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I had a major issue with broken silicone breast...

I had a major issue with broken silicone breast implants .I needed a Dr. to take out my old broken implants and clean me up and replace them with new ones asap.

I have a friend who had seen Dr Romero and was very pleased with her results .She looked absolutely fabulous no doubt , although hers were a little on the large side for what i wanted , still amazing and beautiful.

I visited a few dr.s in my local area and all of them said exactly the same things .I started to think maybe they were all on 3 way call with each other.

I had been in an accident and went for an mri .The results of which showed both implants broken thanks to my seatbelt no doubt , terrific and silicon in my lymph nodes as well as in my chest .Awesome .

All the doctors seemed to agree it was for some reason moving and should be removed .After visiting with a bunch of surgeons here in NY and getting absolutely astronomical prices ranging from 17 g - 26 g I started to feel a bit ill not from the silicone at this point no from the price gouging feeling i had when they saw me coming with my mri reports and obvious issue.

I was beside myself .My insurance company wanted zero to do with me saying they needed a 30 day investigation before approving my mri of course they didn't want the mri it was going to show i needed surgery .

And in fact it did .I went to a MRI place told them i needed an MRI they gave me an appointment , all fears were confirmed .OK so back to Dr Romero :)

I called Dr Romero's office and spoke with one of the patient coordinators there . She advised me that i should speak to the Dr personally and that maybe he could be even more helpful in answering some of my concerns .

Dr Romero called me not so long later.

I thought to myself shouldn't he be altogether too busy to get on the phone with me?? I was scared really .I thought Wait I want this out like yesterday but if he has room in his calender does it mean he isn't good?? So he has this convo with me .he is very honest it seems . He lets me know he has done removal of implants as well as of broken ones and would be happy to do it if i choose to come to Mexico .I found him to be very personable and charismatic . His English is at least as good as mine, speaks beautifully and he has a sort of calm cool demeanor that sets you at easy . I gave it some thought for the night as i had yet another Dr to see a few days later for another consult here in NY .

The consult with the other Dr proved to go much like the rest this one was happy to do my surgery told me it would take him no longer than an hr . I was beside myself .i am not that concerned with it taking under an hr as i am asking about getting the silicone out .Hellooooo! I'm not meeting my mistress for lunch Sir .. Awesome , so i knew for sure He was OUT Dr Romero was looking better by the day .

I finally decided it was time to make my decision as i was seemingly having an autoimmune system response to the 900 cc. of silicone now free from the bags .My joints started to hurt ,back , thumbs , knees hips.I looked like poop and i was tired much of the time .Stress you say ?maybe , but regardless if it is from the stress of broken implants or the liquid there in does it matter> It was affecting me negatively , impacting my life . I booked surgery for a few weeks later and prepped myself mentally for the pain and travel etc.

The day came and off i went i flew into san diego airport to find a beautiful day. I had made arrangements for a hotel to stay i would be staying all said in total 6 days .

The next morning the driver Fernando magically appeared at my hotel room door ready to pick me up and bring me to the Dr.s office for me to meet for the first time Dr Romero and his staff. Nervous does not even begin to touch on how i felt .

we drove threw the boarder crossing without much adue . Apparently medical travel from the US to Mexico is a big thing and these guys get their own lane literally.

So we breezed by all the waiting cars waiting only a few minutes and into Mexico we went it all seemed too simple.

Once we crossed the boarder we seemed to stop in less than 1/2 mile from the boarder i got super nervous like is it possible or am i being kidnapped right now lol .Nope we were in fact there .Amazing! Ok so we go in and i get to finally meet the Dr .He is charming , truly adorable and if he was in Ny and single i would date him lol ok so he has a beautiful girl friend who looks a kin to giselle bucheon but that's clearly another story and not mine to tell:) .

Ok so we go and have my in the flesh consult .He looks , he sees , he suggests . Now clearly this is not my first surgery as it is a revision really but i have to say the way they do things here is totally different .

In Ny when you get your breasts done you go to the Dr , discuss your wants and needs 2 weeks later you go back maybe you see him maybe you don't you wake up and have breasts ,Your visiting at maybe 2 weeks , 3 months and 6 months and you are done . When you go here he sees you and immediately after talking to you and finding out what you want etc he walks into surgery with you . No seeing 40 new patient consults in between speaking with me and my surgery just me and him and then in we go like some odd super hero team lol.

Ok so i am in surgery and i sleep for my portion of the super heron's lol he is performing his magic.Ok so i wake up and I feel pretty good relatively speaking .

Now you stay overnight in the after care of the doctors .His staff speaks English really very well and are friendly , warm and patient . Ok so here i am after recovery i am awake the Dr comes in .He looks at me very sternly and says what was in your chest? I said what do you mean ? He says i opened you and it was entirely liquid like water , my silicone hit the floor . My silicone had not only ruptured but had liquefied hence me having it traveling to my lymph nodes . Just in case you are wondering i have never heard of this happening before and my doctor had never seen that exact situation before .As if that alone was not enough he also let me know i had bleed more than they had anticipated but i was just fine and asked of course how am I feeling etc. His bedside manor , honesty and candor were really so important to me in that moment quite frankly.

So there i was i sleep well that night nurses and staff checking on me constantly , very accommodating . I see the doctor again in the Am and I get to see myself hey:0 they look pretty Good Mr:) ok! Off ot my hotel room . Almost everyday between the day of surgery and my flying on back home i saw the Dr everyday that i did go Fernado magically appeared at my door at the specified time and got me threw the boarder back to Mexico and then back again to san diego where my hotel was seamlessly

In the hotel i had someone to help care for me keeping track of meds and getting me some really very nice food , fresh fruit not in season back home . The day of leaving came Fernando once again appeared brought me to the office for a final visit where they removed some of the non dissolving sutures and taped me back up and sent me on my way.

Off to the airport i went . I had a wheelchair waiting for me i suggest anyone else do the same .On the plane and on back home .My recovery went very well and was as expected , they looked terrific all was well.

A couple-few months later i started to have issues with the scars . I had internal dissolving sutures and guess what ? I was not in any way dissolving them .I had to do a couple of rounds of antibiotics . In trying to not go on for ever - eventually i had to go back and have those removed as it was not going to resolve it appeared. That was a little over 2 weeks ago . I am home now , recovering again . He closed me this time with stitches on the outside which have since been removed ..I found him to be as warm and thoughtful this time as i did 6 months ago .I am very grateful to the Dr for helping me to get back to myself again . Thank you for taking the time ~ Aquilt

Manuel Romero, MD

I considered his office after having known someone who had used him . I rate him this way because I found him to be excellent .

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