Saline BA to Symmastia Correction

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Hi everyone! I'm 21, 5'7 and 158 pounds! I have...

Hi everyone! I'm 21, 5'7 and 158 pounds! I have booked my BA with Dr Jugenburg at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institue for October 14th, 2015. I have always been very flat chested (and self conscious) so I decided to save up for a BA! I had my first consultation yesterday and was extremely happy to learn that all of the positive reviews that I have read about the clinic and staff were proven accurate! The clinic is beautiful, the staff are very helpful and overly friendly! Nurse Kim took my mother, boyfriend and I in right on time and went over all our questions, concerns, expectations. Before my consult, I was pretty set on Transaxillary (through the armpit incision) and really liked the look of saline implants on some of my friends.. The staff at the clinic were happy to hear that I wanted to take this direction with my surgery and said it would look natural (as I requested) with my minimal breast tissue (just an A cup). During my consultation, Nurse Kim left us in our room to try on different sizes (we had 100cc-600cc sizer options) I tried on a few different and liked the 400cc sizers I had pulled out. I'm going for a natural look, proportionate to my body. After Nurse Kim went through all the introductory questions we were brought to a larger room where Dr J assessed my breasts. He took pictures and brought my pictures up on his computer where he measured me out and sized me up - I found out that my right nipple is .6 of an inch higher than my left which he said would not be corrected with BA - a "perfect imperfection" as it was put. I had never noticed until he pointed it out - he's a professional though right! Has anyone else been told this / how did your implants and nipple placement turn out? I just don't want my "imperfection" to be excentuated from my BA. After this I decided I wanted to book right away.. so here I am! I have attached some photos of the sizers I tried on and my before pics!

Wish Pics

Here are some of my wish pics.. Some may be from some of your pictures on here! I just love your results!

One Month Countdown Begins!

So it is exactly one month until my surgery and I can't believe how fast time has flown by! I have started purchasing things for my post-op recovery.. I have gotten make-up/body wipes, two L bralettes from Urban Outfitters for comfy recovery relief, I got a memory foam neck pillow for sleeping upright, I have got a few comfy button up shirts, bendy straws.. I am trying to collect things here and there instead of buying a mass amount of things at one time.

In terms of surgery preparation I received my information package a few days after I booked surgery, I had a bit of difficulty getting an appointment with my family doctor to complete the medical history forms but was able to just a few weeks before my surgery.. did anyone else have this problem? I am a bit worried its cutting it too close. I am going to get my blood work done this Wednesday at Life Labs and I am planning on paying for my surgery after my doctor's appointment! Would love any feedback from anyone about preparation / expectations from anything!! thank you :)

My BA is Two Weeks Away!!!

I can't believe how fast the time has flown by.. I finalized all of my documents required to facilitate my surgery this week - I visited my family doctor and had her do my physical and history forms, I had my lab work completed at LifeLabs (my boyfriend took me and we lined up at 645am that way we didn't have to wait in a long line when the lab opened at 7am). I also decided on the final size and specifications; I'm going with 390cc Saline implants overfilled to 400cc. My surgeon said this way they will be softer and less heavy for me. I'm so excited!!!! The only thing I have left to do now is wait for my pre-op phone call where my surgeon will give me specific timing and instructions for the day of my surgery. My surgery includes a night at the Royal York Hotel which will be super nice so I won't have to worry about travelling the day of surgery - I also get checked in the morning by my nurse before I leave to make sure I'm all set for my recovery.

As of the two week mark, I have been instructed to follow these pre-op instructions:
1. STOP all herbal teas / medications
2. STOP all vitamins, supplements, fat burners and energy supplements
3. STOP all anti-inflammatory medication
4. STOP smoking of any kind (I don't smoke)
5. NO alcohol, fish diet, fish oil/omega 3, ginseng or garlic

I am going to see if my prescription is ready tomorrow!!! Follow my journey for updates on surgery/recovery and pictures!

Surgery is 3 days away!!!!

I can't believe how fast time has just flown by! I have picked up prescriptions, done all my last minute shopping and am all set after my pre-op phone call. My surgery is at 7am on Wednesday morning, I'm really happy about this because it means that I will only have to fast normal hours (from 7pm Tuesday - 7am Wednesday) I'll have a nice dinner and take it easy! I'm staying at the Royal York Hotel Tuesday and Wednesday night which should be convenient. I'm starting to get a little nervous, having a bit of trouble sleeping from the excitement!!! Anyone else get nervous at all? My dreams are crazy!

Surgery Tomorrow!

This time tomorrow I will be on the other side! Getting pretty nervous I couldn't sleep well last night, my mom, boyfriend and I are staying at the Royal York tonight and my surgery is at 7am tomorrow!

I made it!!

Surgery was at 7am this morning. Just had lunch, feeling ok with lots of pain meds though. Lots of tightness and pressure on chest. All taped up, have not looked yet. So happy to be on the other side. Will post more tomorrow. My boyfriend has been so supportive and wrote this post for me.

Day 1

So yesterday went okay, the painkillers are definitely really helping me out, I started taking just one but realized I still had a bit of pain around incision sites so with two percocets I feel no pain. The tightness and pressure doesn't go away though with the painkillers. I'm just waiting for my nurse to come into the hotel room to clear me to go home, feeling a bit nauseous but I'm excited to find out if I can take a real peak at the girls today! Getting out of bed is a STRUGGLE, and I feel like there is NO WAY to avoid using my muscles but one step at a time... Pics to come!

Day 1

Cleaned off the permanent marker and started my massages!

Day 2

So far so good - although the percocets are driving me insane with itchiness!! Every part of my body (hair, stomach, arms, legs etc etc) is so itchy haha, I have been able to cut my dose down to 1 every four hours and I'm hoping by tomorrow I'll be off of them completely. Just a lot of tightness and pressure on my chest still and I'm really bloated probably constipated from the medications. Don't mind my bloated belly in the pics! Sleeping has been fine I don't mind being propped up with the pillows, my follow up appointment is Tuesday at 10:30am until then just doing massages down my sternum only!

Day 2

Here's another pic from day 2!!

Day 3

So I'm still feeling super tight and lots of pressure on my chest. My armpits are super itchy (sterile strips aren't helping) and I am so bloated that I look pregnant!!!! I took a ducolax to try and help relieve this constipation.. Boy did I underestimate it lol. I've switched to taking Tylenol 3 now and they are managing pain just fine. Can't wait for this bandage to come off :) I love them so far!

Day 4

Last night was rough I woke up every hour with extremely tight boob and tried my massage to help (can't wait to get more on Tuesday!) and still prominent pain :( I think they are starting to round off a bit but are still pretty high. Going stay in my pillow bed all day and relax - I need to shower as well I have BO and my armpits are super sticky :( can't wait until Tuesday

1 Week Post-Op Appt

My first post operation appt went really well. My nurse took off all of the bandages (...ugh they smelt so bad from sweat and not showering), took pictures and showed me some new massages to help my boobs drop and fluff! I am allowed to shower, wear spray deodorant, lotion everything except armpit incision, wear any wireless / no push up sport style bra and I can still have to sleep on my back, can't lift my arms above my shoulders and I can't lift or work out. I'm happy so far :) they look awesome.

I have a rash under and around my boobs from the steri tape they put all over me (see older pics) and it's pretty sticky even after washing it with soap makes me uncomfortable. I put bio oil and lotion to soften my skin around the implants and to prevent any stretch marks (so far seems like they are staying away) and I am now eating only healthy foods again. This past week I kind of let myself drink a lot of gingerale and eat easier foods like fries, chicken fingers, cheese dips and I feel very bloated now that my pregnant looking belly is subsiding.. Back to my chicken, fish, veggies and fruits to kick this sluggish and lazy feeling! I will post pictures later today!

Day 7 - Went Driving

Driving was so tough! It hurt my arms and my breasts got really tight trying to do sharp turns! I made it to and from the store though and was out for an hour and now I'm resting. I am wearing one of the bralettes I purchased, it's really comfy and no wires! I got a horrible headache last night and went to bed with a cold cloth on my forehead at 10pm woke up at 11:30am! Must have needed the rest that's for sure. Here are some pictures from today! Going to put some bio oil on again, it really helped with the tightness yesterday :)


Here are the three massages I have been doing for just two days and my breasts are already softer and feeling less tight! I am also using bio oil and a skin softening cream by jergens, the combination has been working very well for me!

10 Days Post-Op, Feeling Good!

I've made it to the ten day mark and I'm feeling good. I definitely am getting the morning boob that everyone is talking about on here haha it's so stiff and hard until about an hour after I get up and get moving around. My right boob (430cc) kinda feels like it's in my armpit sometimes, has anyone else had this? It's definitely dropped way more than the left! I am doing double the massages on the left side to make up for it. I still feel a little bit of tight/heaviness here and there but nothing unbareable. I am driving confidently although some tight turns feel a bit uncomfortable. I have posted a before and after picture which was taken today! I am SO in love with them! OH and I almost forgot!!!! I went to Victoria's Secret to get sized just for fun today and I'm either a 34D or a 32DD!!! I couldn't believe it, just made my day!

Day 16!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give an update and let all you lovelies know that I'm doing really well, I drove home from my parent's house (3.5 hours) and the drive was totally fine! I'm settled back in with my boyfriend and dog and have one more full week until I have to go back to work. I booked off a month because I'm a server and my job requires me to lift plates and trays of food and drinks. I wanted to be safe than sorry!

My right boob has completely dropped and is soft/squishy. My left boob is high and hard which is really frustrating. I'm double massaging my left boob trying to make it drop even a little bit. My right boob was filled 40cc more than the left, wondering if this could be why it dropped faster? It's heavier? You can see the difference in photos I'm posting with this update. I have had extreme nipple zaps and zings which I was told was the regeneration of my nerves. ITS SO UNCOMFORTABLE!! My right boob hurts more than my left as well and the actual boob is stinging a bit.

I went out for the first time last night and dressed up for Halloween. It was fun and I did have a few drinks but I took it easy and did not want to over do it at all. But it was nice to get out of the house and socialize lol.

I still have my stitches in and I cannot wait to get them out next Thursday! I'm praying that I don't have to get the strap that goes around your chest to pull the implants down.. My work uniform is skimpy and I would hate to try and wear it under. I need to find a sports bra that is thicker which could cover my erect nipples! Any suggestions? My nipples are always erect these days with the nerve regeneration.

I'm hoping at my three week appointment next week my surgeon will allow me to sleep differently and give me more massages to do. I also haven't shaved my armpits because I'm way too nervous with my incisions.. I might wait until after my appointment and just be jungle woman for a while longer haha. AND I got an email today with a post surgical gift offer from my surgeon, I can get a 5ml of Latisse for free and Botox if I wanted! I am thinking of the Latisse, has anyone ever used it? For those of you who don't know it's an eyelash extension gel.

3 Week Post-Op!

I finally got my stitches out!!! It feels so amazing, although getting them out did reopen the wound a little bit with a bit of blood so I need to be careful for the next week or so with them. I was told that my results for this early in the game are very good and that I don't need a compression band (YES), and that I can wear normal unwired nonpushup bras for work! I'm waiting to hear back as to if I'm allowed to sleep on my side yet I would so love it if I could.

I am feeling great, still bloated/fat because I can't get any exercise or go to the gym but only two more weeks of this nonsense lol. I just wanna feel sexy with my new breasts not all frumpy. I get morning boob some days and other days I don't. The nurse told me that I need to keep massaging and even a bit more intensely (pushing the implants harder) just to keep encouraging them to soften up. I'm going to Victoria's Secret tomorrow to buy some bras and I cannot wait! It's going to be my first day back at work on Monday in just over a month! Crazy how the time flies and to say the least, I am so ready to go back I've been bored and lonely! Here are some pictures, you can see the left is a bit higher hopefully it drops a bit more :)

Went shopping & my incisions

I went shopping today and found the perfect recovery/work bra from Victoria's Secret. It's called "Body by Victoria - Wireless" and it's so comfy! I bought two in 34D since it doesn't come in size 32 which would have been better but oh well. I also tried on one of my mom's old wired 36C bras and it's a bit too small but I'll wear it if I ever want major cleavage!

My incisions are looking way better without the stitches nubs in there. I think they'll heal up nicely, one of my stitches broke open the wound when the nurse was removing them but she said it was okay and just to keep it clean. The removal of the stitches didn't hurt at all it was actually kind of relieving.

5 weeks!

So everything is going amazing over here! I'm almost at my 5 week mark which means in one more week I'll be able to work out, resume normal activity at work and I'll be able to sleep on my side.... Oh thank goodness!

I went back to work last Monday and I worked 41 hours all week. Work was tough at first I totally didn't want to do anything that didn't feel right so as I started carrying trays / food I did one item at a time and only carried as much as I could without straining myself. I don't want to ruin the amazing work my doctor did! My left has began to drop but still has a ways to go compared to the right. I am still putting bio oil on my boobs most nights to try and avoid stretch marks and irritation on my skin since my boobs were so tiny before. I still get the odd sting and zap in my boobs and around my nipples. I'm only wearing the VS body wireless bra to work and I wear my surgery bra any other time it's just too comfy! I worry sometimes that my boobs are shifting to one side or into my armpits but I'm such a worry wart I think they are coming along just as they should be.

Progress: Before, 1.5 Weeks, 5 Weeks

2.5 Months Post!

Everything has gone back to normal and I feel just like myself. Sometimes when I sleep on my side it's uncomfortable but I know it's just going to take a while to get used to it. My incisions are just red lines and I'm hoping the redness goes away with time. I'm wearing a 34D-DD and just love them so much!!!

7 Months Post-Op - Revisiting Surgeon - Symmastia/Tenting? HELP!

It has been the past few weeks that I began to notice, and so did my blunt friends, that my boobs were REALLY close together and even kinda looked like they were forming into a uni-boob. I didn't really know if this was part of the process or not so I began researching!! To my dismay there is a rare condition, and of course I have freaked and obsessed over it now thinking I have it, called symmastia or tenting where your boobs slide together because the pockets were made too large during surgery. I'm not gunna get into the huge details, scary details, about what would happen if that's the case but I am scheduled to see Dr J, on June 1. I sent him a video of my boobs from front, side, bending and squeezing and he requested to see me as soon as we could work something out. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to lay on my stomach or my sides and I get a little weird pain in the middle of my chest/boobs, not sure if this is related. I used to be able to feel the bone or chest wall in-between my boobs and now I can't so that is really concerning. It's just squishy! When I lay down they don't separate at all. UGH so here are the pictures - any advice or insight or anything would be great as my mind is racing and I'm so upset! Ps - I'm not saying they look terrible, I am concerned something isn't right.


So I met with Dr J and his staff again about my potential symmastia.... Just to re-cap I have been wearing a "thong style bra" that I bought at La Vie en Rose every night and religiously whenever I'm home and not needing to look normal. The thong bra sticks out like a sore thumb and is super noticeable so I can't wear it in public or when I'm trying to get sexy. I think it has been 2-3 months since I brought my concern up to him and he told me to try this bra and see if it helped at all.

Anyways, so far, no improvement at all. I'm unhappy with my results. I can't wear bathing suits because it looks like I have a uniboob and they always feel close together and rubbing together. I can feel the implants touching with my hands and there is no space in between them. My favourite is to flex my chest and take pics because they look exactly how I want them to, nice cleavage and not too close together. It's funny because I was always so worried about having surgery and getting stretch marks/them being too far apart. And I got the opposite! You always get what you don't want!

Dr J has indicated that I do need a revision surgery, he needs to open the pockets toward each armpit so the implants can shift apart and he will need to stitch inside my chest wall to make the pec muscles stay apart and separated. He was pretty upset/shocked about what is going on, IM ONLY TEN MONTHS POST.

He is doing the revision free of cost, thank god, he indicated it has occurred because he made the pockets too big? Anyways.. Surgery early in the new year.... Hopefully I get what I want this time!

Symmastia Revision Surgery Yesterday

March 2nd was my no-cost revision surgery completed by Dr Jugenburg. I had a bilateral breast mound for Symmastia correction. All of his OR Nurses were absolutely fantastic and comforting. They could tell I was getting a bit nervous to have the anesthetic administered because they couldn't find a viable vein at first. They hugged me and held my hand and rubbed my arms and legs with comforting words. I wish I got their names because it was an amazing experience.

I woke in the recovery room, my Nurse Aliya was there to greet me. She has been my nurse throughout the entire process of deciding to have another surgery, how, where, when and what. She was with me before my surgery as well and completed all necessary pre-op information. Aliya is such a great nurse and I am happy to have her working my case.

I woke after my 5pm surgery - my operation time was bumped up from 8pm which made me really happy. I felt a bit cold and a small amount of pain in my right inner breast where the internal stitches must be. The nurse gave me pain medication and asked a few questions. Everyone was honestly just so lovely! Dr Jugenburg came in about 30 minutes later to explain that he had made two small new incisions, he opened my implant pockets on the armpit side to allow for more room to drop/fluff apart not together like they were doing(Symmastia) and he put three internal stitches along each beast line on the sternum.

I have to wear my thong bra (see pictures) 24/7 for six weeks at least to ensure the skin does not raise up again to cause symmastia. I was able to eat a full chicken / pizza dinner, I was starving because I couldn't eat all day LOL. Then I just watched tv and went to sleep. I'm having a bit of trouble sleeping this morning at 5am, I had to get up to take my pain meds. My boyfriend has been wonderful this entire surgery! We decided to book a hotel night at the Royal York - typically this is included but it wasn't for my follow up surgery. I'm from out of town so we didn't really have an option with such a late Surgery time.

I will see a nurse this morning before leaving and will post a quick update then about the next steps! I'm pleased with how Dr Jugenburg and his staff treated me during the surgery process and totally felt 100% comfortable and family-like. Thank you for this!


Some more before pictures


Changed my bandages and took some sneak pics.. I like what I see!! Fingers crossed it holds??

16 DPO

Feeling better each day!

3WPO Appointment

Saw Dr J today. Got my stitches out and I'm allowed to shower but have to be REALLY careful when the bra is off with my arms over my shoulders. I will have to wear the thong bra until June 2nd - 3 months total to be safe.

My Love/Hate with the ThongBra


Seems like the two boobs are here to stay - but I'm still skeptical. BEING VERY CAREFUL! ****sorry for the redness and lines (and almost a double bubble appearance) down my sternum, the thongbra doesn't work unless it's tight!**** My surgeon says it's completely normal for the boobs to have lines and creases from the bra!


From showering so often my incision tape was falling off, so I emailed my nurse and she told me to take them off. A little crusty, lots of dry skin, but I think they look good? They are still not even on my breasts at all, I'm not sure if they will drop more but we will see!


6 more weeks of the ThongBra....


Still need to drop in to the incisions a bit more but wearing the ThongBra makes that a bit hard! Liking my progress, fingers crossed that my surgery/symmastia repair holds!

One of those days...

I just really hope I don't get symmastia again. Every time I look at them I can find something wrong that makes me think Symmastia is coming back.

Got my new ThongBra!

I ordered the Lymphedema Product ThongBra recommended by a friend who went through a symmastia revision. I LOVE this one, it's not so bulky and it allows your back to breathe. I have been sweating a lot throughout the night and it's gross putting back on a wet bra (Original ThongBra brand).

7WPO - Still not sure

I feel like it still looks like I have symmastia from some angles. It's 100% better than they were before, I just pray to god the surgery holds! My nurse told me that when I'm lounging around the house, and not being active, I can take the bra off. But if I'm being active to put it right back on. She also told me to continue sleeping on my back until 3MPO!!!!!!!!!! I'm a side sleeper so the back is really getting to me. I can be lightly active as well, but I don't want to ruin my results so I am going to wait until 3MPO to get back into my gym routine. For now I am walking/hiking.


9WPO - Seeing Surgeon Next Week!

Have a 10WPO appointment next week!!! I'm looking forward to seeing what my surgeon has to say :)

Still have to wear ThongBra :(

I was able to see some before surgery and after surgery pictures that my surgeon took, WOW!!!!! What a difference I must say. I have to continue wearing the ThongBra 24/7..... hopefully only for another month or so.

Bye RealSelf

I will no longer be using RealSelf as I do not agree with some of the community guidelines and the fact that you can't delete things once you've posted them. If you would like to stay in touch I'll be checking my inbox on real self for a little while and will provide my personal contact info there. Thanks!!!!

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