Saved My Skin, Still Glad I Took It 14 Years Later - Wyandotte, MI

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I had some acne in my teens, not a ton, my...

I had some acne in my teens, not a ton, my dermatologist basically prescribed Accutane to anyone with pimples in general. My brothers acne was much worse than mine (it cleared his to this day too) but we were both prescribed the same dosage and length of cycle which was 6 months. I did not take my full six month cycle I only did 3 months, the highest dose, twice per day. The side effects I got were just being incredibly, nothing will work, dry. Not only my skin was dry but my hair and every mucus membrane. I got one or two nosebleeds because of it. I dealt with that by carrying a tube of a&d ointment everywhere I went. I got an initial flare of acne which made my skin look the worst it ever had and still has to this day! It was red, itchy, flakey yet greasy looking at the same time this from about a week in until a month later. It was sure embarrassing to go to high school looking like that and carrying a jumbo Vaseline, no one made mean comments surprisingly enough. I don't recall any of the other common side effects so if I had them they must not have been too bothersome. After that flakey dryness stopped my skin was perfect. Before Accutane my skin and hair looked greasy a few hours after washing, after it was just normal until I got to be about 21 and as time progressed I slowly got more oily and still am now. My acne has never come back regardless of the oil production level I was at. I have always had large pores and still get a pimple a couple times a year but I think that's pretty good for 14 years later I consider it the best thing I've ever done for my skin as well as self esteem. Some people say it's too aggressive or dangerous, I see this as a miracle drug for those who need it and the benefits for self esteem far outweigh the risks. I suffered from clinical depression at the time I received Accutane and didn't notice it getting worse. If anything I felt better about myself afterward. I realize I can't speak for everyone and their safety but if my own child had the option and the need to take Accutane I wouldn't hesitate to let them be on it as long as the monthly blood and pregnancy tests are still a requirement.
Dearborn Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr Grekin is wonderful and has been my family's dermatologist for as long as he's been practicing. His practice has grown so much in the past 10 years you would walk in thinking he may be one of those arrogant "you're wasting my precious time" Drs but he is the total opposite. Dr Grekin listens and cares for his patients along with getting their problems treated. I will never see another dermatologist.

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