Rhinoplasty/ Septoplasty 36 Yr Old Female Make Up Artist, Thin Skin, Extremely Fair , Light Eyes, Light Hair. Toronto, ON

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I was born with a twisted septum which over the...

I was born with a twisted septum which over the years had created a tremendous breathing problems for me but had also caused my nose to twist to my left side. It was a rather significantly sized nose, long, high bridged and with a somewhat hawk like profile. What I desired from the outcome was that I would be able to breath through my nose with ease and that my nose would be straighter and a bit more refined leaving me more symmetrical ( I'm quite asymmetrical); something natural looking that would suit my face and not leave me looking plastic.
My results were greater than what I had dared hope and I am someone who works in the beauty industry and is therefore very detail oriented and particular. I had cautioned myself to be aware that at the end of the day you are still going to look like you, plastic surgery is not a magic wand and the nose you envision may not be the nose that best suits your face. I do think that people who complain a lot on these sites need to be realistic about the results as I see this in makeup all the time. That being said each week I saw a minimal but still significant refinement.
The recovery was much longer than I expected because the septum was so badly twisted and I caught the flu 2 weeks in after heading back to work too soon. So I went back on the antibiotics and steroids which I had initially been prescribed - this was a huge help. One of the reasons I have had such good and even result was my tremendous aftercare. It was lengthy and involved and what a difference it made. Dr. Torgerson gave me his personal cell number after surgery, a very specific list of do's and don't s, a variety of medications to reduce possibility of infection and swelling and pain as well as suggesting (not pushing) a herbal supplement designed for surgery to minimize bruising and promote healing. By the way, the herbal supplement cleared up my lifelong struggle with acne, healed my scars and changed my life (for the first time in my adult life I feel comfortable going out with basically no makeup on). I am now on the same brand's supplement for skin - so a huge thank you to Dr Torgerson, what a tremendous bonus.
It is not particularly painful procedure, except for when the packing or clotted blood is being removed from the nose following the cast removal. I found that drinking broth really helped as I was not hungry and everything tasted funny. Also I could not feel my upper palette for some time and am just getting sensation back in my upper teeth at 4 - 5months. Do not worry if your smile looks really weird for a while due to upper lip numbness, it will all come back , just be patient. Before the surgery I had grossly unrealistic expectations for my recovery. I thought I would be home, but up and wandering around watching movies, eating etc. I was so worn out even from the anesthetic (I must add that the anesthesiologist was a lovely man who took very good care of me) and then the pain pills which I took initially as directed and then progressively less. (Save some pain pills for after the cast removal). I mostly napped in an easy chair and managed to watch 18 min of reruns. At the end of week one I was more alert but finding sleep difficult because my mouth was so dry. My advice is to take it as easy as you can, do not push yourself but let your body heal. After getting the cast off I began a prescription nasal lavage which is tricky at first but a great help. Things (clots, blood) get stuck up way up in your nose which is extremely uncomfortable and makes breathing tricky and the regular lavage helps loosen it up and get it out. By the end of 2 weeks there was a vast difference in the look of my nose and my swelling which has gradually continued to go down was minimal compared to other people. Due to my profession I often come into contact with people who have had plastic surgery, and it was facinating for me to see people who had a rhinoplasty and or a septoplasty and how much more swollen they were than I was. When I asked them about it , they had not been given things to manage the swelling, and many said they felt their surgeon was quite 'laid back' about after care or did not seem very interested. I am happy to report that my Dr is as conscientious as they come when it comes to questions and after care. In my opinion I would much rather have a surgeon who is a perfectionist and very regimented about pre and post care than one who is not overly bothered by little things. May I remind you all that this is your face (you only get one to wear every day) and your health and as my mother always says : ' Beauty is a matter of millimeters.'
As for my result, a work colleague said: "You look great, I think you had something done." I said yes my nose, and she said: "No, I dont think so , I think you had cheek filler, you look amazing." Which I found hilarious, I had quite a time convincing her. The best part is this is becoming more common now that as my cheeks and my eyes are more apparent without my nose dominating them.
My only regret is not having done this sooner.
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

My experiences with Dr. Torgerson have been only positive. He is a true artist and takes genuine pride in his work. In my appointments he will notice things before I even mention them, he has an excellent eye. He is in no way pushy, I have since asked him advice on other areas and his recommendations have always fallen more to the minimal than the maximum. Dr. Torgerson's aftercare does what many plastic surgeons promise but rarely deliver. He is exceptionally thorough. His aftercare is without parallel, He checked up on me regularly via email and answered my questions with speed and efficiency and gave me his cell phone number after surgery. I have seen him regularly since the surgery and have had no difficulties getting an appointment. One of the things that impressed me about Dr. Torgerson was his 'suspenders, belt and rope in the pocket' approach to medical care and surgury. If there is any extra thing that can be done to prevent something , however miniscule the risk, from happening Dr. Torgerson will do it. I would also like to say that he is a very pleasant man with a lovely bedside manner which has become something of a rarity these days. My surgery proved to be quite difficult, to a far greater degree than we all expected and Dr. Torgerson, was undeterred and doggedly went through step by step to give me the best possible outcome for which I am supremely grateful. I think that the best thing I can say about his work is to pass on a compliment I received: a friend said 'I didn't notice at first because this is the nose I always pictured you with.' I could not ask for a better compliment or a better result. Thank you Dr. Torgerson for taking the time and care to do such a wonderful job.

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