

Surgery for asymmetrical face features? (photos)

Hello! As years go by, I can tell an increasingly noticeable difference between my left and right eyebrows and started recently considering surgery to... READ MORE

Can I pay through Credit Card? What do I need done on my face? (Photo)

I turned 18 on July 10, and I just signed up for a wellsfargo credit card, was wondering if I can pay thru my credit card like 400$ a month I know I... READ MORE

Can you tell me what I should have done when I am older? I don't like the way I look and I wanna look very beautiful (Photo)

Can u make me look like Megan fox mixed with angleina Jolie through surgery and tell me what I should have done to achieve that look thanks and costs... READ MORE

Eyebrow Transplantation, Rhinoplasty and Six Veneers. Which Order isrhino Best?

I am 33 and am planning on having an eyebrow transplantation, rhinoplasty and six veneers placed on the front of my top teeth. I know that... READ MORE

Depression between eyebrows after closed rhinoplasty.

Hello, I had a closed rhinoplasty Dec 20 2013 (a little over 2 months ago) and ever since I notice under some lights a shadow that is cast between my... READ MORE

Would brow lift and rhinoplasty be a good solution for my problem? Can I have both procedures at the same time? (Photo)

Thats my "normal look" . I have problem with big nose (nose-end + "bump" ) and overhanging eyelid / dropped eyebrows (which give me a... READ MORE

I am a horrific looking guy - is there any hope in fixing me please? (photos)

Hello I have so many deformities . From head to toe but I want to concentrate on the face . I see a horrific monster when I see my reflection . I am... READ MORE

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