21 Year Old Open- Rhinoplasty

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Hi Everyone! I am new to RealSelf, but have been...

Hi Everyone!
I am new to RealSelf, but have been looking at reviews on here for nearly a year.

I have disliked my profile ever since I was 12 years old, however even I knew that I was too young for rhinoplasty and it just seemed unrealistic. I am now 21 and I feel that I am ready. I always looked up reviews on realself, but never actually thought I would ever, ever, ever go through with surgery. I think I am a pretty girl but I have always disliked my profile. I always wanted to be one of those people that would just learn to live with it and not get plastic surgery and can just be proud of themselves like Lea Michele or Barbara Streisand, but I just cant, and only I can understand this. I tried to learn to live with it, but everyday I think about my nose. For example, I hate the fact that someone may look at my profile while stopped at a red light. (I know it sounds crazy, but I am very self conscious about my nose). As a kid, I had the really nice curved profile and then I grew up and the bump formed. I love the front of my nose, but I hate the profile.

After researching for quite some time and narrowing it down to a few doctors, I chose to consult with only one Doctor in Toronto. I am from out of town, so I had to fly down for the consult. I chose Dr. Oakley Smith, because based on his reviews, he is a doctor who actually takes his time with his patients and makes them feel very confident in their choice due to his kindness and knowledge.

I went to his office on a Thursday. I was able to take a taxi and found the place automatically, thanks to google maps! As soon as I went into his office (it is beautiful!) his secretary Beena, greeted me and my mom. She was so sweet. I did not have to wait any longer than 15 minutes. I was so nervous the whole time. There was a part of me thinking what am I doing here (just learn to live with it) but the other part of me wanted to be there more than anything. When I first saw Dr. Smith he said Hello what can I do for you today. He was straight to the point and listened to everything that I had to say. I never once felt rushed. I told him my main concern was my profile and the bump. I told him I wanted a more "feminine, delicate, gentle looking nose. He described my nose as more "chisseled" and would suit a more masculine face. I was not offended whatsoever, in fact I agreed. He then took some pictures of my nose. I also asked him about my tip (I thought it was a bit bulbous, but I could seriously live with it) and he said there is nothing wrong with my tip. I really appreciated him saying that. He obviously thought it was fine on me and that it didnt need to be altered, whereas some doctors may have suggested they fix everything. He was honest and he definately knew that my tip was fine.
My breathing is perfectly fine but I found out I have a slight deviated septum (which according to Dr. Smith, everyone has because nobody's perfect). He was open to looking at my photoshopped images and agreed that what I had in mind would be appropriate for my face. He then drew my nose on a piece of paper and then the outcome he would aim for.

Both my parents were hesitant about the whole plastic surgery thing, especially my dad. They believe I dont need the surgery, they say Im beautiful just the way I am, and I can see where they are coming from, but this is something I have always wanted since I was 12 (ever since my bumpy bone began to develop). My parents are supporting my decision now and my mom went down to Toronto with me for my consultation. After the appointment my mom (who is a nurse) began to tell me I should do it if it's what I really want. She also felt Dr. Smith was quite knowledgeable and the right surgeon for me.
Dr. Smith is the only doctor I have visited but I have done my research prior to consulting with him.

After my appointment which took about 40 minutes (I never felt rushed, I discussed all my questions) such as what are the chances of it going wrong. He said there was a 95% chance I would get the outcome we both hope for and the other 5% would be for a very similar and still good outcome, just a bit different. My dad used to say that "when the doctor butchers your nose you'll have to live with it". I even addressed this with my doctor and he said that he has never had a "butchered" outcome in his whole 26 years of rhino surgeries. He was very confident and I definaetly trust him. Not only is he very warm, kind and friendly, he is very knowledgable. After discussing my nose, we even chatted about random things such as my hometown and about how he got his first name Oakley. Overall he is a very friendly man and I would recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Smith sent me a mockup.
I love the way his mock up looks, however I feel as if my nose is pushed in too much. Maybe I'm just used to what my current nose looks like. I would really appreciate opinions and even suggestions. I feel like my current nose has sort of a "point" on the profile and I like that, whereas the mock up looks more rounded. I may bring this up with him briefly before surgery.

I have not told any friends of mine about surgery whatsoever. If they come across this review online then I guess they'll find out, but I am doing this for me and no one else. If people I know see this, it doesnt bother me whatsoever.

Mock up Description

Dr. Smith sent me my mock up and sent me several points about what he is hoping to help me achieve.

1) The bump has been removed (95% of the time this degree of improvement occurs)
2) The nose is shorter (90%)
3) The nose projecting is less (90%)
4) The overall size of your nose is smaller (90%)
5) The profile is slightly curved (90%)
6) The nose appears more feminine

From his mockup, to me it looks as if the tip is very very round looking, almost too round. I think I am used to having a bit of a slight point to my nose in my profile. I may bring this up with him before surgery just to be clear. But other than that, I couldn't be happier with how the mock up looks. I think it suits my face a lot better.
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Oakley Smith is a very kind, friendly, warm and knowledgeable PS. He is one of the only doctors in Canada (I believe) who specializes in rhinoplasty only, which was important to me. He did not make me feel rushed whatsoever, and he took the time to answer all of my questions. He was the first and only doctor with whom I have consulted with, but I felt very confident in choosing him before I even met him. And meeting him just exceeded my expectations. He truly cares about his patients and genuinely wants to help them achieve their goals. I also found him to be very honest, which I appreciated. I told him I liked my tip but thought it was slightly bulbous, and he said that my tip was fine and it didn't need attention. I was so happy when I heard that. He truly knows what he needs to improve and what not to improve. Some other PS's would probably say everything needed improvement. I would honestly recommend him to anyone.

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