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Hello everyone! I had 450cc saline implants done...

Hello everyone!
I had 450cc saline implants done almost a year ago. They look nice but I always intended going bigger. Now, I AM! :) I am going for 800cc silicone (the largest silicone implant available in USA). I am traveling to Florida to ahve the procedure done by an expert in XL breast implants. Dr. Revis. I also want mine closer and more symmetrical. I am traveling to Fort Lauderdale as a day trip Thursday for my pre-op and will be flying again staying Sun-Wed of next week for my surgery.

Night before flight!

Well, its midnight, and I am flying out at 6am to go to Fort Lauderdale and have my consult. I will be paying as well. I am not going to sleep! Too excited, plus I have to leave for airport at 330 am. I cannot wait to actually meet Revis and his staff. Dr. Revis has been beyond accomodating so far. I actually have his personal email and am was able to have in depth communication with him back and forth. He has already talked so much more to me than most Drs do when you live in the same city. From our emails, ( I sent pics) he has said he will alter my pockets, bringing my implants closer and lowering my L crease creating symmetry. My L crease is over 1/2 inch higher than right. I also sent him two pics from his site of desirable outcomes for me.

2 days til Surg

Completed my trip to see Dr. Revis. My flight back and forth was a disaster, ended up having to stay in ATL an unexpected night due to flight delay but that is another, long story. Anyway, Dr. Revis was amazing. He answered all of my questions and most without me asking them. He is very technical when answering which I like, bc I want to know how and why on everything. Found out the reason mine are so far apart is bc my L has lateral bottoming out to the side and my R has bottoming out as well but in the traditional sense. All due to over dissection of the pocket of my former surgeon. That is what is causing the appearance of asymetry of my nipples. Dr. Revis measured my breast and said my nipples were actually perfectly symetrical and that the implants pushing on the over dissected (weak) parts of the pocket are what is causing this appearance. Dr. Revis is going to perform the internal bra procedure on me. By placing internal sutures under and on the outward side of breast my implants will sit closer together and be even. :) Cannot wait. I will get a letter from him to show the TSA so that I don't have to lift my arms etc during the security check.

Night before

Had a nice trip out here and am staying at a nice Hyatt hotel at a special rate since I'm a Revis patient, with free transportation to and from airport and hospital! I am supposed to start my antibiotics tonite. Here are some pics I took during my consult of the 450cc highprofile (now) next to 800cc high profile (desirable). A lot of people don't understand how small anything under 500cc is. People worry about 30cc more etc when in all actuality that's a tablespoon amount.

Got it done!

Today was the day! Went to hospital at 9am. Everyone was very nice. Revis came in and marked me and was happy and funny as can be. The nurses told me he is always like that, extremely nice and cheerful all of the time. Really shows how good of a person he is, since the nurses (my moms one) usually gets the brunt of surgeons personality. They commented how I didn't appear nervous at all...and I really wasn't. I felt like since I had an initial augmentation before, I would know my limits etc before and therefore not push them causing excess pain. Like for instance not moving my arms above my elbows. Anyway, they tol me into surgery after an like 2 hours and I was so ready!
I woke up laying FLAT in the recovery room and all I could do is grimace bc it was very painful. I can't believe the recovery nurse had my flat but regardless she came by, asked me about my pain. I told her it was an 8 and asked to PLEASE be moved to an elevated position as I knew that would relieve a lot of pressure. Dr. Revis has said that I would feel more direct, isolated pain where the internal sutures are as opposed to majority tightness as I experiences the first go around. He was Right! They gave me 2 doses of morphine and that brought me down to a 6. The nurse was not very nice. She was older ( which has nothing to do with it, just describing) and was just griping about how busy she was and how her computer wasbr functioning. I think that they often think we are still in and out of it when I at least, could hear everything. When my pain got a little better, she moved me to the last recovery room.
The nurses there were very nice and comforting At this time my mom could come back. I at some crackers and ginger ale thinking my stomach was fine.
If you're getting an augmentation in future, just remember that your chest muscles are pissed and so you will need to keep your arms by your side and not reach for anything, also have someone help push you so you don't tighten those muscles to get up.
With help, I sat up on edge of bed and then my boobs went on fire again. I went pale and almost vomited. It's hard bc once I was sitting up and had this rush of ickiness, I couldn't just hurry and lay back I had to just sit stiffly there. The nurse then said I needed to lay back down and get some more fluids as I was still dehydrated. I had tears in my eyes which is rare for me but I was just really feeling bad upon moving.
After more fluids I managed to get up and pit clothes on with help from mom.
We went to call shuttle from hotel, they said it would be 15 minutes so we went by subway and got food to go.
The shuttle came and I couldn't get in bc it was so high. I tried balancing as my mom pushed on my tush trying to help me in but I ended up straining my chest muscles, felt like I was bursting open! After some choice words (my apologies) we decided that for the mile ride to hotel I could sit on floor of bus, which I much preferred lol.
Ate some food her I got back, stomach was fine once I got hydrated at hospital. Then, I took my Vicodin and muscle relaxer and laid propped up and slept up until midnight. Then I started writing this. Thank you all for reading and caring. Here are some pics to chronicle today as well.

Home safe and sound

Got home last night around midnight. The flights weren't too tolling as I had my mom with me to help by carrying the bags and for emotional support period. I am getting around alright, majority of pain is just getting up in the morning as that causes the implants to shift underneath chest muscle. My other main source of pain is one of the internal sutures on my R side which Dr. Revis warned me about. I had my followup with him day after surgery and he said they would be extra sore but would only be visible for a few weeks. In the pics you will see the puckering. My L side of sutures doesn't hurt. Revis said the internal sutures are permanent and are the same used in tummy tucks and hernia repairs. I have alot of bruising bc he injected local anesthetic all over my boobs to help prevent post op pain which was very thoughtful. Also, there is bruising around where the sutures are bc he is essentially sewing the muscle down and he told me muscles bleed alot. The whole internal bra procedure which he is known for totally impresses me.
I went out to eat at Olive Garden with my mom, had a great time. Like I said, my pain is pretty minimal now, except for that one suture on my R side. I am taking my antibiotics as well as a muscle relaxer and pain pill. I figure this will be my last day on pain pill tho bc its so constipating.


Just realized my pics from that last post didn't upload correctly, I'm sorry. I will try again. There's a front and both side views You can really see the temporary puckering of the internal sutures on my R side as I was told to expect. The internal bra will not only correct my bottoming out on R side but also my side bottoming out on left all while keeping the implant closer together and symmetrical.

Feeling pretty good :)

Hey there! It's almost been a week since my revision. My left side has dropped and is pretty much pain free, feeling normal. My R is not far behind. It hasnt dropped yet but the pain under my armpit where sutures are is hurting less and less. I am able to get out of bed without help and pretty much go out and about without issue. I try to have others open doors etc, but worse comes to worse I can do it slowly and steadily. I have been off Vicodin for a few days bc of tummy troubles and Dr. Revis told me I could take ibuprofen which has actually helped much more than the Vicodin. I am still taking the muscle relaxer.


For some reason my pics aren't uploading. I added pics along with my last update and am just looking on here and realizing they aren't here. Sorry, I will make sure my pics go this time. Anyway, I emailed my photos to Revis and he said everything is looking great and my R one is just swollen still, not to worry. Won't be long til it's dropped and the puckering is gone. Very happy and so relieved I chose Revis, he's awesome. I even have his cell number. He responds so fast to all of my inquiries via email tho so I probably will never have to take advantage of cell unless it's an emergency.

So far so good

Feeling pretty normal now. Able to drive, carry my purse, lift moderate things like doors etc. pretty much pain free except for the occasional twinge on the bottom and side of my R one (internal sutures) since that one was more swollen. It is dropping better though. I am going to sit by pool tomo, and will cover my incisions very well. Still have steri strips on them as well. Here is a bikini top photo! Can't get in water til 3wks but I'm lounging by pool u to then is A OK with me! ;)

No sleep

I have minimal pain during the day but still have pulling if I reach too fast for something Also my R is still swollen and my R incision hurts at times. I can't sleep at night bc I can only lay on my back and if I try to turn on my side it hurts. Waking up at least every hour. I think it's bc I'm off the pain pills due to extreme constipation. Sitting up today watching daytime tv exhausted :(

Very rough day

Spent the entire day on the couch watching tv. I guess I am having a dip in my recovery. This revision is no joke! My R one feels like it has wire sticking me on the side of my breasts and feels like someone is stabbing the bottom of my incision, alot of pressure on the incision. I think its bc I had bottomed out on that side so there are internal sutures holding the implant up and now that the implant has dropped the pressure from the implant is pressing on the sutures. Hopefully once the sutures heal the pain will stop. I emailed Dr. Revis my 2 week pics and mentioned this. I will see what he says tomorrow. I have also developed a rash on my breast that goes up to my collarbone. It started right as I was getting home from my trip and has gotten darker and darker. It doesn't hurt. I have felt depressed all day as well. I think its just realizing the fact that I had a MUCH more invasive surgery this second time around and I won't be able to get back to normal as fast. I was expecting recovery to be as fast as my initial augmentation but it is rockier and taking longer. Supposedly at 3wks I can get back to work and regular activities as long as I don't do cardio workouts. I am hoping these next few days are a noticeable improvement from my current situation.
I had originally stopped taking the vicodin bc I had severe constipation (2wks) but am having to take it again starting today unfortunately.
I am going to post todays pics from my phone right now, it will appear as a new post. Thank you for reading and for your support. Some days are harder than other.s

2wk photo


Took my pain pills and was able to sleep. Woke up early and took another dose. I heard back from Revis and he said they're looking great and of course he would prescribe more muscle relaxers and pain meds. I asked if I could have tramadol for pain tho instead of Vicodin bc of Vicodin causing severe constipation. So, hopefully he will write for that instead. He replies so fast! He said the rash could be either a heat rash or candida so put 1% hydrocortisone cream and to let him know. Thank you for all of your kind words and insight!


So after after googling yeast skin rashes, I am pretty sure thats what I have. I am so grossed out bc I don't like germs period (ocd) and now I feel like my chest is covered in fungus. Anyway, the rash has gotten worse and now goes diagnolly across my chest like a beauty pageant sash as my friends so kindly called it LOL...... I bought some hydrocortisone cream but probably wont end up using it unless I really start itching. I bought lotrimin prescriptions strength antifungal cream and have and will apply it after I shower everyday. I also had some diflucan (oral antifungal commonly used to treat vaginal yeast infection) left over from a pharmacy error where they quadrupled my Drs order so I went ahead and took one of those to be safe. According to online directions I will be applying the cream twice daily for 2 weeks. I figure the oral pill will kickstart it. Cannot wait til it clears up. It's like now I have these huge, beautiful breasts that cathes peoples attention but with a horrible rash that is even more noticeable! lol Gross gross gross!


Well, the antifungal wasn't helping so I ended up going to hospital last night bc I was feeling like a flu/cold was coming on and with the combo of the rash I was worried. I would of hated it being the measles or something serious and passing it off as yeast. Long story short, they said it wasn't anything serious. Told me it looked like folliculitus and that my chest had been thru alot the past few weeks and not to worry, although the exact cause isn't known. Not yeast though- WHEW! lol I am applying a prescription antibacterial cream Bactroban, 3x daily. A few woman on here told me they experienced pimples on their breasts soon after their augmention so I think this might be a not so rare reaction. Just thankful it's temporary. They are itching now so I think that's a sign of healing.

Whoo hoo!

Went out of town to Austin and had some fun in the sun! Boobs felt great, like I was born with em. Plus, the sun helped diminish the appearance of my rash. Drying it up I believe. I covered my incisions with 60 spf.

Doing great

Had some fun in the sun yesterday! Feeling like normal. My L one is soft and sloped and my R one still is firm and a little high but I'm sure it will be ok.

A little massaging

Dr. Revis emailed me back and told me to gently massage my R one to help that muscle relax and let it fully drop and soften. He said that should help it match the Left. :) 10 minutes twice a day until I notice the change!

Hey hey!

I haven't been on here bc I've been out and about feeling and loooking fantastic! My R one fully dropped and sloped equally to the Left as of today! They are softer than natural breasts! They move wonderfully when I massage them. I truly cannot express how happy I am. Dr. Revis is going to get me to take some nice shots clothes and without top for his website which is very flattering since most of his on there are models. Will definitely have to spruce up with hair and mkup for those photos. For now, here are some casual ones. They actually look natural believe it or not.

Been forever sorry!

Life is back to normal. I love the new set and they are so soft everyone says they feel natural. I have most feeling back. I'm so glad to see many of you going to see Dr. Revis too! I know y'all are loving him! Thank you all for continuing to keep up with me.

very happy

Couldn't be more pleased. Soft as can be, perfectly symmetrical. Dr. Revis is a saint. Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me on my journey.
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

If you are considering going to see Dr. Revis, wait no more. I flew from Texas to Florida 2 different times for him and I couldn't be happier or more confident in my decision. He is beyond worth it. I'd fly from China if I had to, as many of his patients actually have! 40% of his patients are out of state. He specializes in XL Breast Aug/Revision. He is the only surgeon to have created and implement the internal bra procedure which keeps the implants upright and in place for years to come. Even for regular size implants you should use him. After really looking around and learning, I've realized that honestly 80% of plastic surgeons are no good. I say this after doing a lot of research as well as knowing a lot of women with them. It's very important to get them done by the most qualified and results proven dr and that's why for my revision I chose Dr. Revis. If you go to his website www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com you will see what I mean. EVERY picture is of an incredible boob job, every one! He answered all of my questions with precise, technical answers He has made himself completely available by email AND cell phone so I feel 100% secure. He's very confident in his work as 40% of patients fly home a couple days after surgery. He answers my emails same day and addresses everything I say. I Am so happy I chose him. His office staff is amazing and really sweet too. They dealt with my worrisome self the weeks leading up to my trip very patiently as I had lots of questions. Last point; he does all of his surgeries in a hospital so you really are in the safest situation. Best care and best results. Check out his website!

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