Rhinoplasty with Lucian Ion - United Kingdom, GB

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Hi everyone! So I've always wanted to get my nose...

Hi everyone!

So I've always wanted to get my nose done for as long as I can remember, and I promised myself that if I saved enough money I would go ahead with it; and now at 23 I'm finally getting it done.

I did quite a lot of research and came across Lucian Ion, I booked my first consultation which was in the last week of February. Dr Ion was super friendly and answered any questions I had, he also created some morphs which I will upload soon. I really just wanted too book it there and then but I wasn't sure if I could get time off work. I'm quite glad I waited though because I realised how many more questions I had, and for the weeks following my first consultation I had time to look at the morphs and make sure I was happy with everything.

I booked my second consultation which was yesterday, I wrote down any questions I had and confirmed exactly what I wanted from this surgery. Again, Ion was great, I never felt rushed and he really does know what he's talking about!!

I have now booked the date for July 5th but I'm on the cancellations list in case there are any other dates available sooner! I'm really excited now but can't actually believe I'm doing it!!



Feels very strange putting my face out there but hey ho anyway, here's a couple of morphs that Dr Ion came up with. These were made during our first consultation back in February.

I really dislike these pictures as a whole (my face was really bloated on this day), but I think the 'after' images look loads better and I think my nose suits my face a lot better without the bump.

The main thing I want is the hump removed, but there were a couple of other things I want from the surgery; my nostrils are completely asymmetrical and my nose seems to bend to one side which makes my profile completely different when looked at my from Left or Right side. Dr Ion and I did try some other 'styles', for example a more of a ski-slope look, but I realised the 'cute' nose doesn't really suit my face and I'm alright with that.

Please let me know if you have any questions!!

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