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I had first breast augmentation 3 years ago. It's...

I had first breast augmentation 3 years ago. It's was always something that I wanted to get done since I was a teenager having small breasts made me feel self conscious about my shape. I have always been curvy but just never had anything up top. I went for a consultation in London when I was 20 and had my date for surgery booked I couldn't believe I was actually booked in. Time went so quickly and before I knew it the op was only 2 weeks away. I didn't feel ready. I don't know why really so I cancelled my surgery.

I then had my first baby a few years later and to be honest my boobs didn't really change too much but I started to feel like I wanted surgery again. I didn't really give it much thought I knew that I'd always wanted it done so I went to a surgeon who was recommended to me. I decided not to have a consultation this time as I'd had two previously and I thought I knew everything I needed to know. How wrong was I. I ended up with huge boobs that I hate and this has effected me on a day to day basis. I took some pictures with me and said I wanted to be a dd, the surgeon recommended 700cc high profile implants so I went along with it.

When I woke up after the surgery I was so unwell I could hardly sit up, I thought this would pass after a few days. I ended up staying at my mums house for 1 week as I needed looking after 24/7 I couldn't even get myself out of bed due to the weight on my chest I needed help to sit up. I was like this for a good 3 weeks or so and I found it hard to stand up straight. The pain was so bad, having had 2 children I can honestly say that was more bearable.

So 3 years down the line nd I'm actually doing something about it. I feel like a big weight has been taken from me after speaking to my husband and telling Kim how unhappy I was. I kept it to myself for this long because I felt bad and thought he would be mad at me. He has been so supportive and I'm so glad he's my husband. Within a week I had an appointment to go and see my surgeon.

I kept telling myself that my breasts were swollen and that they go down, this didn't happen these we're my breasts. I find it hard to exercise due to the weight on my chest and I feel embarrassed that they are so big. They have changed my figure massively before I had a tiny waist hips and a bum and now this seems to have disappeared and all I see is boobs. I find it difficult to buy clothes and always buy bras to minimise my breasts.

I'm looking forward to having my implants removed and want to be my old self again. I can honestly say that that I have been from one end of the scale to the other (I'm now a 36 e/f) and big boobs are not all they are cracked up to be. The pretty bras seem to stop at dd and you just don't have much of a choice.

Roll on 1/3/13!

This time in 2 weeks it will be my last night with...

This time in 2 weeks it will be my last night with huge boobs! I'm so excited this time even more than before I can't wait to feel myself again.
I've decide on implant size between 300 and 350 cc I really don't want to be big. My friend had her first ba in December and had 350cc and she looks amazing. She's smaller framed than me so I'm hoping if I go for the same ill be just as happy!
Hurry up 1st march!! X

I thinking between a 300 and 350 cc implant. But...

I thinking between a 300 and 350 cc implant. But can't decide exactly what. I want to be a c cup and no bigger at the moment I have a 700cc in will this make enough of a difference? I'm now a 36 e/f but want to be no bigger than a c cup help!!! Surgery in 13 days! X

Just over a week to go! I'm feeling excited now...

Just over a week to go! I'm feeling excited now just want this to be over with so that I can draw a line under it and get on with my life again.
Does anyone know how the size of the pockets are made smaller? I'm re-sizing from a 700cc to a 300cc.

Less than 48 hours to go!! I can't believe it's...

Less than 48 hours to go!! I can't believe it's nearly time I'm looking forward to be able to look good in clothes again rather than hiding behind them all the time. Hurry up Friday!

My op was Friday and I feel so much better. My...

My op was Friday and I feel so much better. My 700cc's are no more!
The procedure was very straight forward and I was not in any pain at all. I was very surprised at this as I expected to be in some pain.

I had my surgery at 9 am and I was out walking in Brussels during the afternoon!
I had 280cc inserted to give me a sutle result. When I first saw my breasts I was a little taken back because they seemed a little saggy. But by the next day they looked allot better. I don't think they will ever look like a boob job now where my skin has been stretched but I've been told by my surgeon that the skin will pull itself back into shape with time. I'm so happy with the results and I finally feel like me. I lost just under 3lb in weight and I straight away look slimmer and fit my tops better. Big boobs are not always a good thing and in my opinion I have defiantly done the right things. I can't wait to go bra shopping and be able to look on the c cup rail rather than f!!!
Roll on the summer, no more covering up for me.

Well it's nearly 2 weeks since my op and I'm...

Well it's nearly 2 weeks since my op and I'm loving the results. My boobs have plumped up into the slightly stretched skin and look great. I'm so glad I went for 280cc as I would not want to be any bigger. My stitches come out tomorrow and then its time to full my draws with pretty bras. I haven't been measured yet but I'm thinking a c cup just as I wanted. Perfect! Very very happy :0)
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