300cc Saline replaced with 450cc HP Silicone: Age 38, 5'5, 120lbs

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I love real self and am so grateful for all that...

I love real self and am so grateful for all that share the other member show have shared their experiences to help others. I've been checking this site for months researching info for my upcoming revision surgery and have found the reviews very useful. I want to pay it forward and hope that this will be beneficial and help others who are considering breast implant surgery. My stats: Age - 38 (actually I turn 38 in May but it's only 8 weeks way); Ht-5'5; Wt- 120lbs, BWD-12.5/13; Ribcage- 29, Bra size- 32D (I don 't fill it out, I wear D b/c the width of my breasts are too big for 32C). Current implant stats: implanted in 2002, 300 Saline (275 overfilled). Reasons for revision: 1- Correct shape of breast due to cc which caused slight lateral deformity (bottom of breast is not round but flat); 2- Minimize rippling due to saline implants; 3-Go bigger (I went very conservative on my first BA- I look like a Full B/Small C in closes). I want to be a small D.

My consultations and decision on PS

When I finally decided that I wanted to get my revision done this year, I had consultations with four different PS, one of which was my original PS that did my first BA in 2002. It's not that I didn't like or didn't trust my original PS (he did a fantastic job with my BA), but I wanted to talk to several PS to see what options I had before making the final decision. I ultimately decided to choose my original PS, Dr. Stagnone to do my revision for these reasons: 1-I felt that he truly understood what I wanted to accomplish and wanted to help me get it. Some of the other doctors dictated what they wanted to do for me without regards to my goals. 2- I felt that he and I were in synch with my goals in term of the look I wanted. 3- I know the type of work he does and what to expect based on my first BA. My breast still look pretty good for 12 years. 4 - His choice for implant size and profile was in line with what I wanted based on all the research I did. 5-He had the most beautiful breasts in his portfolio of work. He had the most before/after pictures so I know that he's done a ton of BA's.

My new implant stats - 400cc to 500cc hp

So Dr. S is going to use sizers in surgery to determine the best size for my body and my desired look. When I had my pre-op, his nurse said that he will take in 400, 425, 450, 475, 500. She said that most likely he'll start with in the middle with the 450's and go up or down base on how they look in my body. I'm very nervous about going too big and being out of proportionate. The nurse let me try on some add on sizers on top of my current 300 implants - 150 (will be 450) and 175 (will be 475). I felt that 450 was too small, I could barely see a different and even 475 will give me a slight increase in projection. I didn't try on add-ons to get me to 500 but the nurse let me see a sample 500 cc implant. Holding the sample 500 implant in hand looked so big, but the nurse said that it will look smaller once placed under the muscle and that silicone looks smaller than saline. Trying on the add ons and looking at the implant in person gave me a peace of mind that even if Dr. S goes with the max size of 500 cc, I won't look overdone. I trust my doctor and know that he will give me what will look best for my body. But that doesn't take away the fact that I'm still very nervous about the final results. I just hope that I will be big enough to fill out my clothes without having to wear push up bras but not too big where I can't do high impact sports like running. Does anyone have implants larger than 450's and have issues with being active?

All done, two days post op

I just wanted to give a quick. I'm two days post op and feel great! Had minimal pain. I think I will discontinue my pain meds today and take Tylenol for the minor aches. I ended up with 450cc. It smaller than the look I wanted but I knew that I couldn't go too big bc of my small body frame. All in all the second time is not as bad as the first time and I am very happy with what I see so far.

Going on 9 days and healing well

I'm now 9 days post op and feel back to normal. It doesn't feel like I even had surgery at all but I know that I'm still healing and trying very hard to take it easy. My breasts are still tender and sore but not bad enough for meds. Its the same feeling I get when my period is about to start. I've started doing my compression massages but still very gentle since they are sore. Also I'm afraid I may hurt the implants or push the out of the pockets! The soreness is the worst in the morning right when I get up. At 9 days post op, the worst complaint I have is the muscle tightness. It gets really bad during the day when I'm working. I think it's bc I'm in front of the computer all day. I try to stretch every few hours which helps a bit. When it's an intense day at work, tightness is really bad so I take a flexeril to help. I've only had to take 2 flexeril this week (I worked a full work week). Here's some additional updates. Pain- I never really felt much pain after surgery. I discontinued use of my norco after 1 1/2 day. Surgery was on Thursday at 1PM. By Saturday noon, I stopped taking pain meds. Pain level is 4 out of 10. Days off work- I took thurs (surgery) and fri off work. Took the weekend to recover and was back at work on Monday. I work from home so it made it easy to return to work. For those that have to drive into the office I would recommend taking a full 7 days. Also even though I was working on Monday and off my pain meds, I still had to take a flexeril for the muscle tightness. Flexeril makes me drowsy so wouldn't advise driving while on it. Emotional health- I've been feeling fine. I haven't had the booby blues. I think it's bc this is second time, but most importantly, my breasts don't look misshapen. I think it's helps when your breast don't look like Franken boobs or torpedoes to keep an uplifted and positive spirit. Expectations- the surgery and recovery was much better than I expected. Shape of breast are better than expected. I really thought I would have disfigured breasts after surgery but they look very good(see pic from day 2). The only thing I wished is that they are bigger. My hubby said they are perfect size for me. But I wonder what they will look like after swelling goes down if they are already a little small. I think that 500 cc would give me my goal look but I know that my PS gave me the biggest and best size for my frame. Don't get me wrong I'm very happy with the outcome but I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I guess another 50cc doesn't make that much different. Last thoughts- overall I'm very happy and glad I chose the right PS- Dr. S is awesome! The worst complaint I have is that I can't run for 4 weeks and lift weights for 6 weeks. I'm a runner and it is driving me crazy that I can't run. I feel like I'm gaining weight just eating and not exercising :-( but I knows it's only temporary. Plus the weathers been yucky for running so it all worked out ok! I get my stitches out next week (day 15) do I will post more pics then. Oh the other complaint is the ugly grandma bra I have to wear for 2 weeks. Not the best look for seducing the hubby ;-)

Oops, pardon my grammar and typos

Pardon my errors. I just read my post and there's a few grammatical errors and typo's (even with autocorrect turned on- sometimes computers just don't know it all). I typed the entire review on my iPhone so I was a bit screen sized challenged! That's it from me for now!

20 days post op and looking good. Love my PS! Make sure u make the right choice!

I got my stitches removed last Friday and incisions look really good. It looks like pen line. Breast are getting soft and tenderness and soreness is slowly dissipating. I'm extremely happy with my results and so glad Dr.Stagnone did my surgery and not any of the other docs I consulted with. I don't think I would have gotten what I wanted from the other docs ( all were board certified and had high reviews). Just to put things in perspective. Doc1-said I could only go with 275 to 300 cc mod plus, I basically would be doing an even swap. My goal was to be bigger which I wasn't going to get with Doc1. Doc2- said that I could not go with high profile so he was going to give me mod plus. He explained why but I didn't really understand, something about giving me a wider diameter to balance out my nibbles). He would know the exact size until surgery but his guess was 360-420 with 390 being the best guess. Of all the docs, Doc2 had all the credentials, written articles and appeared on TV. My concer with him, was that my implants would be to wide where I would almost have a uni-boob look. He said that wouldn't happen. My other concern was that I would still look the same size. I didn't know if it was worth the risk of surgery if I was going to look the same afterwards. Doc3- said I had to go with 460 or 480 cc ultra high profile. He had determined my size based on the manufacuters size guidelines. He didn't even said anything about fixing my lateral deformity (where I had cc that was causing my breast to look flat). He made me sign a form saying that's what I asked him to implant. I just didn't feel comfortable with the consult. I felt pressured to decide on my size in my first visit. I was concerned about the uhp looking to round like balls. The last red flag was that his patient coordinator suggested I get insurance just in case I had post op complications (ie. hematoma) that required additionally surgery. This seemed very odd to me bc none of the other doctors including Dr. S didn't have to offer me insurance bc they would not charge me I had complications like that. Doc4(Dr. Stagnone)- said that given my small frame and that I wanted to go bigger, he said high profile would be best for me (which is consisent with all the research I did). He wouldn't know exactly the size until he opened me up and fit me with sizers, only then would he know what's best on me but he said it would be anywhere from 400 to 500. Dr. S listened to what I wanted to accomplish and gave me exactly what I wanted. I don't think my breast would be as beautiful and proportionate had I gone with anyone else!

9 weeks post op - boobies are definitely smaller after all swelling is gone :-(

I just wasted to post an update. I will be 9 weeks post op tomorrow. I'm back to normal activities- running and weight training (no pec workout yet). There are still certain exercises that does feel right (any heavy weights over the head). The Swelling is almost completely gone and so has half the volume/size. I'm struggling with my final breast size because they are not as big as I hoped. I thought the size was perfect out of surgery and was hoping that some of it would stay after swelling went down. No one has even noticed that I got anything done. I look almost the same size in clothes and still wear the same size bra as pre-surgery. Sometimes I wished I would have just requested the 500 cc's but I'm not sure if they would have looked much bigger. Overall I'm still very happy with my results. I honestly don't think I could have gone much bigger without looking top heavy or effecting my active lifestyle. I can say that it's much more comfortable running at 9 weeks than 4 weeks bc I'm carrying all that extra volume on top. In the end, I think it was worth it for my surgery bc I got shape and size changes. If I didn't have cc, would i think it's worth it just for a little added fullness (1/2 cup)? I'm not sure.

6 months updated pics

Just wanted to post some updated pics. I'm now 6 months post op. Boobies have settled and they are 20-25% smaller than my 2 months post op :-(
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

This is my second surgery with Dr. Stagnone. He did a fantastic job on my first BA. My breast still look almost the same as they did 12 years ago. I felt Dr. Stagnone really listens to what his patients want and tries earnestly to help them accomplish it.

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