Just Turned 25! Had a Much Needed Kybella Injection After Years of Bad Photos! - Wilmington, NC

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Good afternoon ladies and gents! I've been...

Good afternoon ladies and gents! I've been researching ways to get rid of this stubborn chin fat since I was 12! Went on diets, "kiss the ceiling" exercises, chewing gum, nothing worked. It was simply genetics. No amount of weight loss would fix. Proven, I graduated USMC basic training in 2012, at 100lbs, I am 5'5, if that says anything, the chin pudge was STILL THERE!!!! Curiously, I was googling prices of liposuction, and came across Kybella! I immediately got on the phone and scheduled my consult.
It has been 3 days, and I still have a bull frog look, but I made it out of the house today with a cute fall scarf, please ladies/gents get this in the fall or chilly weather so you can wear scarves and turtlenecks to hide the swelling. The swelling is real, don't think you are going to be the one with minimal swelled no that goes away in 3 days. Be realistic. You can go to work, ect, but there is slight discomfort, and pressure the first 3 days, which I am on day 3, and its easing up more.
Definitely request the lidocaine shots, because the pain of the injection really hurts, lol. On my right side there wasn't enough lidocaine and the pain throbbed to where my wisdom teeth once were. Weird right? Obviously a nerve, which is another, there are lots of nerves in your neck, so request the lidocaine shots and ice for immediately after.
I could swallow just fine, but I am a big baby so I just souped it for the week. Prepare for that. And prepare to be scared to look in the mirror. I sure was.
I had minimal bruising, and the pain subsides after 20 minutes.
I am so excited to see my results, which can take 2-4 months, I really just can't wait to stop wearing a scarf, it gets old.lol
Totally worth it for me, because I am super confident in my Doctor and I know it will look amazing, sooner or later. Be brave and go for it. The younger the better, that's why I did it, since my skin still has a lot of elasticity, but I'm 25, so it is probably losing elasticity before my eyes and I don't even know it yet.lol

Before pix...kinda

Here's some before pix, sorry I dread taking those photos and I had to crop and zoom in like a trillion.you can see the pudge though

6 days post kybella injections

I'm still pretty swollen, numb, weird feeling where I got my injections. Thankfully it's chilly out, I've been avoiding going places but can manage with a cute scarf and turtleneck. The swelling went down a ton but still, swollen. I'm hoping it really goes down before I visit family for thanksgiving. I don't want to have to explain, they are extremely against any alterations.

If you don't like something about yourself, change it, don't sit around and pout about it, then say, but God made you this way. Really doesn't help you. I joke around and say, yeah maybe He had too much wine when he was making certain things on me, or got tired because I was taking too long.lol!!!!

Jokes aside, if you have something you just don't like, for a reasonable....reason??...like proportions ect, just stop complaining about it and make it better for yourself. Who cares what anyone says, it's your confidence that is being effected!!!


Pre Kybella sideish view

1 week after Kybella injections, still super swollen!!!

1week after Kybella injections to break free of my stubborn submental chin pudge, I'm still super swollen, but able to manage looking in the mirror!!!yay!!!

The bull frog look is mostly gone, but as you can see I'm pretty swollen. This is my first post Kybella picture, 1 week after.

Ladies and Gents, the swelling is real, and you will be disappointed and stressed out and worried because it will look 5 times bigger than what you had in the first place, just keep in mind that you are getting something injected into what you already have, so of course it's going to blow up, look silly, and even scary.

It's been 1 week, and I'm not even close to where I started, but I am hopeful, it's still probably 3x bigger than what I originally had, but it will subside eventually. Hoping sooner than later.

I've been really weirded out to touch it, until today, which I could barely do without freaking myself out.

It feels like a gel still, skin is numb still, and under the gel is hard. All this is normal....but so weird.lol

I couldn't touch all around and in there without my skin crawling, so that's all I can really give you.

The muscles in your used to sit up after lying flat, are still sore feeling, but I'm a big baby.

I lay and sleep completely flat without any head support or pillow, because I have back and hip problems, but it is suggested that the swelling goes down quicker if you sleep with your head slightly lifted.

So I think I'm doing pretty good for my circumstances.

I can wait to see what it will look like in a month! Hopefully I will see results by then.

12 days after Kybella injections

Still swollen, but I can stop wearing a scarf now!!!

Skin is greenish like bruising. Skin is still numb. Feels weird.

Can't wait until the swelling goes down!!!

Just received my 2nd Kybella treatment!!!!!!!

It has been about 4 months since my first Kybella treatment for my submental chin chub! I was somewhat content with the first treatment results, but really was dealing with a stubborn chub that needed another treatment.
So today, like just a few hours ago I received my second treatment!
I felt anxious, with anticipation, as I knew how the first treatment felt.

This time was the same procedure, with lidocaine shots first, but there was barely any pain with the lidocaine! Just the normal sensation of the lidocaine starting to work.
Then onto the Kybella, absolutely no pain whatsoever. I clenched my fists and shoulders and my body temperature escalated as I anticipated the strong sensation I had with my first treatment, but it was all for nothing! No pain whatsoever! I could feel a little pressure, and kind of like a fullness feeling.

No pain! Just need to emphasize on that. Right now I feel a little fullness and tingling at the injection site. I had soup for lunch, since I'm a baby and don't want to stress the area with chewing, which I doubt that will effect anything.

I am even more excited for the results!
The swelling is anticipated, but doesn't seem as bad as the initial treatment.

I am really excited to share the final results! Might take a few weeks or months!
This treatment is extremely worth it, and I absolutely recommend Dr.Morgan and his team if you are in the Wilmington or Jacksonville N.C. area. Robin is very professional and they both are welcoming and make you feel beautiful given the issue presented!
Wilmington Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Morgan is simply amazing. The Wilmington Plastic Surgery team is just wonderful. They make you feel so beautiful and confident, even though you are there for a possible trouble area or issue you would like to address, somehow they make you feel gorgeous, while still helping with your problem areas. I mean it must be difficult not to offend someone, maybe it's just me, because this has really effected my confidence. Dr.Morgan and his team are really great, if you are in the Jacksonville or Wilmington area, I definitely refer.

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