Capsular Contraction-surgery Dec 21-Bottoming Out-infection-pain - Toronto, ON

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Sorry, this is a long story, and honestly I am...

Sorry, this is a long story, and honestly I am just cut and paste ing all of this.... its just to much to write out again..... but now, I am 99% sure this has now turned into a Bottoming out, here is a quick explanation for it.....I want to know what do I do now, for the pain and discomfort. It feels like broken ribs, and the Doctors bra is killing me! It is this big band that is squeezing the incision that is still infected. #1 I am sooooo glad that I found all of this out last night.... as soon as I seen the description for this I KNEW it was what I have been describing... and that something was wrong! I described it as, the incision has been cut on my torso, and the implant is sitting there really heavy. The surgeon was "yelling" at me saying that, she did what the 1st doctor did, I knew what I had... #1 I didn't know what I had, I had/have a couple of pictures of before and after. I only found out Dec 31, 2012 that my Dr was only a GP! He told me I would be a B- C+. I was a D if not a DD. I found that out about 4 years later, when I started working at La Vie En Rose. Thanks for any advise.

Factors that contribute to "Bottoming Out":

Over-dissection of the implant pockets

Implants are too large and heavy

Placement of the implants is too low on the chest wall

Large weight swings and pregnancy will make your skin stretch, weaken, and become loose

Over dissection of the implant pocket made by the surgeon during the time of surgery usually will see bottoming out start almost immediately from surgery or within a few weeks. Over-dissection of the pocket area is a technical error, where the surgeon lowered the fold too much and the implant has now fallen to a very low position.
Now this is the original post to Doctors.
I was a 32A 10 years ago and had saline implants under the muscle done. I expected to be a B+ C-, I was a D. about 5 years later I developed the capsular contracture. My surgeon is no longer performing surgeries. I found out Dec 31, 2013 that he wasn't even a Cosmetic surgeon, just a GP!!!. So, new doc did surgery Dec 21, 2012. The "new" implant is huge, heavy and painful. She told me today that she put the new implant in a new "pocket" and cut below my natural fold (there was nothing wrong with my first fold, why?). Doc said it is fine. There is something wrong! What do i do?

THANK YOU Dr. Hughes for answering my question!!! I send you the biggest warmest hug for just listening to me! Now this "not a happy camper" (my profile name) is a wee bit happier for just being acknowledged! I'm not sure about the fluid retention? I honesty feel that is not a problem now??? Although, .... the Doctor specified "do not remove the drainage tube until output measures less then 25ml in 24 hours", this is on the "Doctors orders form" for home care, the visiting nurse. When the Doctor removed my drainage tube on December 27, 2012 6 days after surgery, my output was still fluctuating from 36 - 38 ml in 24 hrs. Needless to say my breast swelled up quiet a bit! I can still feel the entire breast "heat up" at times?" And no, lol, its not just "the" breast having a hot flash! Regarding your question about the breast being larger before surgery.... Yes, my breast was larger, BUT, not large like this. No one could really see the difference or that there was any issue with the breast. I still wore my bikini top this past summer. I was much more concerned about the hardness and discomfort and pain I was experiencing with my breast. If I showed you where it was hard, then yes you may have seen it, but most people still said they didn't see any real differance. I now regret not keeping photos I had taken just prior to surgery.

"Anyone who is reading this, please take a photo before your surgery for your own reference". I know that the Doctor took several photos in the operating room prior to surgery. I was afraid that one of my sons may find them, so I deleted them from my camera. My husband, the visiting nurse and two girlfriends agree, the right breast is larger then the left breast. I completely understand that when the capsular contratcture was removed that I would have a kind of empty cavity and it would sit differently, but no there is something wrong. In regards to your question about the new size of implant, I am wondering if the saline implant was measured for its total amount of cc (cubic centimetres) when it was removed? I'm not sure if this is a step that is routinely performed durning surgery or not??.....just to make certain that the "new" implant has exactly the same amount of cc.? Especially if the original surgery was preformed from a different Doctor. I would like to give an example of what it kinda feels like under the breast... its like having a really large, "thick" underwire bra wire and its attached to my ribs, and with every movement that I make it is there. I once cracked my ribs, (tripped over my dog) and although that was on my left back ribs, the symptoms kinda feel the same. The breast is no longer sitting in the breast cavity, and I am exaggerating this scenario to help you understand what it feels like to me now, now it feels like it is sitting on my torso and attached to my ribs. I just want to say, the left breast is also sitting my my ribs and that is fine, it is still in the natural cavity of my breast area where this is not within the natural cavity of the breast. I hope that makes sense. I still don't understand why the incision was not made under my breast and why it was made so much farther down my body? As for the infected, open spot of the incision site. I have been instructed to continue dressing it with a topical antiseptic. Which I have been doing myself since December 29th. For someone who's cuts heal pretty fast, this is taking way to long! I was assured that the dissolving inside stitches are fine and are not the reason for the open part of the incision. Again, thank you Dr. Hughes for responding to my concerns. Wishing you and everyone a day filled with happiness! :0)

No big changes, part of my incision is still open....

No big changes, part of my incision is still open. Its been 31 days today. I see my GP today to hear about my ultrasound. The technician keep asking me about my cysts? So I am curious to hear about that. And the breast still feels huge. On Friday evening I noticed that is was bleeding again.
I could have lived with the capsular contraction, but not with this. Don't let this scar you by all means!!! It was just bad judgement on the surgeons part thats all. Human error, it happens everyday. She just kinda eye balled it when I was sitting on the operating table.
I will suggest that you bring a family member or a friend to every appointment, from the consultation and after surgery. Ask at your appointment where "exactly" the surgeon will be cutting you. Even ask for a mark, so that you know exactly where. Bring a note pad for yourself and your friend, and ask them to write down their own questions and catch all of the comments from the visit.
I will have to go and get this fixed in 3-5 months and then I can get back to life again. For now I just keep wearing the extremely tight bra and take my pain meds when needed. I really hate taking meds!! But, I can't stand the pain either. So I try and hold off for as long as I can.
Good luck ladies.... and be an advocate for yourself!
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