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I started getting cystic acne at the age of 12,...

I started getting cystic acne at the age of 12, and it totally ruined my life. None of my friends had anything similar, and so I was always the one who was stared at in public. That same year i went to the doctor and he gave me about 4 doses of different antibiotics, and lots of topical treatments, yet they all made my acne worse. At 13 he prescribed me on the pill, which he told me would "definitely, no doubt about it" clear up my acne. I took it for 3 months and all it did was make my acne more severe. By the age of 14 I was suffering from deep depression because of my acne and the doctor told me that he had "given up" and so sent me to a dermatologist. She put me on a few antibiotics, none of which worked, then finally Roacctuane. It really changed my life! My acne did get worse for the first couple of weeks, but then started to get better.

I suffered a lot of side affects though - headaches, sore joints, dry and cracking lips and skin, dry eyes, dry hair (good though as I naturally have very greasy hair!) but the worst side affect was a huge red inflamed rash that covered both arms and hands. It was horrendous, really painful and would crack and bleed as it was covered in scabs! It was so embarrassing in public. However, my skin was improving so well! By my 6th month on Roacctuane my skin was glowing and clear for the first time 4 years!! It made me such a more confident person, now I can actually look people in the eye when talking to them, and I can look in the mirror - something that I couldn't bare to do just 6months before.

Now I can have sleepovers with my friends without feeling sub conscious, I can go out without make up on and not feel as if everyone is staring at me. Also all my side effects disappeared a week after I stopped Roacctuane. I know that there are a lot of side effects, many which I found painful, but if you are serious about getting rid of your acne then you really have to suck it up. For someone like me who suffered from acne for years, the side affects were a very small price to pay for glowing, clear skin. I never suffered from depression because of Roacctuane, I suffered from it because of my acne, but roaccutane 00stopped my depression because my skin was getting clearer! I'm 17 now and my skin is still clear, sometimes I might get the odd spot but it would be gone the next day if I just put a cream on it. For once I actually feel good about myself. Roacctuane is a true miracle drug, I owe my life to it.

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