31 Yr Old REVISION RHINOPLASTY with MR UPPAL - Wish I'd Done It TEN Years Ago! - London, UK

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For as long as I can remember I have always hated...

For as long as I can remember I have always hated my nose which was a big masculine hook. I was lucky enough to get an operation on the NHS when I was 15 but the results were incredibly disappointing and the whole process was very traumatic. I ended up with a nose that was still big, still hooked and now had lumps of cartilage on the bridge.
I felt like this was my one shot at getting the nose I wanted and now it was gone. I spent the next 15 years feeling cheated. Then last year I said enough is enough, I don’t need anyone’s permission to do this, I’m going to go back and sort what I so desperately wanted sorting when I was a child.

The first surgeon I went to proposed a long list of invasive and expensive procedures and said he would have to do an open-rhinoplasty because I had had an op before. He ended the meeting telling me I would “get what I was given” and he couldn’t promise me any one look or result. I left feeling really disappointed.
Then I went to see Mr Uppal and it was completely different. He assured me he had done 1000s of revision rhinoplasties in the past and was adamant he could give me a great result via key hole surgery (so NOT open rhinoplasty) He took measurements and photos of my face and then showed me what I could look like on his iPad. To see my face with a straight nose was a REVELATION. He told me I could call or email with any questions and I left feeling empowered and in safe hands. Completely different to my first surgery.

The surgery itself was straightforward and painless. I had it at the Weymouth Hospital which felt more like a cosy hotel than a hospital. Everyone was lovely. The surgery took an hour and I was back home by the end of the day. Crucially Mr Uppal took a photo of my nose straight after the op before I had the cast put on so I could see what my nose now looked like! I hardly had any bruising (tiny bit of yellowing under one eye) and ZERO pain. Its now 6 weeks later and I am so pleased with the result. I now have the nose I feel I deserve. It has revolutionised my life – this is not an over statement. Its like a weight has been lifted. I’ve now started making other decisions in my life to make me happier, the knock-on effect has been phenomenal. I can only speak for my experience but Mr Uppal was the right choice for me. He does a lot of these surgeries and simply knows what he’s doing and knows what will suit your face. He understands how important and scary it is going through this process which is so important, especially if you’ve been through one rhinoplasty already before!

Some general advice for anyone making this decision:
BE INFORMED: Read as many reviews as you can on sites like Realself but also make sure your surgeon is registered with the all the correct medical boards. Mr Uppal was not only on the general surgery ones but also ones specific to Rhinoplasty which means this is one of his specialities.

BE CLEAR AND ASSERTIVE about what you want. The meetings with surgeons can sometimes feel rushed, this is always the case as they don’t have a lot of time. Make sure you go in there with a written list of questions and don’t get up to leave until they’ve been answered. If you still have questions after, don’t suffer in silence, email your surgeon or call. It’s your money, your time and your face!

BE REALISTIC: Everybody says this but it’s so important. You many not be an undiscovered supermodel. For 15 years I told myself I would probably be one of the most beautiful women on the planet if I could just get rid of my horrendous conk. Yeah, not true. I still look like me except now I have a fantastically straight nose. Cellulite, spots, jowls, crows feet came out of the surgery unscathed. But I FEEL so much better. I’m happier on the inside!

BE PATIENT: If you’re worried about swelling or how you look when the cast comes off. KEEP LOOKING AT THE POST-OP PHOTO Mr Uppal gave you. That’s key, that’s what you really look like. No one can prepare you for seeing your face all swollen and weird – its very easy to see it like that and think you’ve made a horrible mistake. You won’t start to look normal for a few weeks and it takes months before all the swelling is gone. Take lots of Arnica and Paracetamol and use the two weeks as an opportunity to get some rest and catch up on box sets. I went to New York!
London Plastic Surgeon

I can only speak for myself but having this surgery with Mr Uppal was one of the best decisions I’ve made I wish I’d done it ten years ago and would’ve paid twice as much for it! It’s priceless. Its not even like I walk around admiring my new nose, I simply don’t think about it anymore. Imagine that! Walking into a room or looking into a mirror or at a photo and NOT thinking about your nose. I walk taller and feel lighter after this surgery and it’s only been six weeks. I cant thank Mr Uppal enough!

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