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So my nose was something that I wasn’t very...

So my nose was something that I wasn’t very happy with and although it wasn’t horrible it was always something I wanted to improve. As well as not being happy with the appearance of it, it was causing me breathing issues as I had a deviated septum, a spur of bone at the back of my nasal passage and because of the width my nose I wasnt getting enough air flow through and would get congested quite often. I decided to get rhinoplasty with a septoplasty to correct my breathing issues as well as reduce the hump on my bridge and elevate and define the tip of my nose.

Surgery Day: Arrived at the hospital early and checked in. Was waiting around for a couple hours until I was wheeled into the pre/post op room. After waiting around 15 mins I was wheeled into the surgery room and the theatre staff began prepping me and asking me various questions. A cannula was placed into my hand and very soon after the anaesthesia knocked me out. Next thing I know im waking up in the pre/post op room feeling like I had a great sleep and was in minimal pain. My mouth was really dry though and i was starving so they gave me an icy pole. I also had bandages over my eyes for the next couple of hours to reduce swelling. Not long after I was wheeled back to my hospital room and just listened to the TV. I started to be in pain so they gave me Panadeine Forte but I found this didn’t relieve the pain much. Instead it made me feel really warm and a bit uneasy in the stomach. A couple hours later I got the bandages off my eyes which were pretty bruised and swollen. Later in the night I was given a different pain medication called Tramadol but that barely relieved the pain either. It was about 1.30am in the night and I was so exhausted, sore and couldnt sleep so just ended up breaking into tears. One of my inner ears was in a lot of pain as well which I think was due to the pressure of the packs in my nose. Eventually I was able to get to sleep but I woke up a couple times during the night.

Day 1: I was woken up early by the nurses and complained about how none of the pain medications were working so I was prescribed Endone and Panadol which worked amazingly. As I have such pale caucasion skin I tend to bruise easily and my eyes were so purple and swollen. Everyone who came into my room commented on my eyes so I was constantly resting cold pads onto them for relief. The whole day I just watched TV but barely anything good was on during the day. At night I felt quite nauseous and was sick about 5 times but after that I was fine and just fell asleep. I had a hard time sleeping on by back though as I usually sleep on my side.

Day 2: I was in even more pain than yesterday. My eyes were almost swollen shut and tearing, my gums and teeth hurt, my cheeks were swollen, I had a headache and my lips were super dry. Not long after I woke up the nurse pulled out my nasal packs which provided a bit of relief. Around 10.30am I was discharged from the hospital but I couldnt stop crying from how much pain I was in due to the swelling around my eyes so I ended up going around to the surgeons clinic and got anaesthesia injected around my eyes to relieve the pain. He told me I was in the minority for people who swell this much. This was probably my worst day.

Day 3-7: Things started getting better from day 3. I was still in pain if I didnt take medication but by day 5 I was able to decrease the amount I took. At first I looked like a panda as I had purple bruising around my eyes and chubby cheeks from the swelling but it lessened each day. I had a small nosebleed on day 6 which was a bit painful but it didn't last long. My appetite had gone down a lot as well.

Day 8: I got my cast off. There was still yellow and some purple bruising around my eyes and nose. Nose was very swollen too as expected but I could see the shape and was very happy with the results plus breathing through my nose was so much easier. The surgeon told me when he operated he found a large spur of bone at the very back of my nasal passage caused by trauma which was obstructing my airways. I also still had pain from the swelling but it was minimal and only required mild painkillers for relief.

I did have a bit of a rough recovery but it was so worth it and I would do it again. Rhinoplasty is something that you have to be very patient with as the swelling takes a long time to go down but I am very happy with the results.

Dr O'Keeffe was very knowledgeable and experienced. He answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. He has given me wonderful results as the appearance of my nose is improved and I can breathe so much easier.

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