Very Pleased with Rhinoplasty for Crooked Nose

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More PAIN in my brain thinking about the Surgery...

More PAIN in my brain thinking about the Surgery then when it finally happened. One minute I'm laying on a bed the NEXT minute they are waking me up to recover. They give you great drugs to get you through the next few days which were NOT bad at all. In fact when I got home I was making calls but sounded stuffy so everyone thought I just had a cold. 8 days later the splint and magnts were out and I coud breathe better and my very crooked nose was visually straight BUT when I look ine mirror I still see it crooked athough m wife and nephew were very suprised how straight it is...

I am WAY more confident and look at people mORE straight now then from the ide cause I was consious of my nose. I highly reccomend this to anyone and 8 days latr I was out in pulcic and nobody even knew I had this done..

The ONLY con is getting back in the groove of things from being gone for 8 days, feeling diffferent cause now my nose is fixed although I still see it the same makes me feel different BUT may be the drugs that I took that cuses me to feel a little down a the lat thing isi keep lotion on your nose as much as possible cause it gets dry and starts peeling due to probably the swelling... I look great though and my nose does too..

Syracuse Plastic Surgeon

He is very good at what he does. Been doing this for over 30 yrs and I HIGHLY reccomend him...

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