Surgery Complete! Now the Healing Game Begins. - Toronto, ON

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I haven't liked the look of my nose as soon as I...

I haven't liked the look of my nose as soon as I became self aware about my looks. My husband has been totally on board and is being very supportive, although he finally admitted he has some concerns. I feel really calm about it. I booked my surgery 8 months in advanced so it'll really give me time to think on it and pray about it. I am looking forward to the process. Dr. Torgerson and his staff have been great so far. The office is sending out my surgery package with all of the info I need for post and pre-op. I will keep realself posted. I have never done anything like this and honestly do not knoe anyone who has had plastic sutgery so I feel a little isolated, but the Lord, my husband and this site has helped a whole lot.

Long Awaited Rhino Almost Here!

Im super excited for my upcoming surgery in May. Dr. Torgerson has been wonderful and definitely has helped me to envision myself happier with my appearance, and with a better balanced face. His staff were great with getting the ball rolling and did answer all of my many questions. I do look forward to my signing consent appointment to go over a final vision for my nose; what is do-able/not applicable. Surgery is a serious thing. I have never been put under, but my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ comforts me. I feel comfortable and confident in the capable hands of Dr. Torgerson, and I can assume, from how he conducts himself, that the rest of the surgical staff will be just as lovely and capable. What a way to start the summer!

Surgery Went amazing!

SO I am just updating on my surgery. Had it yesterday. I believe it took about two hours. The surgery team was so nice, I had never been under before, so they really helped me to relax. It was over so quickly and I woke straight up from the surgery. Got to home like a half hour to an hour after it was complete. I thank Dr. Torgerson for being so gentle and caring of me.
So I am home now It is day two and I am draining out of my nose a good amount, and sleeping was a chore last night, but the meds are helping. All is good. I am a little swelled up, but I know that it is a part of the healing process. I am not in pain and and trying to stay comfortable and busy my mind. I am going to be putting up a before and after picture, I will not be taking any pictures of myself during the healing process, don't really see much of a point for myself. I will update as I see fit. So excited to get this healing ball rolling!

8 Days In.

It has been 8 days since the initial procedure. I had the cast removed and my nose cleaned out yesturday. I am feeling really good about how it is looking. I am still pretty bruised around and between the eye area. Nose is very tender and raw-feeling. My incisions on the side from the nostril reduction are healing up very well. I got a nasal rinse type thing prescribed to me yesterday and used it today. It has helped sooo much with the congestion and pressure I am experiencing in my nose. I feel a little tired from my sinuses being clogged. I have my nose taped. Probably going to take the tape off for tomorrow. I am going out in public basically for the first time tomorrow, we will see how comfortable I feel... My nose feels really hard, but very flimsy if I can describe it like that. I am BARELY touching it at all. want it to heal correctly. Not exercising is killing me though, probably the hardest thing about this process so far. Honetsty everybody at the clinic has been so amazing and understanding and supportive of how my healing is going and how it is looking. I am having a great experience with this process. It's not easy, and just beginning, but so so great!


At first when the cast came off I was nervous that it looked too small/flat. Now it is day 10 and my nose seems to look the same that it was prior to the operation. I have done some research here on this site and this is normal for this time of the marathon. Staying patient, I have an appointment on the 13th where I will ask about this, as well as asking about the little spaces on the alar/nostril incision lines that have yet to fuse together. To describe it the top and bottom of the nostril have not come together. I hope that this is normal and will eventually come together. All is well. Bruising around eyes still visible, face still swollen. Fluid still retained in and around nose.

5+ Months In; Loving My New Nose!

On October 18 it will have been 6 months since I have had my surgery. I have had a quick appointment with Dr. Torgerson every month to keep an eye on the healing process of my nose. It has been going brilliantly. He has done an excellent job and has kept the character of my original nose, while altering it in a way that overall better suited my face. The entire staff there have been so supportive and professional every time I have come in. Overall, I have had an excellent experience, customer service wise, and my also with my results so far. I have some more time to wait until my final results are to be seen. I have medium thick skin and my tip is still hardened, and the sides of the bridge of my nose still have some swelling I think, but so far it has been a nice and easy recovery. I know it just gets better from her. At the end of October, I get my after photos taken and am excited to see both pictures side by side so I can really see the difference. Pictures coming soon!
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Torgerson has a great bedside manner and staff have been great thus far! I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Torgerson again to go over the final details about what is doable and what is not. I trust Dr. Torgerson and his staff, and I am counting down the months. Cannot wait to go through the whole process... Yes, even the healing. Hurry up May 18th!

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