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Rhinoplasty and Boxing

I Need to Find a Surgeon Who Understands a Situation Im Trying to Solve. Long story short i have a unsually long nose and will be starting my boxing... READ MORE

Going Back to Boxing After Tip Rhinoplasty?

I'm a boxer and recently had Rhinoplasty. I didn't have anything done with the bone or anything like that; I only had my droopy tip raised. I believe... READ MORE

Is The Nose Weaker Post Rhinoplasty? I've Been Boxing.

Hi I broke my nose several times playing rugby in my younger days. I had a rhinoplasty to correct the problem after stopping playing. The procedure... READ MORE

Nose Injury After Fixing Deviated Septum 5 Years Ago? (photo)

5 years ago, I had surgery to fix a deviated septum that was made worse from boxing. My doctor at the time told me that if I had come to him right... READ MORE

Nose job before competing in a combative sport like boxing and MMA?

I see other people asking about nose jobs and fighting. I see the answers are that they don't mix and its not recommended. But they usually ask about... READ MORE

How long after a nose surgery can I return to boxing?

I'm planing on having a nose surgery to remove a bump that comes out of one side of my nose as well as the front but I'm a professional boxer how long... READ MORE

I Had Septorhinoplasty but I Realised I'm Really Not Ready to Stop Boxing?

It's the second week in and I currently have the cover over my nose considering I just had my surgery. I'm only sixteen and I realise I made a mistake... READ MORE

I want to get rhinoplasty. Would I still be able to box?

I bleed a lot, my nose is really sensitive. I barely get hit or move it it starts to bleed. It isn't like little blood but it's a lot of blood that... READ MORE

Can I go back to boxing?

If I get a spreader graft to fix a middle vault collapse, can I keep boxing? Can a trauma to that part of the nose make it collapse again? READ MORE

Can I get to continue to train boxing after operation or not?

I am a boxer, I want operation my nose, can I get to continue to train boxing after operation or not? READ MORE

Will my nose go back to normal size eventually? (Photo)

While boxing i was accidentally headbutted and it fractured my noae but i wasnt aware of it. It swelled up and in about 2 weeks when down so i sparred... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty before boxing?

Hello Im curious about a simple question. I would like to get a rhinoplasty but I am also a boxer and I know well enough it ain't good but what if the... READ MORE

Amateur boxer wanting rhinoplasty done. Can I continue career after 1 year of healing? Will my nose be at serious risk? (photo)

I have been an amateur boxer for the last 5 years. I have about 60 or so amateur fights under my belt. I'm a 23 year old male. I have never broken or... READ MORE

Very high intensity training 30 days post op?

Previous to my operation I was an amateur boxer for several years I'm 30 days post op and although I've given up fighting I don't think boxing is... READ MORE

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