"Not worth it" with Dr Bentkover -- Juvederm UltraPlus (Lips) - Worcester, MA

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Today I got Juvaderm UltraPlus (1 syringe) in my...

Today I got Juvaderm UltraPlus (1 syringe) in my lips, and Radiesse (1 syringe -- 0.5 on each side) in my nasolabial folds. I will be taking pictures in the next few days as well as a month after these procedures, and I will post them eventually along with my thoughts. I will try to be as much detailed as I can, and will upload a video too.

Thanks for reading, and I will write more info soon.


The day of the procedure

There isn't as much to share as for some other procedures, but I will upload my progress as days go by, and it might be helpful for those that are interested in fillers.

I simply wanted fuller lips. As I mentioned, I got 1 syringe of Juvederm Plus in my lips, and most of that was inserted in my upper lip.

I didn't do any preparation for these procedures. I just stopped using Aleve a few days before, and I started using Arnica 30C two days before, and I will keep using in for the next few days.

Procedures didn't take that long. I would say maybe 15 min or so.

First they put some numbing cream on my lips and around my lips. After 15 minutes of having the numbing cream on, Dr Benkover started with injections. I got local anesthetic under my eyes and under my lips.

Even though I had local anesthetic, I felt everything while he was injecting my lips. It wasn't that bad, but just so you know -- you will most likely feel it too.

I have watched many videos where doctors performed lip injections. I didn't see that much blood during the procedure like I saw yesterday when I got my lips injected. Damn. That quite surprised me. All over my face, dripping down my face, swallowing some of it, and even spitting. Luckily, I was ok with it, and didn't freak out. I was just not prepared to see that much blood after seeing so many videos that were recorded in real time.

My nasolabial folds were piece of cake. It was done within minutes, and no bruising whatsoever. I can say that I barely feel that.

Day 2.

As I was advised, I'm way more swollen today. Not just swollen, but quite bruised too. I will post some pictures.

I didn't sleep well last night because I was sleeping on my back and elevated with 3 pillows, so that wasn't fun. I was icing my lips during the night. I'm doing the same as soon as I woke up, and that helps with swelling. For bruising I'm taking Arnica 30C, but I don't see much of an improvement at this point. It just blows my mind that after getting breast augmentation I wasn't bruised at all. Like nothing... But these injections made my upper lip super blue.

I called Dr Bentkover to check that with him, but I only spoke with the nurse Nancy. She asked me to send pictures, so Dr Bentkover could take a look. He said that there isn't anything to worry about, but if I want I can come tomorrow, so he can take another look.

If everything stays the same or gets better, I won't go. If it gets worse, I will definitely go.

Also, I have a mild headache witch I think is from anesthesia and injections. I feel super tired, so I can't wait to sleep tonight.

More info next week, which will be my 5th day.

Have a great weekend ladies!

Day 3.

I'm not sure if I see that much of an improvement today. I'm not in any pain, although I feel nazolabial filler on my right side when I press it. My lips are almost the same. Maybe swelling went down a bit, but bruising didn't change at all.

I look ridiculous when I smile, so I just posted a question on here hopefully to get a second opinion.

Again, this is my first time getting these fillers, and of course I'm concerned as I'm still learning what is ok and what is NOT ok.

I hope this all heals properly...

Day 4

Swelling in my lips went down. I still feel lumps, and I'm still bruised. It is better than yesterday.

Now I have pain from Radiesse on my right side. It isn't as swollen, but I feel some light headache and some pain when I touch it.

I'm calling my surgeon tomorrow to ask about it. I'm afraid he hurt the nerve...

Day 5 -- Looking ridiculous when smiling

Ok. Officially not happy with lumps and bumps and shape of my lips, especially when I smile.

I'm hoping to get my upper lip dissolved tomorrow...

What a hassle...

With make up on everything looks better!

Still bruised, but make up helped today.

My Radiesse filler is still tender and somewhat hurt on the right side of my face.

Almost a week. Feeling a lot better!

My lips are still bruised and lumpy, but apparently I JUST learned how normal that is. I wish there were more reviews with pictures, so you can understand the recovery process. I also find that girls don't update their reviews often enough.

I understand that getting fillers is nothing compared to some other procedures. I hope this review will be helpful.

As I wrote, even though I was so bruised and swollen, I'm not regretting it at all. In fact, I will keep getting my lips filled regularly because I just love to have my lips full. I think I would get a little bit more in my bottom lip next time.

Sorry if I scared anybody with my swelling, bruising, commenting, but life is better when I have make up on. So much better! I keep playing with colors. Getting ready for spring, I guess.

I will definitely keep posting, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


It has been 2 weeks already...

Swelling went down, and I'm not bruised anymore. That part seems to be as expected even though I wasn't prepared for it.

I have no idea how long I'm supposed to wait, but it is still so lumpy. I can't wear dark lipstick because it is visible, and my upper lip isn't even. I believe now that left side of my upper lip got more. Too bad...

My bottom lip is still smaller than my top one which I clearly didn't want... I mentioned that before the procedure, and even showed a picture to the PS. I wanted to have slightly bigger bottom lip. So, I have to fix it as soon as this heals.

Even though I'm not 100% satisfied (yet) I will still label this experience as "worth it". Next time I will be more prepared. That is all...

Tips and tricks.

1. Stay away from Aleve! For real! Or Ibuprofen. Or Aspirin! Don't do it! Don't take it at least a week before a procedure. If you want to take them after the procedure, wait for at least 3 days. 2. Even though supplements can't do harm to you if you use them as directed, I would stay away from Ginkgo Biloba and fish oil too. At least I will stay away from it next time... 3. Don't overdo ice packs. It can give you headaches. 15 min every 2 hrs or so. 4. I don't know if you believe in homeopathy, but I do, so take some Arnica 30C a few times per day before and after the procedure. 5. Get some Calendula and/or Arnica cream. That helped me a lot, especially Calendula cream. Don't use Arnica cream or gel for at least 2 days after the procedure because it contains alcohol. 6. Sleep elevated for at least 2-3 nights. I got my nasolabial folds filled too, so I wanted to make sure that filler stays in a good place. I don't know if this is a myth or truth, but it makes sense to me. 7. And at the end, don't panic like I did. It is TEMPORARY! Thanks God! And reversible, so it is a win win! Cheers ladies!

Lumpy. Trying to be patient...

How to find the right surgeon? Some thoughts...

You can never be 100% sure that you picked the right surgeon until you see the final results. For some procedures it takes time. But you should definitely have some idea how to pick one, and how to trust him/her till the end of your journey.

There are many approaches that you can use to find the right surgeon, but I want to share my thoughts with you since I have already had many consultations where I met total of 4 surgeons. And I'm not done...learning.

1. Surgeon MUST BE patient with you. I find this very important as I experienced both -- patient and not very patient surgeon.

Surgeons are human beings like all of us, and I get that they have their own lives/problems, but being patient with you is a part of their job.

2. Focus. He/she has to be focused, and to be able to pay attention. Having a multiple patients at the same time is a bad sign. Running in and out of the office is a bad sign too. You have to have your own time that you have paid for.

3. Knowledge and experience. DO some math while looking at his/her education, and get the idea of how long this person is in the industry.

Some surgeons start their career like MDs, and then after XYZ years they switch to plastic surgery. Just keep in mind that when you see a surgeon representing himself/herself as a surgeon with 20+ yrs of experience, it doesn't necessarily means he/she is the best! No, no... Just do some math.

4. Surgeon MUST BE informative. We can't find everything on realself or on the Internet, and it is their job to keep you informed, and to let you know what are pros and cons of different methods.

5. You must like his/her work. But be careful! These pictures can trick you. Nobody can guarantee that you will have the same results. We all know that...

Some surgeons don't refresh their websites, and the same pictures stay on the same page forever. Presentation is very important.

6. Read reviews. Every single one that is available. Get in touch with people that have profiles, and that got the same procedure. This site is reliable 100%, and reviews are so useful.

Look for PS that is getting reviews at least a few times per year. Some of the reviews are as old as this site.

7. And at the end, ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUTS! Seriously... If you feel that something is off, just leave. You have to trust your surgeon 100%, and if something bothers you, forget it.

I will probably have more thoughts as I'm getting ready for some new procedures at the end of this year. Please share yours!

Happy Friday!

3 weeks out, and I still have damn lumps.

I don't know what else to say. I feel frustrated that I still have lumps, and that my lips have the weirdest shape when I smile. When I don't smile, they look normal.

An idiot could tell that this doesn't look right.

The longer I wait the worse I look.

As time goes by my upper lip looks even more ridiculous. What a mistake I made with Dr Bentkover. What a mistake...

I'm totally giving him 1 star.

How easy you can F*** up your face. Ha!

I'm ready to move on.

I won't post anything after this last update. I'm ready to move on, and to look for some better options. I just want to forget about this experience. If you have any question, you can send me a message.

Anybody that is interested in facial fillers, I strongly recommend searching facial injectors thoroughly, and to be quite honest, I don't have any specific formula that can help you to find the right injector. I'm still working on that myself, and it has been a bumpy ride. Lots of time and MONEY has been wasted...

Good luck to everyone. I will keep writing reviews as I'm getting ready for some other procedures.
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My review is available for everyone along with my pictures. Look somewhere else if you want to have fuller lips.

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