BA Revision Vs. Explant Consultations - Tustin, CA

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Hello my sisters! Now that I have begun my...

Hello my sisters!

Now that I have begun my consultation process I thought it's about time I connect with our community about my new experiences out here in So. Cal. I scheduled 4 PS surgeons for consultations after suffering with what I thought was just an implant fold.

Dr. Krant in La Jolla was my 1st consult and the best so far told me I have grade 2 capsular contracture - what! Now it all makes sense. I couldn't get my original PS, Dr. Grant Stevens, to see me so I put things off until I realized my condition is getting worse and needs correcting. 2nd consult was with Dr. D. Reichner: He was in the running with his knowledge and good attitude - paid attention to what I wanted. The deal breaker on Reichner was that he did not look at my bottom (LOL - that sounded funny - I'm also considering a BBL) and his staff is inexperienced (scheduler didn't know what a braz butt lift was, PC was un-personable and took 2 days to provide a quote after stating it would be a lot of work for her (huh?) and their office was dark, hot and claustrophobic. Consult #3 was this morning with Dr. D. Mills in Laguna Beach - I left before it started! Ok - 1st first red flag: they got my email adrs wrong & I had to call and ask what happened to the forms they were to email me. 2nd red flag: the PC, Shari, came off as demeaning over the phone when discussing procedures, 3rd red flag: they will only make an apt if you give them your credit card no over the phone to charge $100 if you miss the consult (no one else did that). Final red flag: Upon checking in for the consult they hit me with an arbitration agrmt which wasn't mentioned when I made the appointment. None of the other surgeons are doing arbitration agmts that I am seeing but the receptionist said all the dr's do it and proceeded to give me an incorrect explanation of what an AA is. That was the final deal breaker for me. I don't do arbitration agreements and believe that the truly skilled dr's don't do it because they don't have an excess of malpractice claims. I hope that doesn't sound preachy. I'm just coming off of a bad experience from my last PS who did hit me with a 2" stack of waivers and liability releases after I scheduled the surgery. Anywho... unfortunately my 4th and final consult isn't until Sept 23 with Dr. Boyd in Manhattan Beach as he is on vacation until then. Dr. Krant and Boyd were highly recommended to me by a retired PS. So far he's been on the money as Krant is the only impressive one I've seen and his entire staff was on the ball as well.

I'm still reading all of your posts about explanting vs. revising to see what kind of complications you guys are having to deal with post op. My implants have never felt natural as they were too big for my frame (5'6, 120/125 lbs depending on how many cupcakes I've eaten for the day vs. how many miles I've run) and they are textured. I would like to have some bosom to look nice (was 34A pre-aug) but don't see myself going through more corrective surgeries as I head into my golden years (I'm 49). Wouldn't it feel liberating not to have the tightness, weight, and worry of implants? Decisions, decisions. Help! What do you think? (pics to come)

Finally did it - but scary, help

Ok! I did my breast revision a week ago with dr Stephen krant here in CA. I decided to add lipo for thighs and tummy - 5 hour operation. Krant is a reconstructive breast specialist and repaired my grade 3 cap contr and deformed nipple while downsizing from 325cc to 240 cc.

I think i like the results and will know for sure tomorrow when get my sutures out. What I'm freaking out about a little is that i took the lipo tape off a few days ago and some areas are completely dead numb, esp my tummy. I'm reading online that it may or may not completely come back. Any advice or lipo experiences to share?? Worried that I made a mistake doing lipo. Photos to come.
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