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What Causes a Horizontal Crease Above Upper Lip (Beneath Nose) when I Smile?

I am 42 years old, have never had any facial work done and have recently noticed that when I smile I have a very noticable horizontal fold or raised... READ MORE

Best way to get rid of nose crease at the tip on the nose?

So I have a slight nose crease at the tip of my nose so it kinds looks like a but and I want to know the best way to fix it to a regular round shape... READ MORE

Crease when I Smile from Stiff Columella

Hi, I had a closed rhinoplasty 12 days ago, and I know it's early and still swollen and needs time. I'm just worried and I want to make sure... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a transverse nasal crease ? (photos)

I've had this line on my nose for a few years now and I think I looks bad. Are there any treatments for this READ MORE

Crease on Upper Lip After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty to reshape my nose about three months ago. Ever since then I have a deep crease on my upper lip every time I try to smile. I am... READ MORE

Columella Strut and Crease

Hello, I had a columella strut placed in my nose a year ago. Since then there is a crease between my upper lip and my nose when I smile which looks... READ MORE

Cocaine nose damage. Do I need nose surgery?

I've got into coc for over 2years, just weekends. I stopped cuz my nose started to look skinnier around valve area. It's been over2months now,but... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce alar crease by rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Hi, Is that possible to reduce alar crease like on the picture? Thanks. READ MORE

Cause, Prevention & Remedies for Deep Crease Between the Eyes on Nose?

20yrs old male No prblm with my nose. It's my nose bridge sank backward on my face(deep crease between the eyes, not wrinkle), 2gether /w my cheek, in... READ MORE

Deep Creases Under Nose 7 Months Post Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty over 7 months ago and still have a deep crease over my lip when I smile and another one directly under my nose at rest. Filler... READ MORE

Supra alar crease uneven. (photos)

Im 13 days post rhinoplasty i know its early to judge but I am concerned about my nose . As shown in the picture i realized my supra alar creases are... READ MORE

Creating a Fuller Ala and Fixing the Alar Crease? (photo)

I had a right ABR done 2 years ago which left the shape of the alar crease somewhat irregular and poorly contoured. The alar wing area near the base... READ MORE

What Happened to my Top Lip?

I had a rhinoplasty six months ago and I have a crease on my top lip that won't go away. My doctor first claimed that I had it before and then he said... READ MORE

Can one get Lipo on their nose? (photos)

My nose just seems to have fat on each side of it. I'm ok with the shape of my nose, not the size or volume. When I pull down with index fingers on... READ MORE

Will uneven supra alar crease in nostrils resolve in a few months when all swelling subsides, or do I need a revision? (Photo)

Hi, I am 2 weeks post op after rhino, septo & turb. reduction. 1 nostril is bigger than the other and has a deep supra alar crease. The other is... READ MORE

What Seems to Be the Problem? (photo)

August 2012, I received my 1st septo/rhinoplasty by a surgeon who I think was not as skillfully trained to do so. She left a deep supra alar crease... READ MORE

I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of it, something permanent perhaps? (photos)

I have a transverse nasal crease it's really deep and slightly darker than the rest of my nose. Is there a chance that it will go away on its own?... READ MORE

What Procedures and Cost Ranges Would Be Suitable to Alter my Commonly Labelled "Witch's Smile" and "Moustache Fold"? (photo)

When I smile a lot of gum shows at the top, my teeth stick out, are crooked, gappy and chipped. My front teeth are much longer. Lower lip protrudes a... READ MORE

Is it possible to get rid of these creases in the nose? (Photo)

Previous rhinoplasty caused these creases Please let me know how much is possible to erase and with what grafts. Thank you READ MORE

Options to Fix a Small Defect Near the Alar Crease? (photo)

I had an alar base reduction done on the right side of my nose and it has left that area with some irregularities. There is a portion of the edge of... READ MORE

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