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So I had my rhinoplasty a week ago now and I've...

So I had my rhinoplasty a week ago now and I've been documenting my recovery to try and share what it's like if you're thinking about having the procedure. I can't say if it's been worth it yet as I still have my cast on and i'm awaiting the results tomorrow!

Day 1.
We arrived at the hospital to be quickly settled into the room at 7am, I met what felt like 20 nurses all asking me the same questions before finally my surgeon arrived. He immediately pointed to a spot on my forehead and asked me about it before going through his plans then he left. He returned abruptly around ten minutes later saying “let me look, i'm not happy with this.” He proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t going to be able to do the operation due to a potential risk of infection from that spot! Never have I thought a spot might ruin everything for me! The plastering was meant to cover my forehead and so he said the oil from covering the “wound” can cause infection and spread down to your nose thinking about the long game. Obviously I started crying and he said yes you're going to be upset but you know me I don’t want to take any risks. Anyway he stood there looking like he was thinking till he finally said “ right, what i'm going to do is modify your plastering so we do not cover the spot although I don’t like to do it this way. I’ll give you antibiotics post op and for when you go home.” Well the anxiety by this point was taking over me I was so emotional and scared. 5 minutes later I went to theatre.
This was 8.30am, the anaesthetist had a good chat to me and I told him to make sure I woke up and he assured me it was his job to do so. Him and another man were around me talking to me about teaching and next thing I know I’m awake its done. Immediately I started crying unconsolably, the nurse said hi megan and introduced her self though I have no idea of her name I was too panicked. She asked me my pain rating and I said 6/10 although looking back I think it was higher than that but I didn’t want morphine. Crying so much caused me more pain than what they usually expect, the pressure of crying made my nose feel like it was going to explode off and I just wanted my mum. They asked me again if I wanted morphine or tramadol. So I said tramadol, and they told me I’d have to wait to get back to my room in a few minutes. They wheeled me back still crying and finally saw my mum who consoled me. Although I probably didn’t stop crying fully till midday, such a wreck. After this I started to throw up what looked like black water, it was just blood that id swallowed in surgery. Because I felt sick I refused the tramadol and asked for paracetamol instead even though they gave me anti sickness I continued to feel sick all day. I didn’t eat anything, dad and my boyfriend polished off my lunch. I’d say the intense pain went after two hours and after that got slowly less and less to basically just discomfort, scabby nose, can’t breathe, needle in my hand, sickness and absolutely exhausted.
My best friend came later in the evening bringing me flowers, a card and sweeties! I was excited because I was starving but after one or two just felt sick. We skyped our other for an hour and it just completely took my mind off things and I felt so much better but also tired having to keep closing my eyes whilst talking. After she left my surgeon came and he told me he was very pleased with how things went which gave me a lot of relief, I think he knows I’m a worrier since I asked him a million questions and constantly kept coming to see him to reassure myself before the op. He said he’d be back to see me at 6.15 tomorrow morning, which I was shocked about since he’d just done a 14 hour day but it didn’t seem to bother him, obviously something he’s used to.
Through the night I got a new nurse called Tim, he was very thorough with me and obviously I was asked the same questions id had all day again. Are you allergic to anything, what’s your pain level etc. Sleeping felt impossible for a number of reasons, first I was asked to be sat up to allow any pressure in my nose to alleviate itself, secondly my room is across from the office which continuously beeped all night with people wanting assistance. I had no pain relief through the night and Tim paid me a visit what felt like 20 times, checking blood pressure and lighting. Tim is not quiet at all he has hearing aids and practically shouts at me and all the other patients. So day one around 5 hours sleep.
Day 2
The first thing I wanted to check out was if my bruising had come out more, and it had but it wasn’t bad at all, nowhere near what I’d expected, so I was quite pleased about that. Then I asked for pain killers and a brew to get rid of my headache from the rubbish night’s sleep. At this point I’m absolutely STARVING, they said breakfast is around 8. My surgeon should be here soon, I want to tell him about my nose dripping a little through the night and how I kept breathing through my nose whilst sleeping.
So he came, and he was pleased with my charts and things, gave me some advice on when to come back. Then he said I’ll see you on Tuesday with a big smile on his face he said It went well I think it’s done what you wanted. It’s the first time I’ve seen him smile so I’m taking that as a good thing! Roll on Tuesday! I can’t wait to see the result, the anticipation is awful! Anyway now I’m going to google comfy sleeping positions!
After I got discharged I went home hiding my face with my dressing gown the whole way. Getting into bed felt like heaven and I built a fort of pillows to get comfortable. I had my first codeine which sent me off to sleep for an hour then I didn’t have any pain killers till night time as I hoped they’d help me sleep. I managed to have a good 8 hours sleep.

Day 3
Although I’ve slept I still feel groggy but better atleast, I got a shower which helped too but it wasn’t hot which doesn’t make you feel clean enough! My nose seems quite clear I could breathe through it if I wanted to but I’m not allowed so daren’t too much. I’m not in too much pain, I have a heavy head ache but that’s about it!
Day 4
I had a much better sleep and I’m getting used to sitting up through the night. I had a weird day, I’ve been emotional pretty much from the second I woke up out of theatre but today I was extremely emotional. Anyway so I googled it and a lot of people talk about post op emotional stress in which your body releases hormones which make you extra emotional which explains a lot. So I think I must’ve had that along with feeling frustrated that I’m stuck at home constantly and lonely I suppose. I’m also so anxious because I don’t know what it looks like and it’s just a waiting game, I’m not patient either. My friends came round tonight which I enjoyed but I basically cried on them so I’m sure they didn’t find it that great ha, but it was like therapy for me.

Day 5
Sleep seems to improve every day I don’t know if it’s because I’m emotionally drained or what, but I got a good 9 hours. Haven’t cried yet today so that’s always a good thing. I woke up with a super dry throat and runny nose it literally feels like a bad flu except I can’t blow it out, so annoying. I got up got a shower, my skins driving me crazy because it’s so oily from the bandages on my face and all I wanna do is wash it properly. My hairs kinda crazy I should really wash it but I’m scared to get my bandages wet so I think ill wait till as late as I can before Tuesday when I get my cast off. Totally over this whole waiting thing now, someone wake me up when it’s cast off day!

Day 6
Another day doing nothing, in an out of bed, shower, naps and eating. BUT I washed my hair. Yay. Bruising’s still pretty minimal its gone yellow, it would probably cover with make up quite easily. Skins had a slight breakout I think I must be touching my face a lot and this mask is making my face oily. I'm still super emotional and nuts. I think the swelling around my nose must’ve gone down too because it feels like the cast has loosened or moved slightly.
Day 7
Inside my nostril went all swollen I think I was messing with it too much yesterday. They do tell you to leave it alone I should’ve listened, it’s kinda sore. My lips have been constantly dry and cracked for the past week from breathing through my mouth. When I fall asleep I seem to breathe through my nose without knowing and wake myself up with the weird whilsting sound it makes. BUT tomorrow is cast off day and it’s getting me through! I am so excited to finally see if this long ass week, emotional meltdowns and 5 grand was worth it.

I'll add some pics when it comes off!
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