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Can Cutting the Depressor Septi Muscle Affect my Smile in the Long-term?

I will be going through rhinoplasty surgery soon where, amongst other things, my depressor septi muscle will be cut to prevent my nasal tip from... READ MORE

Depressor Septi Muscle Cut. Will the Distance Between my Nose and Upper Lip Go Back to Normal?

Hi, I had closed rhinoplasty 8 days ago. My depressor septi muscle was cut because it was pulling my nose down while speaking. While I am aware that... READ MORE

Can Cutting of the Depressor Septi Nasi Muscle Be Done Without Full Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi! I have a drooping tip when I smile and it bothers me. If I get the wrong angle in photos it can make me look like a different person & it... READ MORE

My Surgeon Cut the Depressor Septi Muscle to Stop my Nose Drooping when I Smile but There's Little Improvement. What Can I Do?

Hi, My nose tip droops when I smile and the bridge becomes more curved like a 'roman nose'. The surgeon only cut the depressor septi muscle... READ MORE

How Safe and Effective is It to Cut the Depressor Septi Muscle?

My nose tip tends to droop with facial animation. I have heard that cutting the depressor septi muscle can help alleviate this problem. However, I am... READ MORE

Is the Entire Depressor Septi Muscle Supposed to Be Disconnected During Rhinoplasty?

My doctor "released" (he said it was not cut?) the entire depressor septi muscle during rhinoplasty. I am unhappy with the changes it has... READ MORE

Could Cutting Depressor Septi Improve Nose Tip?

I'm looking for a minimally invasive way to lift my nose tip and improve my naso labia curve. Could Botox or cutting the depressor septi muscle... READ MORE

Cutting Depressor Septi Muscle, is It Permanent and Life Long?

My surgeon wants to cut this muscle during Rhinoplasty as my my nose plunges when I smile/laugh. Will this be life long and will it not grow back? READ MORE

Will my Face Benefit from Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I have always had a problem with my appearance but most significantly my nose. However, I really like my eyes and my smile straight on. 4 surgeons... READ MORE

Is the Depressor Septi Muscle Connected to the Footplates of the Columella Cartilage?

I was wondering if this is true and if so is that part of the depressor septi muscle usually cut during rhinoplasty or jyst a smaller part of the... READ MORE

Would cutting the septi depressor muscle result in a less droopy tip and a more attractive nose? (Photo)

I like the overall look of the nose when my face is at rest and I even don't mind the profile look of my nose but when I smile, I feel like the tip... READ MORE

Drooping Nose Tip When Smiling. Will This Help With My Drooping Tip on Animation? (photo)

Don't think the surgeon wants to cut the depressor. My surgeon didn't want to cut this muscle, he did say he wanted to cut some kind of muscle but I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reattach the M. Nasolabialis Muscle to the Septum?

My doctor released the m. nasolabialis muscle (in addition to the depressor septi) during septorhinoplasty (approx. 4.5 years ago). As a result my... READ MORE

Why is Depressor Septi muscle released or cut during rhinoplasty?

Why is Depressor Septi muscle released or cut during rhinoplasty if it will reattach later on? Seems unpractical. Does it always reattach? What is the... READ MORE

Release the Depressor Septi Nasi Under Local Anesthesia Thru Mouth or Inside Nose?

Hello,When I smile I have a droopy tip. There are other things about my nose that I am unsatisfied with but do not want a rhinoplasty because I am... READ MORE

Would I benefit from cutting the depressor septi muscle? (photos)

Hi there, my nose is quite wide but I actually like its shape and profile when I am not smiling. When I smile it speads across my face and totally... READ MORE

What are the effects of surgically correcting a retracted columella? (photos)

-Will correcting my retracted columella result in a shorter philtrum with all rhino techniques? -Will my lip get pushed downwards (i.e. less upper... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to remove Depressor septi nasi muscle? Is this advisable?

I am a male who is satisfied with the overall shape of my nose except when I smile, the tip of the nose drops significantly beneath the small hump I... READ MORE

Droopy nose tip, would cutting the depressor septi muscle and/or fillers help? (photo)

I don't want to go through an actual rhinoplasty. Here are some befores/photoshopped afters: READ MORE

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