Breast Implant Rupture - Removal of Implants and Insertion of New - Toronto, ON

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I had my initial breast augmentation approx 22...

I had my initial breast augmentation approx 22 years ago. I experienced a rather traumatic fall (dog's fault!) and was diagnosed with an extra and intracapsular rupture on the right and an intracapsular rupture on the left. I desperately wanted only one surgery for both the removal of the old and insertion of new implants and no doctor in Kingston or Ottawa was found willing to work on this. I found Dr Kasrai on the internet by sheer luck. Her previous experience with similar situations was absolutely the key to my requesting her to perform the corrective surgery. She knew exactly what needed to happen. Her explanation of the procedures and her patience with all my questions (I had four pages of them) were impeccable. Her administrative staff, Eva and Jane were patient, amiable and very efficient. They were able to schedule a surgery date almost immediately. Procedures for pre-surgery, including administration and lab work, were smooth and practised. I always felt relaxed, confident and in excellent hands. Surgery went very well and I experienced little or no pain. This was somewhat surprising because Dr Kasrai also had to do some serious work on the implant pockets - my old left implant had migrated to almost under my armpit and the right one had decided to move up towards my collar bone (not a pretty sight). Recovery was surprisingly swift and I needed no pain meds at all after the second day. Follow up appointments were made for one and two weeks after surgery and again after one month. Appointments were always either on time of early.
There were no complications whatsoever. My new implants are quite beautiful and I am absolutely thrilled with them.

Technical Info

I had no desire to change the size of my implants but I was not sure what size had been initially put in. Dr Kasrai had three separate sizes made available during the operation to ensure my size didn't change. She used the "gummy bear" implants - Brnd name is Inspira TRM size was 240g for both breasts. Perfect size, doesn't get in my way.

I am very happy with my entire experience with Dr Kasrai and this operation. Dr Kasrai is a highly skilled, professional doctor with exceptionally high standards of work. Most importantly, she is an artist. I would highly recommend her.

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