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Crooked Nose or Uneven Swelling After Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty to "straighten" my nose. I just got my cast off and it is clearly not straight. If a nose looks crooked when the cast is... READ MORE

Is What I Saw After Removing my Cast my Final Rhinoplasty Result?

I'm 11 days post op and when I removed my cast I thought my nose looked really ugly and I looked like a pig, but now 3 days after removing my... READ MORE

When Should Cast Be Removed After Rhinoplasty?

Also my cast would be removed 5 days after rhinoplasty surgery. I thought it was a minimum of 7 days after. Was also told I can fly 5-6 days after my... READ MORE

After Cast Removal (Rhinoplasty), How Much is Swelling?

I had a dorsal hump removed, the projection of the nose was reduced and my tip was very slightly narrowed. I love the profile, except the elevation of... READ MORE

Touching Nose After Cast Removal? Is that Safe?

I had a rhinoplasty over a week a go to straighten out my nose (deviation) elongate with ear graft and refine the tip area. After the cast came off I... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Nose to Look Better (Smaller and More Refined) After the Cast is Removed Than 2 Weeks Later?

Had a closed rhinoplasty almost 3 weeks ago and upon the removal of the cast my nose looked perfect. The next day my nose was significantly more... READ MORE

Can Oily Skin Have Damaged my Rhinoplasty Results?

My surgeon told me to keep my cast on 7 days after surgery. By day 4 i felt that the cast is loose. I went to him on day 7 and after removing my cast... READ MORE

I Had Rhinoplasty Two Days Ago and the Plaster Came off? (photo)

So I placed it back and taped it to stay, I went to the hospital to get the plaster redone only for them to say that they can't re plaster my nose and... READ MORE

Will The Final Result of Surgery End Up Like The Nose Appearance Just After Cast Removal?

Is it true that after cast removal your pretty much looking at the end result? After the cast comes off your nose will swell for months, and should... READ MORE

Knocked my Cast 4 Days After Rhinoplasty

Hello I had closed rhinoplasty 4 days ago. I woke this morning and knocked the cast where the tip of the nose is. I felt a short burst of pain for... READ MORE

Cast on Nose Feels Loose After Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty three days ago and my cast feels a bit loose, like I can raise it a tiny, tiny bit up from my nose and move it slightly from left to... READ MORE

Will Keeping my Rhinoplasty Cast on Longer Than the Average Week Help with Swelling?

Say about 2 weeks or possibly more.... I am willing to keep it on a long period of time to reduce swelling as much as possible READ MORE

After Rhinoplasty, How Many Days After Removing the Cast/Splints Should I Do These Things?

Hello, I'm 5 days post-op and I have some questions:How many weeks/days after REMOVING THE CAST/SPLINTS (which means a week post-op) should I: Touch... READ MORE

Is It a Must to Put on a Cast After Rhinoplasty?

Is it a must to put on a cast after rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Cast Not Straight; Hence Nose Not Straight?

Hello dear surgeons, I had a Rhinoplasty on 24 June (and earlobe reduction). The hard cast on my nose was NOT straight from the operation room. Two... READ MORE

Will my Nose Return to the Way It Looked After the Cast Was Removed?

I had closed rhinoplasty approx 7 weeks ago. I was thrilled with the way my nose looked when I got my cast off day 7. I noticed the next day my nose... READ MORE

Nose Getting Bigger After Cast Removal?

I had a rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago .After my cast removal in 1 week nose looks small and good shape ..but suddenly 1 week after cast removal my nose... READ MORE

Why Didn't my Doctor Tape Up my Tip After Cast Was Removed?

I'm afraid that my tip will droop because it was not taped, is this true? READ MORE

Healing, Cast Removal, Taping and Splint Removal: Rhinoplasty

I had a rhinoplasty done 9 days ago, part of it was to fix the deviated septum, lift up tip, dorsal hump etc (the usual). First, the PS removed the... READ MORE

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