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Perforated Septum and Sunken Nose 20+ Years Post-Rhinoplasty. Causes?

I developed a perforated septum after a severe bacterial sinus infection. After that, my nose sunk in and my face now has a flat effect. I have never... READ MORE

My Swelling Has Never Gone After Rhinoplasty???

I had Rhinoplasty 20 years ago, but the swelling result of that has never gone! The amount of swelling is different each day. It's more on my tip... READ MORE

Silicon Implant in My Nose 19 Years Ago. Have a Bit of Pain and Gets Red When Very Cold or Hot?

I did the silicon implant in my nose 19 years ago. But I feel pain sometimes in the area of the implant in my nose and also the top of my nose is easy... READ MORE

Implant Removal Technique and What Doctor?

I have done the silicon implant surgery in my nose 19 years ago. I am wondering which symptom suggested to removal the implant or to see the doctor ?... READ MORE

Is That a Conservative Way to Help Spitting Suture Reabsorption? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 20 yrs ago,only to the nasal base.Since last year,pimple like on the inside of my nose,quite visible.Last week sore and it bled... READ MORE

Options to fix hanging columella & slightly crooked nose after 20-year old rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty about 20 years ago due to a very badly broken nose (which later caused a deviated septum) during childhood. Now I did start to... READ MORE

Silicon Implant Can Cause Sphenoid Sinus Congestion or Inflammation?

I did the silicon implant in my nose about 19 years ago. I did the CT exam because of the headache. The test results shows that I have congestive or... READ MORE

Nostril Revision Surgery 22 Years Post Rhino, Advice Needed Please? (photo)

As you can see my nostrils are grossly misaligned and have worsened since my rhino 22 years ago to repair the bridge of my nose. Is the surgery to... READ MORE

How Does the Filler Stay in Place (On the Nose)?

I have a slightly crooked nose due to a rhinoplasty 20 years ago (slightly crooked cartilage implant). I don't think it warrants surgery. However,... READ MORE

21 Years Ago I Had Rhinoplasty. Slightly Asymmetrical Nostrils Since Last Year.

I was very happy with my nose until since last year I noticed one of my nostril has gotton biger than the other. It's probably only noticable by... READ MORE

Surgeon banked cartilage behind ear under scalp from 1990 Rhinoplasty. Should I be concerned about having there all this time?

Some of the cartilage was use to create a tip. Can still feel it in my scalp, and when I press on it, hurts. Are there any serious issues that can... READ MORE

I noticed a little bump on my nose. I did a nose job 20 years ago. Any recommendations as who to contact?

I'm asian woman interested in fixing my first rhinoplasty, my old Silicon L shape implant was inserted into my nose over 20 years ago. can someone... READ MORE

Is this standard rhinoplasty procedure?

In 1994 an oral surgeon friend offered to take the "bump" out of the bridge of my nose. He also did some work on the tip. several years ago I noticed... READ MORE

Had Rhino 23 years ago, cartilage was removed from my bulbous tip and added to bridge, is it worth a revision? (photos)

I realize I have a small dorsal bump now which is the opposite of what I wanted at the time. I'm not sure if it's worth the money going under the... READ MORE

Is this a deviated septum? Post-op 21 years. (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 21 years ago. Is this my septum? Why does it stick out like that still? READ MORE

What can be done about what I think is scar tissue from 2 Rhinoplasty that were done 20 years ago?

I broke my nose 2x as a teen & when I turned 19 I had my deviated septum fixed & a little cosmetic work done since, the were there. That surgery... READ MORE

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