Second Revision Rhinoplasty. Only Going to the Best This Time Around - Toronto, ON

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I am shopping around to find the best rhinoplasty...

I am shopping around to find the best rhinoplasty Dr in Ontario/Quebec.

My fist rhinoplasty was roughly 10 years ago, in Toronto, done by Dr. Kane. At first the change made me happy but after a few weeks I noticed that my nose was extremely crooked. After speaking to some of his other patients I discovered that this was a common theme.

After about 5 years with my crooked nose I began wanting to have a revision. I had already been seeing Dr. Brownrigg on Ottawa for my lips and had been seeing him for a few years so a sort if trust had been established. He is a facial plastic surgeon and I had discussed my concerns over my nose with him for at least 3 years so after his office told my how many rhinoplasties he performs a year I felt like he was the natural choice to perform my revision.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong choice. I tried to discuss the surgery in great detail with him and asked him to tell me what he would do during the operation.

He explained that once he released the thing that was causing my nose to be crooked it would then be straight. He said he may do a graft. I said that I didn't think that would be sufficient and in the event his method did not refine my tip enough that he should remove cartilage from the big side of my tip. He agreed.

As soon as the cast came off I could see my nose was still crooked and that the bridge was now wider. On top of that, my tip still had the excess cartilage on the one side we had discussed.

It has been over 2 years and my nose gets worse as time goes on. I now have a large bump on the left side of my nose that was not present prior to my revision. My tip is the same size and my nose is still crooked. The crookedness has been reduced by roughly 30%. Definitely not $8000.00 worth.

After those 2 experiences I am no longer going to be such a trusting patient. I want the best. Since the degree of difficulty increases with every surgery due to scar tissue and other issues, if I don't find the BEST rhinoplasty surgeon to perform my revision it will be more money waisted.

I have 2 consultations coming up, one is with Dr. Oakley Smith and the other is with Dr. Antonyshyn (both of Toronto).

Dr. Smith seems to be one of the only semi-local surgeons practicing exclusively in rhinoplasty whereas Dr. Antonyshyn is a plastic surgeon who also specializes in craniofacial surgery.

I am hoping to have the revision rhinoplasty done in conjunction with a facial fat transfer and a sliding genioplasty.

The fat transfer will be to revise my buccal fat pad removal surgery I had at the same time Dr. Kane performed my first rhinoplasty. The fat transfer will also remedy my sagging cheeks that resulted from removing my malar cheek implants. Dr. Brownrigg removed the implants for me during my revision rhinoplasty surgery 2 years ago.

I will update this review with I for about my consultations and actual surgery or surgeries.

I can't wait to feel better about my appearance. Ever since my revision and cheek implant removal I have felt horrible about the way I look. Exactly the opposite of what U wanted after spending $8,000.00.

Consultation done and Dr chosen.

So my consultation with Dr Smith was great. He spend over an hour with me. I've never had a Dr examine me with such attention to detail before. I will be booking my surgery soon.
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I'm not sure yet but as soon as I know I will post!

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