29 y/o 5'7" 145lbs Implant Exchange 465cc HP Saline for 740cc "Gummy Bear" Tear Drop Silicone

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My surgery is scheduled for Friday of this week....

My surgery is scheduled for Friday of this week. In addition to the implant exchange my PS determined that I also need a capsulectomy and capsulorraphy to address my capsular contracture on the left and sagging on the right. We decided to go with the new "gummy bear" tear drop silicone implant at 750cc to achieve a DD size end result. I would love to hear some thoughts and feedback.

Ready for tomorrow but definitely a little nervous

Blood work results were great and I went over my pre op instructions with the treatment coordinator today. My PS assured me that although the cc's are very high on my new implants that they will give me the size and shape that I want. I did some research on the Natrelle 410 FF implants and I love the natural look they give and manage to mantain fullness. I'm looking forward to getting rid of these awful, old saline implants.

Day after surgery...feeling pretty good

Despite some complications resulted from my previous breast implants, my PS assured me that I will be very pleased with the results! I am feeling quite well and not in as much pain as I expected.

2 days post op...some bruising and stretch marks

I woke up today feeling tight and sore. I took a peek under the the surgical bra and gauze and noticed some bruising and stretch marks. Can anyone offer any feedback or advice on whether or not this is normal or something to be concerned about? My post op appt is on Tuesday.

4 days post op...steri strips off

I saw my PS today for my post off appt and he advised me to remove steri strips...the incisions aren't pretty but that was expected considering this is the second incision on the areolas...
My PS says I am healing nicely and that I have less bruising that expected considering the complexity of the surgery.
I can't do any upper body exercise for 6 weeks which is depressing because I am a gym rat but I know it's for the best...
Bought 2 loose fitting sports bras today as I was advised not to compress these implants because they are sitting perfectly in the pockets that were created for them. I was also advised not to massage them and just to "baby" them for the next 6 weeks...

Before and after

5 days post op and feeling pretty good...there is still some pain and discomfort but it's definitely manageable...aside from the not so pretty incisions (which I know will get better in time) I am very pleased with the results...especially the cleavage! Finally!! I can't wait to be fully healed in time for summer and bikini season!!!

First day out and about...1 week post op

Finally...put on some regular clothes, went out to lunch and did some shopping...felt great to get out of the house for reasons other than going to work (speaking of...yesterday was my first day back at work and it went smoothly...very mild discomfort but almost no pain). The boyfriend and I stopped by Victoria's Secret for some lounging clothes for me (no new bras as of yet...not for 6 more weeks!) BUT I did get measured just out of curiosity...PS said I am not swollen at all so this is the size I will be when I am fully healed anyway...and...drumroll please...36DDD (or 34G...ha! Yeah right)!!!! Pre op (and with the old implants) I was a 34D....what an upgrade!!!

I think the swelling has gone down...what do you think?

I'm 11 days post op and it seems like the swelling has gone down a bit...what do you think? I LOVE how they look right now and I hope that most of the swelling has already gone down because I don't want to lose any volume!!

Oops here is the photo

Day 2 post op vs. Day 11 post op

Finally...back at the gym!!!

Yesterday was my first day back at the gym...feels great to be back. The past 2 weeks have been quite depressing seeing as how I am a gym freak and not being able to do my usual routines was killing me inside. My workouts will be restricted to only cardio and lower body for the next 4 weeks per my PS advice but it still feels amazing to be back! I'm doing the stair climber for 60min, low intensity so I can stabilize without bouncing up and down. My leg workouts include lunges, squats, leg extensions, leg curls, leg press, hip adductors/abductors, and rope walking. My lower body will definitely be ready for summer. I can't wait until I can catch up with the upper body!

Just about 3 weeks post op and boobs are looking pretty good!

I am noticing much more softness and the soreness is significantly less. My boobies seem to be "filling out" more in some areas. The incisions also seem to be healing nicely. The photo shows 11 days post op (top) and today (bottom).

Vegas bound! 3 weeks post op!

My boyfriend and I are headed to Vegas for one of my best friends' 30th birthday...sadly we will have to miss out on the pool parties simply because I don't think wearing an unsupportive bikini top for hours is a wise decision at only 3 weeks post op. The boobies are looking pretty amazing though...even more so because of my beautiful airbrush tan! Ready for some fun in sin city!

27 days post op...looking good and haven't changed much...

So I'm thinking the boobies are in their final resting place. My PS said that since this is my second BA that there wouldn't be much swelling...I have had the same measurements for 2 weeks now so I'm thinking this is it! I hope so...I am loving the size...exactly what I wanted...36DD (or 34DDD depending on the bra)!!! Yay!!!

1 month post op...still experiencing some morning boob

I am 1 month post op and still waking up with stiffness (morning boob)...some days it's not so bad and other days it's intense! Does anyone else experience this? I am also having some shooting pains...
I am patiently waiting to be cleared to do upper body workouts...it's so depressing and I can see the changes in my muscle tone in my upper body and core :(...
My lower body, on the other hand, is very strong :)
Overall I am feeling good and happy with my results.

Beach season!

A group of us went to the beach the other day and although I loved how I looked in my bikini top I could only keep it on for about 2 hours before I felt like I needed to change back into my sports bra...the boobies still need to stay supported for a while longer!

Nordstrom Rack!!

So I started a 3 day juice cleanse today and to distract me from thinking about all of the food I won't be eating over the next 3 days I did some shopping...I stopped in Nordstrom Rack and found these cute little sports bras that are super soft and comfy with adjustable straps in the front! Love them!! I might have to go back and pick up a few more...

6 weeks post op

6 weeks post op!! Yay!!! I saw my PS for a follow up a few days ago and he said the boobies are healing wonderfully! He did some serious repairs on me and I am so thankful for the amazing job he did and I couldn't be happier with the results! The swelling has completely gone down and I can start scar treatment now :)
Also, my super soft bralettes from Kohls arrived today (thank you for the recommendation HauteMomma!!)

Some days I think they look huge, and other days I think they look small...

Does anyone else go through this?? Some days I feel like my boobies look huge and other days I feel like they look smaller than the day before or few days before. It's so strange because I KNOW they are big...but even still...
Maybe it's because the anatomical implants are shaped differently...don't get me wrong I am happy with my results but I feel like some days I get bit by the boob greed bug!

FRUSTRATED! Need Sports Bra Recommendations!

Went to Lululemon today and purchased the famous Tata Tamer bra in my size...36DD and the cups are too small and they don't carry DDD...I'm so frustrated. I am clear to do upper body workouts at the gym now as long as I have a full support sports bra...I just need to find one that fits! Help!

7 weeks post op....soreness is almost gone!

Yay! The morning boob seems to be almost gone and I have much less stiffness and soreness in the mornings...finally! And the boobies are feeling squishier by the day! Woo hoo! Now I need to find some comfortable non wire bras and supportive sports bras! Ladies, give me your recommendations!!

Love how the boobies look in clothes!

Luckily most of my clothes still fit...even better now! Yay!!! I think my boobies fit my frame pretty well and I am happy with the size although I probably would have been happier if I would have went a little smaller...

2 months post op!

Out of nowhere my boobs filled out! I love it! I've also been back in the gym doing my usual insane workouts and lost some weight so my boobs look even bigger! Love it! I accidentally slept on my stomach last night and woke up sore! Aside from that everything is great!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Words cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Bruce Kadz and his wonderful staff. From the first consultation to the surgery the process was easy and very comfortable. Dr. Kadz truly paid attention to every detail and did everything necessary to give me a beautiful outcome. Despite all of my complications from my previous breast augmentation 10 years ago, Dr. Kadz assured me that I will have a beautiful result and assured me that all of the issues were corrected beautifully. Thank you Dr. Kadz and staff!

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