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I am scheduled for my surgery with Lucian Ion next...

I am scheduled for my surgery with Lucian Ion next week and have found this site so helpful in preparing me for my surgery, so I wanted to put a few words up here in case I can help any others going through the same process. I think the decision to go with any surgery that will alter your appearance comes with significant mental preparation, and being able to share in others experiences - especially with the same doctor - is so helpful during this process.

My admissions letter recommended I purchase a number of vitamins in preparation for the surgery, Multi Vitamin (which you don't take until after, because it contains Vitamin E), Flx supplements (which contribute to healthy repair of collagen and cartilage, as I understand), and probiotics (to help your system deal with the symptoms of and recover from any antibiotics given after surgery). I have ordered all of these and have been taken them for about a month prior to surgery - however the earlier you can start the better, so your system can prepare. I think the recommendation is 3 months prior.

Did anyone else take any of these in preparation for their surgery? I would be interested to know.

You also need to eliminate alcohol 2 weeks prior, so I'm doing that now.

I have a a slight dorsal hump, so want this reduced and also wish to have a slightly narrower bridge, so Lucian Ion has modelled this for me using his 3D imaging. I think this is hugely helpful in those mental preparation I wrote of earlier, so you can visualise the change and set your own expectations. I also have a slightly deviated septum and uneven nostrils as a result, which will be corrected. I am having open rhino, and have taken 2 weeks off work to recover, as recommended by Dr. Ion.

My biggest nervousness is around the recovery, and also about the day the cast and splints come out, that moment when you see your new nose for the first time. I sometimes struggle to look at myself in the mirror even after a minor change like highlights that come out too blonde, so a new facial feature will take me time to get used to, haha. I also worry about whether others will notice the change, especially at work, but I imagine if its an improvement in how I look then that worry will be pacified significantly :-)

I will keep you updated on my journey. Please if others are going through the same with Lucian I'd love to hear from you - those I've already talked to have really helped!!

Cast off :-)

Today I got my cast off and internal splints out, and I can tell you everything you hear about Dr. Ion is true, he is a genius!! I am so pleased, he has done a truly wonderful job!

Updating review

Does anyone know how I can change the rating at the top of my review? I don't even remember selecting 'Not Sure', but now that it's over and I can provide a full account, I definitely want this to reflect my positive review. It doesn't seem to allow me to update it?

Dr Ion put me at ease as soon as I met him, he's a very thoughtful and patient doctor and I did not feel any pressure whilst going through the process of making my decision. I was also welcomed back for two more consultations with him, free of charge, following my initial consultation. I would highly recommend meeting with him for a consult, even if you are only just beginning to think through your decision. The 3D imaging is very helpful in your understanding of what is possible, and there is no pressure to go through with it until you are ready.

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