New year, new nose!- Rhinoplasty by Dr Grigoryants, Glendale.

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Hi everyone, I've been doing some research on...

Hi everyone,

I've been doing some research on getting Rhinoplasty done by either Dr Shahidi in Sydney Australia or Dr Grigoryant in Los Angeles!

I absolutely love Dr G's work and have seen many of your positive reviews about him. But the only concern that I have about him, is that, as far as pre op 'consultation' goes, It will be an email correspondences to him and no real face to face communication.I consider the pre-consult to be one of the most vital components of getting this procedure as it's important to me that we are on the same level and understand one another. I'm not concerned about having to travel 12 hrs to get it done or the fact that I'll be away from home while I recover. Those things don't bother me. The other factor to appreciate is that I think Dr G's costs are quite reasonable whereas Dr Shadihi's surgeries tend to be at least $10,000 from what I've read so far? But after all the expenses spent on the trip it will probably work out to be around that for flying to Dr G anyway..

Now, as for Dr Shahidi- it appears that he's a very ethical doctor which is great! This is a plus for me. And he is closer (1 hr flight) so I'm able to have pre-op consults with him. However- I'm afraid that he makes the tips a bit too up turned when I looked at his after pictures?? I don't know, please let me know if I'm wrong! And I've only recently discovered him unlike Dr G..

So needless to say, I am confused as to who I should choose as my surgeon! I would love some feedbacks from people who's had Rhinoplasty done by either of the surgeons, whether it's been good or bad, or even better, if you were in the same boat as me, where you were conflicted by the pro' sand con's of choosing either of the surgeons and I would also love to hear your reasons why you chose the surgeon that you chose. At the end of the day, choosing the right surgeon will be worth every penny so the cost difference between these two surgeons don't matter to me if it means that I'll have my dreamy nose :)Thank you all so much in advance :) looking forward to hearing from you!

Just another something to add..

After looking at some past pictures of myself when I was younger has made me realise that my nose has gotten bigger and wider! Has anybody experienced the same?? I never used to dislike my nose and it never used to bother me.....!

I've been in touch with Dr Grigoryant!

So, after procrastinating for so long, I finally contacted Dr G. He said that I'll have good result. He suggested, removing the bump, narrowing the bones and refining/lifting the tip. Je also said he may need to narrow my nostrils as well. I require to be on L.A for up to 8 days post-op and he quoted me $9500. I asked him a few more questions like will I need to attend for a follow up appointments a few weeks or months after the surgery.

I also had a chat with Dr Shahidi's receptionist. She was so helpful. She said he has been practicing Rhino surgeries for 10 years and does about 5-9 surgeries per week. Not sure how many Dr G does... I should've asked!!
I haven't booked a consult with Dr Shahidu yet. Somehow my heart tells me to go with Dr G at the moment. Anyway I'm going to think carefully about booking a consult with Dr S and if so, I'll get his quote in a few weeks time. But by my own estimate, I think it's going to cost around the same for either doctors when I consider the flights, transport and accommodation costs.

I'm on Dr Grigoryant's cancellation list for April/May 2015 :) Excited :)

Just a quick update! I'm now on the cancellation list for next year as I'd prefer to have the surgery in April/May of 2015 :) The reason being, is that I'm probably going to have my wedding at the end of 2015 or early 2016, so i'd prefer if i'm at the stage of at least 7-8 months post op so that most of the swelling would have subsided by then. Dr G's receptionist said the likelihood of someone cancelling is very likely so fingers crossed i'll get in.

Dr Shahidi was also available for these time slots next year but my gut feeling tells me to go with Dr G as I do love his results much more and I'm impressed with how efficient he's been with responding to my million questions. But I can't applaud Dr Shahidi's receptionists enough for their kindness and taking the time to answer all my questions patiently. So if anyone is considering Dr S, you will find this also.

As for my surgery, Dr G has suggested removing the bump, narrowing the bones, refining/lifting the tip and he may need to reduce my nostrils as well. He has quoted me a little more than his average price that i've seen other people pay, and i do wonder if this is because my nose needs that much work lol. It's a bummer that Australian dollar is dropping like dead flies at the moment and it's probably not going to get much better by next year. Oh well.

Anyway, I have umm'ed and hummed about the surgery as it is a big deal, but every time i remind myself how much i dislike taking pictures, hate other people uploading pictures of me on Facebook and all the time i spend frantically threatening all my friends to delete this photo and that photo OR ELSE haha.. and trying to edit and manipulate pictures of my nose in every picture... I'm reminded that doing this is something I will not regret!

I really look forward to having my cute, little, shapely, feminine nose that i've been dreaming of for my wedding day :)

Dr Shahidi

I booked a consult with Dr Shahidi today. I also booked my flight to Sydney. So I feel like I'm finally taking the real steps and on my way to a cute shnozza. I did say that my preference is with Dr Grigoryant however I need to talk to Dr S to know for certain, especially if it means it will save me the long trip to the U.S. Another downfall at the moment is the Aud dropping so much against the U.S. dollar! Argh!! Worse timing ever. I will keep you updated after the consultation.

Accommodation recommendations beat Dr Grigoryant

Ok.. I don't want to confuse anybody but I might be having surgery with Dr Grigoryants in February!! It only came up today although I've already paid for a consultation with Dr Shahidi in Sydney Aus. I'm just trying to get my head around all the logistics etc at the moment but one thing is certain, I'll be having this done very soon! So my question to all the ladies that travelled from out of town to have the surgery with Dr Grigoryants is,

1. which accommodation did you stay at? I'm wanting somewhere very close to him that's convenient to everything to save the cab fares.

And 2- What supplies will I need for the post op??

Eh what the heck

So I decided that I'll put a pic up of my ugly nose although I still feel funny about it :(

This is the exact result that I want!

this is one of Dr G's before and after pic that I just absolutely love


Arghh I'm so confused about what to do. There is an opening with Dr G in a few weeks but my consultation is already booked and paid for with Dr Shahidi. If I want to take this surgery date with Dr G, I will have to pay the non refundable deposit which I don't want to until I'm 100% sure about which surgeon to go with.

I know I shouldn't rush this but I feel like if I don't grab this with Dr G I'll have to wait on the cancellation list for a long time. Any thoughts? Should I wait until I see Dr S first then wait for the next cancellation with Dr G?

Oh my confusedness

So, Dr G has an opening in early Feb. And call me crazy but when i called them this morning to book it, the phones were constantly engaged- is this is a sign or something or am i just having pre surgery freak out!

This morning i took a few selfies of my nose just reassure myself that i do want this and remind myself as to why i wanted it in the first place. Then i came across a review from an unhappy patient of Dr G's and freaked out!

If Dr G had an opening in March and could guarantee it, i think i would prefer that rather than doing it in a couple of weeks where i'd feel under a bit of pressure and didn't have enough time to mentally prepare myself, unlike a lot of the girls here who's had months to prepare themselves.. or is it a good thing that i don't have too much time to over analyse and freak out?

Anyway.. here is a pic of my nose now. I tried my best at hiding the rest of my face haha.

Surgery booked with Dr Grigoryants on 9th Feb

So today, i finalised the booking with Dr G as i've decided to have the surgery done by him. I just need to finalise all the logistical side of things and I'm set!! I can't believe it's actually happening; it's only less than 3 weeks away! I'm not sure if i should feel scared or excited but I'm trying to be positive so that I don't have an anxiety attack. Now i know what everyone means when they start wondering whether this is the right decision or not.

I have plans to write all my questions down for Dr G at pre op and will refer to a few examples of what I want to achieve. I don't have many photos of noses to show him as i'd prefer he uses his experience and judgement to give the nose to balance and suit my own face. My pre-op is on the 7th Feb. I made sure that I'll be given enough time with him to go through everything I want answered. After all, I am flying all the way from the other side of the world for this surgery so I may as well make it worth it. I've also been in contact with the nurse who's going to assist me a for a few hours after the surgery. She's seems really lovely! I will land in L.A a few days prior to the surgery date so I plan to do some retail therapy (LOVE shopping in America!!) to calm my nerves down and prepare myself for the big day ahead.

I have a list of supplies that i will need for post op, i'll write them down as i remember them all. Ahh 19 days to go!

It's getting real..

My procedure is only less than two weeks away and i'm starting to get nervous. I'm also excited and often wonder how this will change my look.. like, i wonder if my eyes will look more definitive or bigger? Can anyone answer this?

Anyway, everything is sorted now.. from my flights to my accommodation to my travel insurance, transport, the lot! I love feeling organised. I've started a list of questions to ask Dr G and i have a list of supplies to buy. I think i'm over doing it but I'd rather have too much then not enough! I've also printed out some of Dr G's before and after pictures that i love, as well as some pictures of noses that i like. I'm going to present it to him and see what he thinks but i want to make sure that these noses will suit my face.

My current nose is really long and the distance between my top lip and the cornumella isn't far. So if he fixes the tip and raises it, i wonder if this will change the look of my whole face? Anyway, so i've told my parents and my partner but no body else knows. I had to say good bye to my partner today as he left to go away i won't see him for a long time. I wish he was coming with me to L.A and that i had him for support :( I had a bit of break down when i said good bye to him and was a wreck overall. I hope i'm not like this after the procedure! I understand how important it is to be in a positive, happy mindset during recovery. Especially because i'll be alone, i don't want to turn into a weirdo crying making my nose swell up even more!

That's enough of my blabbing, sorry i get carried away as i always feel like i can whinge and carry on as nobody knows who i am haha. Love real self ;) i'll update again just before i leave to go to L.A!

One more update before departure!

I know i said that i won't update until I leave but writing on here somehow allows me to feel like i'm talking to my girlfriends and it calms my nerves down so i'm going to, haha :)

So I went shopping - god knows why, as i'll be doing lots of shopping in L.A. But I bought a book to read during my recovery; if you must know, I got the Fifty shades of grey! LOL! Such a sexy book for such non sexy days to come ahead haha. I've also started taking Vitamin C and Arnica Montana. I'm a bit of a health freak so I'm a little anal about vitamins and supplements. I plan to take Biomelain as well but this is very expensive in Australia so i'll purchase it when i get to the U.S.

I will just need to download many movies and TV series to watch during the boring recovery days, but i can't think of any. Any suggestions? I'm a real active person so i'm freaking out about being bored. Hence why i'm preparing all sorts of entertainment for myself.

By the way, i forgot to mention that i'm having my surgery at the Tarzana surgery centre and not at the Verdugo hills hospital like most of Dr G's patinents. Reason being, Dr G made room for me specifically on this day which happens to fall on a Monday and on Monday's, he apparently works from the Tarzana hospital. I only found this out after assuming that i'll be doing it at the Verdugo hill. Being a control freak, I had a minor panic attack as i hadn't done any research on this hospital. But luckily, google tells me that this is a sound hospital and the reviews are quite outstanding :) Can anyone give me any feedbacks on what the staff is like at this hospital?

I've been avoiding eating anything salty and i'm training like there's no tomorrow, as i won't be able to exercise for a while after the op. I am hoping for somewhat a smooth recovery (no such thing, i know) with minimal swelling and bruising like some of the fortunate girls here on real self. And i know it really comes down to how healthy you are as well as your age, genetic etc.

I'm actually more scared of my own reaction and my emotional state once the cast comes off, rather than being scared of the operation. I really don't want to go through the regretting and feeling guilty phase!! A lot of the girls on real self describe their look as Avatar like and piggy looking after the cast comes off and they experience many emotional stages afterwards. And truth to be told, some of the reviews here are freaking me out! But from what I've observed, it's usually the people in the early stages where their swelling is still very much fresh. So as long as i can convince myself that these just going to be temporary ugly phases, I think i'll be okay. And I also think that it's a blessing for me that i've only had 3 weeks to prepare for this procedure, as that gives me less time to have pre op anxieties and several heart attacks lol.

I CANNOT wait to try new looks with makeup and hair! I hate wearing all my hair up right and pulled back now as i feel like this makes my nose stick out more from the profile view. After the surgery, I'm going to wear lots of head bands and what the heck.. i'll even glue all my fringe back! hahah.


Hey guys, sorry i haven't had the chance to update any sooner. I arrived in L.A fine and I've been flat out shopping lol.

Had the pre op yesterday and finally got to meet Dr G in person! His receptionists were all so adorable and nice and so was Dr G. I found him to be quite personable and normal considering he's a surgeon. I had a list of questions to ask him and also took some photos of his previous work, as well as others but I stressed that i would like his opinion as well.

I could tell that he's the, get to the point/cut the crap type of person which suits me well. He was honest like everybody says and we had a good chit chat about a lot of things. Before my appointment, I made sure that i was the last person to be seen by him so that i could take as much time as i wanted with him. Dr G say my list of things that i was ticking off as i was talking to him so he didn't dare move until i was done with the list haha. So for those of you that also want to go through lengthy details with him, especially if you're travelling from out of town, ensure that you tell the front girls that you want the last appointment also and they'll happily arrange it for you, they were all so lovely :)

Anyway, so Dr G also suggested a chin implant as i have a really weak chin. I also have a bad bite where my top and bottom teeth don't meet at all. This is creating an asymmetrical look on my jaw and i've been fully aware of it. But i was hesitant as i'm a control freak and feel the need to know about everything before i decide on something. And obviously, i have no idea about chin implants so he said to think about it and perhaps get it done later down the track and we can do Juvaderm instead, at the post op. I also know nothing about Juvaderm. From what he said about it, it appears to be a very natural and straight forward injection. Can anyone shine a light on this?

Anyhow, i spoke to him about a few other procedures that i may want down the line but he told me not to do them as i didn't need them. I respected his opinion. He told me a few times that i'll have a good result so i asked him whether he tells all of his patients this and he said no, he tells many that Rhinoplasty is not for them.

I walked out of the appointment quite satisfied with everything we discussed until i got home. I felt a little anxious that maybe i didn't make my desires clear enough. So i've written them down again and i will go over them with him on the day of my surgery to refresh his memory. I wondered how he remembers what his patients and him talk about if he doesn't make notes at the consultation and he sees so many patients everyday? Anyway, i might just be being paranoid and super anxious here. Here's hoping that he has good memory!

Today, i'll be buying the rest of my supplies and my scripts. I'm very jet lagged and waking up to the typical noises in L.A- The police sirens, helicopters, etc and can't sleep in in the mornings which is annoying, as i know that i won't get much sleep after the op! For those of you that are travelling from either overseas or out of town, you can message me with any questions you have about the logistical side of things. I'll post again after the surgery. Wish me luck!

Surgery in 3 hours!!

Oh my god. I'm so nervous. I'm leaving in a couple of hours for the surgery. Since I've kept myself very busy whilst i've been here in L.A, i must admit, i haven't been thinking too much this too much. But this morning, I started getting butterflies in my stomach whilst getting ready. I'm really worried about a lot of things right now and I'M stressing out about whether this was the right decision. I want to stay positive though! I can't wait to see Dr G just to go over a few things again as i think it will help calm my anxiety.


Just wanted to let you all know that the surgery went fine and I'll update more when up to it.

The op

I'm feeling a bit more normal now. So my surgery went as planned. It was at the Avanguard hospital and I got there very early but the surgery was done on time. The staff there were wonderful. I wanted to speak to Dr G again to ask him a few more questions but he literally spent a couple of seconds with me to go over what we agreed on, and then left to prepare for my surgery. I was a bit bummed as I hoped to ask him a few things.

The anaesthesiologist was really nice too. Seemed gentle and he was asking many questions, probably to calm My nerves down.

Next thing I was out like a blackout. I woke up so groggy but didn't feel nauseous and didn't feel like throwing up or anything like that. I had little pain (more like bit of burning sensation-no biggie) on the left nostril, where Dr G did a incision, but it quickly went away with Tylenol. My throat was so sore and my mouth was so parched! I have been drinking so much since and I can't stop peeing.

I remember Dr G came to my side and said "the surgery went well" and I'm pretty sure I asked him to hold my hand hahaha. How awkward! Poor Dr G. I just wanted someone to hold my hand but didn't realise that it was him! So I ended up grabbing someone else's hand after that, which was reassuring. Lol. The anaesthetist also said it went well and that I'm going to love it.

I went to go to the bathroom and got changed and the nurse that was helping me was the best but I can't remember her name.

I haven't experienced any pain at all other than the initial one on one nostril from the incision. I've only had Tylenol and no Narco, although I have it and it was so damn expensive and ridiculously hard to get! I'll update you more about this topic later on, post where I'll give you the ins and out's about every single thing you need to know.

I've had to change the drip pad five times already as its quickly getting saturated with blood. I wonder if this is normal. Other than that it's just discomfort that's annoying. I was able to breathe through my nose straight after the surgery but not anymore since there's been more blood coming out of my nose so its stuffy and congested with blood now. I have really minimal bruising! It's amazing and I'm so glad for it. I have small brown bruises in the inner corners of my eyes but that's it. I know that it will get worse on day 2/3 but I wonder if it's a good sign when the initial bruising isn't that bad.

I want the cast off to be on this Saturday but I don't think its been booked yet and I have no idea which location have to go for it. I'm really nervous to find out what my nose looks like. Like petrified!

I didn't get to speak to Dr G before going home. So I emailed him to ask when I can start cleaning the nostril incision areas with hydrogen peroxide. Others on here have cleaned their noses prior to the cast off. Is this allowed?

Anyway here's to many crappy nights of sleeps that I've got to look forward to :-(

Post op day 1

Not much has changed since yesterday. I still have very minimal bruising and i hardly have any swelling which is kind of weird. I keep looking at myself in the mirror expecting swelling but nope, so far so good :) I had reasonable amount of sleep last night which was surprising, but i forgot to put the neck pillow on me! I slept lower than i should have but I was so exhausted and completely forgot to put it on.

I made myself a banana, coconut and almond butter smoothie this morning and then took my antibiotics and all my other vitamins. I think the de-humidifier is helping a lot so i highly recommend you get one for your post op! I got mine for $19 at CVS. It's the Vicks one, so you can put Vicks powder in the water which will ease the congestion but I'm using it without the Vicks powder. I'm still not needing Norco and I very much doubt that i'll need to take it at all by the look of things. I'm really glad as I'm against Opium based medications. They can take a toll on your emotions during your recovery. It's really awkward trying to ice underneath my eyes and my cheeks because of where the cast is located. If I ice around underneath my eyes, I can't avoid getting the cast and the tape wet. I bought two eye gel packs and I'm just rotating between the two and having some breaks in between. I bought these from CVS also and they were cheap! I could so eat today as i have my full appetite and I don't have any weird sensations on my lips or teeth. In fact, i had to sneeze a few times this morning which i did, by releasing it through my mouth and my nose felt fine. When i felt it come on though, i was freaking out! Lol. I hope i can start cleaning my nostrils out as it's full of blood and I feel really congested. I can see the internal stitches as it's hanging out from one of my nostrils and I'm really scared that this will get pulled out or something or get caught on my gauze pad. I'll wait to talk to Dr G today and find out what I should do. I'm still having to frequently change my gauze pad as i still have a lot of blood coming out of my nose. I hope this is normal! My cast removal is booked for this Friday morning! Hooray :) I can't wait to breathe through my nose again but at the same time I'm scared that I'm not going to like my nose or something.. Oh god, the anxiety!

Urgh. Not fun :(

So I started developing the Avator look late last night. Swelling started coming on in between my eyebrows and the inner corners of my eyes. Now i know what everyone means by the Avatar look and i don't even have my cast removed yet! I had a very sporadic sleep as well, only being able to sleep a couple of hours here and there. I get woken up by the shortness of breath from breathing through my mouth and my mouth gets really dry. I also feel really hot when i get woken up like this. Today the swelling has worsened and has creeped down to my cheeks and to the middle of my face where it feels very tight. I look like a chipmunk and my lips look like it's been loaded up with fillers. I still have hardly any bruising but the swelling's definitely hit me pretty hard today. I've been icing my face on and off all day and have been falling asleep at the same time because i'm so tired. I can't wait to have a decent sleep on my back. I'm feeling more pressure on my nose too today so i've taken some Tylenol. Still not in any serious pain, but my nose does throb and tingle every now and then. I was absolutely starving last night and was drooling over a takeaway menu. All i'm living on at the moment is smoothies, chia boxes, organic baby mush food, coconut water and water. I tried eating a blueberry muffin but it felt like the chewing motion was aggravating my nose. .When i'm able to eat, the first thing i'm going to have is scrambled eggs on toast. I don't know why but i just crave it so much! I will inhale everything in sight when i'm able to chew properly! Bring on the grubbing session I say!

I really want to be able to blow my nose, it's so stuffy in there! I've been trying to take a sneak peak of what my nose looks like but i can't tell with the cast on. I'll have to be patient and wait until Friday. I wonder whether i'll look decent enough to be out in public by Saturday..

Lois from family guy

I just discovered that i look exactly like Lois from the Family Guy. That and maybe minus the big nose now :p Although I'm not comfortable putting up pictures of myself, I'm putting up a pic of Lois for those of you that don't watch the show, so that you can imagine how my face looks like right now.

On another note, I feel better than i did yesterday. It seems like the swelling travels downwards. Now it's more on my cheeks ,hence why I look like Lois right now. I'm still icing on and off although i'm unsure whether it will help at this stage but the cold compression feels sooo good so i'm going to keep it up! I made myself some kale, cucumber, avocado, Manuka honey, banana and coconut water smoothie today. I have no taste buds at the moment so I can't tell you how it was but it was definitely healthy. I'm finding it easier to drink and eat as well. I can drink without a straw now and i just ate some avocado on toasted bagels which i cut into small bite size pieces. Again, i have no idea how it tasted but it was good to eat some solids!

I ended up changing my cast removal appointment to this Saturday instead of Friday, even though the receptionists insisted that the 4th day removal is quite common. I just don't want to rush having it removed, especially because my nose is still dripping and feels raw at the moment. I just hope that the swelling on my cheeks go down because i look like i've had about 10 Botox shots just on my cheek and lip area lol.


Last night and this morning were officially the worst days for me so far. I wasn't in any pain or had increase in swelling or anything like that but around late last night i felt the congestion in my nose getting so bad to the point where if i talked, ate or had any sort of movement to my nose, bits of snot will literally squirt out of my nostrils and onto the drip pad. It's EW, i know but that's exactly what's happening right now and i can't begin to explain how much I want to pull all this crap out of my nose with my tweezers and give it a good blow! I would give two legs and maybe even a finger for it!

Anyway, i don't know if it was the extra congestion or what but i started feeling anxious because of this and started getting shortness of breath from the mouth breathing plus i couldn't get comfortable in an upright position. It was probably all a mental thing but once it started, i couldn't get to sleep but i was extremely exhausted. And as i mentioned before, i'm really against opium based meds like Narco so i've been avoiding taking that, although, if i had a few of those last night, i would've been knocked out pretty good. But i'm not going to do it, those meds have serious side effects that are just not worth it. So i spent the night walking around and getting five minutes of sleep here and there, until i just couldn't hack it anymore and got out of bed and emailed Dr G's receptionist to see if i can have the cast removed today instead of tomorrow. I just cannot endure one more night of this, I never knew that the congestion will be to this extreme! I'm icing my face right now and will get dressed to go to Dr G's rooms as soon as i get the green light from them. I can't WAIT!

P.S- if anyone asked me what my dying wish was right now, it would be to sleep on my back for a solid 20 hours :/

The cast is off!

Okay guys. I got my cast off this morning. So far, i'm really happy with it and so is Dr G :)

So, my nose is really fat and bulbous from the front view. My bridge and the tip also looks wide and fat due to the fact, from the front, my nose is flatter and fatter than it was originally. But I had the whole works done so I expected this much swelling. But I'm really happy with my profile view and how the tip is short and upturned and i no longer have a droopy tip and cormunella! I know a lot of people don't like the upturned look but mine isn't overly upturned so i actually like this look on me :) I used to have really droopy cormunella, I know that it will drop a bit though :(

And getting the sutures taken out from my nostrils hurt like crap! The cast off was a breeze but the sutures part was a killer. Dr G said that my hump was shaved quite a bit so a lot of swelling is expected but he was amazed that i had no bruising at all. I was a bit worried about getting the cast removed so early on at day 4 but Dr G said that all this means is that i'll have more swelling than the usual but it's no biggie. I'm going to leave the tape on there as long as possible as i don't want to feel negative about my nose from the front view. I showered, washed my hair and washed my nose out with saline when i came home and had a good nap too. It felt amazing! I have a lot of swelling in the cheeks and it looks like i have two giant apples on either sides of my mouth lol. The swelling's also making my face really hot and it's really really uncomfortable! Did anyone else experience this?!

The most obvious thing to me right now is the profile. I don't have a bump anymore and I now have a cute little button nose! I didn't stress too much about the swelling as i expected it and to be honest, i was so agitated with not being able to breathe this morning that all i cared about was having everything pulled out of my nose. It still feels really stuffy in there but now i have my taste buds back. I was hoping that the entire airways will feel free and open but that's not the case :( Dr G said not to blow it for 10 days so this sucks! I really want it cleared before i fly home as i don't want to have any sinus pain on the plane! Can somebody recommend what to do to clear my sinus without blowing it?

In terms of my nose- based on everything i've read on other RS'ers and what Dr G has told me- i'm pledging to myself to not stress over the swelling and not look at it too much or worry too much for time being. I have 3 years to go until i see the 100% result and that is a heck of a long way away from now. And I certainly don't have that much time to waste on worrying about something that i cannot control. I'm sure i'll go through my ups and downs like everyone else, but i chose to do this and now i'll need to put on my big girl panties. But so far, i can see the shape that my nose will form in a few months time and i'm not worried :) I can't stop staring at it! :)

Unhappy with the tip area

I got another good look at my nose without the tape on and guys.. i hate the front view right now! My tip just looks really fat, wide and without a shape. I think the tip could have been upturned a little more if anything because i don't think i want it to drop. I'm not going through the piggy stage at the moment like everybody does and i wish i was, so that there's a guarantee that my tip will still be high enough. The bridge looks like it has no definition and my tip is so bulbous. It's really weird to touch my nose as well and it's sore. I can't wait to see Dr G again as i need some reassurance right now.. :-(

Anyway, last night, my full blown appetite returned which made me go to town on 6 bagels! Then i thought about ordering some food but thought better not as take away foods are all really high in sodium. This morning i'm contemplating going out for breakfast and having my long craved scrambled eggs on toast with a MASSIVE coffee. Mmm coffee... oh i miss coffee!! I'm just not sure if I want to be seen in public yet with this tape on me. Just yesterday alone when i was at the pharmacy downstairs from Dr G's rooms, these ladies were blatantly staring at my nose with no sign of discretion lol. And I said, 'I know- i look really strange right now'. Anyway, the weather is really dry here in L.A so i want to go to Sephora and buy some organic body oil and lip balm. Plus i've run out of water as i've been drinking like a camel. I might just think about it..

I cleaned my nose again today with Saline and something occurred to me. Saline is salt water so wouldn't this actually swell my nose up even more if i end up digesting a little bit? Can anyone answer this? Anyway, I have these dry dark patches where the tape was sitting for so long and i've been scratching at it and now I have uneven skin tone! I have really dry skin so I don't get black heads or pimples but i do suffer from bizzar dry skin symptoms like this. So this morning, i took the tape off my nose, washed my face properly & exfoliated my face. I used Dr Dennis's step 2 original formula exfoliator. They're really good as they come in pads and all you do is circulate it on your face until the pad is dry. So there's no harsh contact you need to make on your nose.

I thought i'd be happy to go out in public by now but i don't. I feel really unattractive. I feel better with the tape on as you can't see how fat the tip is from the front view but then if i wear the tape, people are going to stare! I'm also scared someone will blatantly ask me if i had a nose job and i'll need to make something up like, i fell down the stairs?? Argh!

On a happier note, Happy V- day peeps! There's definitely no sexy time going on here in my room with me, myself and I, and one fat nose!

My first public outing with tape

I went out guys! I couldn't stand being cooped up in my dark apartment anymore so I put on a little makeup, headed out to Ulta and had lunch date with myself. I just have to say-God I love Ulta! For my fellow Aussie travellers, make sure you check it out when you're here in L.A It's like beauty heaven in a store!

I also have a fabulous tip for those that want to venture out with your tape on as well. Put your foundation over the tape and it camouflages it by 80%! Don't put any make up over any scarring of course and make sure you clean any scabs/wound before and after your outing. I told my uber driver that i had my nose done and he was like what? really? and i had to point out my tape to him because he couldn't see it. And people didn't stare either. Anyway, for lunch, I ate a sandwich but had to cut them in smaller pieces. I only managed to eat half of it as chewing and trying to breathe in between was exhausting :-(

I emailed Dr G this morning about my bridge not looking defined whatsoever and my really uneven tip (it veers towards the right). He said that the swelling on my face is hiding the bridge definition and I have uneven swelling on the tip and to not worry. So I'm just not going to stare at it when the tape is off!

I have received many messages from my fellow Aussies that are travelling to L.A for this procedure :) So, I will do an info review for those that are travelling here to cover every single thing you can think of that involves you + the nose job. I'll do this for you within the next couple of days :)

I don't know what i'm going to do for the rest of the day- I'm thinking about venture outside for a walk again although i only just got home. Today's a very hot day in L.A so it's probably not good for the swelling but i have so much energy so i need to get out. My nose still feels very tight with pressure and the congestion is still very bad. Cleaning it with a Q tip isn't helping either so i think it must just be the swelling that's making it feel this congested?

Face rash! - Questions for other Dr G's patients.

I'm dealing with a different set of issue today. Since yesterday, which happened to be the day i finished my course of antibiotics, my face has been itchy as hell. So I went out and got some antihistamine and the itchiness has settled but the tiny little bumps on my face are still there. I don't know whether this is from the antibiotics, the medical tape or the exfoliator i used yesterday?? There are little bumps all over my face! So this question is to all Dr G's other patients.. did you have this issue at all during your recovery??

I emailed Dr G about it and he said a lot of people get skin rashes from the tape and it will go away. But my feeling is that this is a reaction from the antibiotics. This is why i hate taking meds :(

Needless to say, i'm one heck of a sight to see today lol. I have scaly and dry skin patches (from the tape), swelled cheeks, congestion and now this rash. I normally have flawless skin! :-(

As i don't know what's actually causing this rash, to my fellow travellers that are seeing Dr G in the future- it might be a good idea to have some antihistamine at hand just in case this happens to you as well. I bought Allegra (antihistamine) from CVS (pharmacy) - The aussie version of this is the Telfast 180- it has the same ingredients. I thought the medications would be cheaper in US but ah ah, i was wrong. It's either the same or actually more expensive than OZ. So I recommend you to get all your over the counter meds from Oz before you fly over.

Other than that, the face swelling is a tad better than yesterday but it's still there. My face looks quite fat to me. My nose may have shrunk by a tiny bit today but it's hard to tell as i look at it everyday. The inside of my nose is really hard, crusty and dry. I can't tell if the hard crusty parts are boogas or stitches but if they're boogas, i can't wait to get these little buggers out. It's hard to tell what's what in there, but it's so tender to touch and it's soft/mooshy when i clean it with a Q-tip. Anyway, happy days, i'll report back again tomorrow.

You are awesome :)

I just want to say thank you to the ones that have been such a big support and help to me during my journey/healing process/ugly crisis's. Whoever invented RS is bloody amazing! And you guys are so caring. THANK YOU!.

Some of you suggested some remedies for the face rash so i went and did exactly what you suggested. And i think you are right- it must be the tape as i did some research on antibiotic reactions and most people get rash all over their bodies from the antibiotics but my rash is just on my face. The funny thing is, i have no rash on my nose itself where the tape always sits. Instead, the rash is all over the side and the cheeks. Not on the forehead either. Anyway, the pharmacies here are so confusing. There are just too many options! I went to pick up some Neosporin at CVS (I should just move right in and bring a bed) and there were like 10 different types! So i got the one for the itching which has hydrocortisone as the active ingredient. I also wiped my face with Witch Hazel. I think taking the antihistamine has helped a lot but the bumps on my face are still there.

In terms of my facial swelling, it's gone down by tonnes today. My cheeks are still a bit swollen and the areas around the nose bridge is also swelled so the bridge is still not defined. My tip is still very swelled and still looks wonky (uneven swelling). When i went out today, i took my tape off and it was the first time i went out in public without the tape! I didn't even think about it and truth to be told, i don't really care how it looks at the moment. I'm only at day 7 after all! If Dr G says the tape doesn't make much difference, then i'm not going to wear it. The itchiness is contributing to the number of discomfort i'm already going through.

I got a bit more sleep last night too. Sleeping is becoming easier every night and i've noticed that i wake up later and later every morning. So this is good! I'm going to buy some probiotics today and start on those.

Life after Rhinoplasty

I’m sorry for the very late update. So much has happened since the surgery that i haven't even had any time to update my review lately!

Let me just say, time flies! Especially when there is a lot going on in your life, some days you forget to look at your nose!

So, it’s been 16 days since my surgery and the swelling has subsided a lot since then. I believe all of the facial swelling has disappeared now. The bridge of my nose has started defining as the swelling has subsided around that area so my nose looks a lot smaller now. I'm starting to see more of a scoop on the tip as well and I have most of my smile back. The right side of my nose is more swelled than the left. I don't have obstruction when i breathe and don't feel like there is snot or congestion getting in the way anymore, and the inside of my nostrils are really clean as i use the Hydrogen peroxide and saline to clean it 3 times a day. I have tiny bit of the internal sutures inside the left nostril tip but that is about it.

Because the nose swelling is still present, breathing through my nose still feels unnatural and it feels as though something is getting in the way. It’s very hard to explain. The nostril scars are still present but they're easily covered up with makeup. To date, i haven’t been wearing the tape - to those of you that don’t already know, the rash that i got from the tape was a nightmare for me so i haven’t worn the tape since day 3 of post op.

There is a bone underneath my left eye, near the corner where the tear duct is, that's been really sore to touch. It also affects my vision as it feels like something is in the way of the left eye. But there are no issues on the right side of my face and it's not sore to touch on that side either.

At my post op on day 9, Dr G said that this bone is from refining the bridge as it was pulled in; and that I must have had more bone on the left side of my face than the right, which explains why the right side doesn’t hurt. He said that one of his patients still experiences this at 4 months post op and told me he’s unsure when this will go away for me but it will. Other than that, he said i looked really good for day 9 in comparison to many people. He also said that i’m doing a good job at cleaning my nose and that it’s going to turn out beautifully. I asked him whether he could give me an injection to help with the swelling for when i have to travel many hours on the plane. He said that it was too early on for any injections and that my skin isn’t thick enough to consider it.

I flew home on day 12 and let me tell you, the altitude really got me. I'm really lucky in the sense that i just fall asleep as soon as i get on a plane. BUT, as soon as the plane hit sky high, i could feel my entire face swell up and the bridge of my nose and my eyebrows became really tight. I just tried to ignore it and kept sleeping. When i was awake, I iced my face on and off as well but that’s all i could do. I used Afrin but i didn’t have any congestion. It was just the swelling that felt really uncomfortable. I just couldn't wait to land so that I could ice my face properly at home!

Today was my first day back at work and it was horrendous. Nobody noticed my nose or said anything but i expected that. But i work on a high rise building..I didn’t think this was gong to be an issue but obviously the altitude is an issue for me as it caused swelling again. I started having a panic attack as the feeling of not being able to breathe came back like the day 3 of the post op, all over again. It felt like i was short of breath ( i guess because my nostrils were swelling also??)

I’m actually worried about how the altitude is going to affect me on a daily basis at work. I can’t avoid it due to the logistics of my work... but whenever the bridge of my nose swells and i feel short of breath, i feel really disorientated and I can’t focus. It’s very hard to explain but i feel really distracted by it. I might just be overly anxious right now and i hope this goes away. I really want to get back to work asap and want to feel normal again.

Other than work, I’ve been living a very normal life; Going to restaurants, going shopping, sleeping fine, eating normal again etc etc. The only thing i’m not doing is sleeping on my stomach, drinking alcohol and exercising.. oh and I haven’t had sex. So it’s really going back to work today that took a toll on me.

I’m really wondering when the tightness/stiff feeling of my nose will go away. When i lift up my eyebrows with my facial muscles, my nose is incredibly tight. It's the same when i squint my nose. but even when i'm not moving my nose or face at all, there's a great pressure on the bridge of my nose, like as if somebody is constantly pressing it down. This is very distracting. Only if this sensation would go away i would feel somewhat normal. But this is the only thing that’s bothering me right now plus the issue i’m having with altitude!

Aesthetically speaking- i am liking my nose more and more everyday. I take photos every single day to keep a track of it. I noticed that my nose looks different in real life than in photos. Keeping yourself busy will prevent you from worrying about every single thing. I honestly haven’t had much time to obsess about it and most of the time, i just let it be. At the moment, i would give anything to feel a bit more comfortable with breathing through my nose, without feeling like i’m going to run out of breath. i would also appreciate not having the tight/stiff feeling on my nose. I’m going to start meditating today to help with the breathing and relaxing exercises to prevent the panic attacks happening again.

The recovery Rhinoplasty is a long process and certainly not an easy one. Yes i was very fortunate enough to only have one tiny bruise after the surgery and not have any facial swelling left by day 9. This probably comes down to my health, genes and the way i took care of myself prior to the surgery. But it doesn't make the recovery an easy one. When you look at other rhinoplasty patients, they look great by week 2 which makes you forget that they have long way to go for all the swelling to subside. You don't realise that they have this constant pressure on their nose and have days where their nose swells up a lot and have days where it doesn't swell up at all. This is something you have to prepare for.

If you stay busy and focused on your everyday life, the days fly and you just get on with your life. But one way or another, you'll be reminded that you've had a major surgery to your face and that it's going to be a long way away until you feel 100% normal again.

If i could rewind the time and do it all over again would i do it? Yes i would.
Was it worth the travel, the time, the money, the effort? Yes it was.
Am i happy that I chose Dr Grigoryants as my surgeon? Without a doubt!
Has it been a very uncomfortable recovery? Yes. Definitely.

Loving it!

This is just a quick announcement to share how happy I am with my new nose! I see it changing with positive improvements everyday and the definition is coming along nicely! It's a real trip when I touch my nose as its so little and feminine, whereas it was so long and bulky to touch before. It's obviously still swollen but if it looks this good at day 17 then I am ecstatic to see how it will look in one month! :-) :-)

When did you come out of the cave after your Rhino?

Obviously not much has changed since yesterday but everyday there are slight improvements with the swelling :-)

Today, I don't feel much pressure on the bridge of my nose. But i still feel like the insides of my nose are swollen as there is limited air going in through my nostrils. It may be related to my nostrils being smaller as well. I don't know!

My nose definitely feels more swollen than it looks. The right side of my nose is more swollen than the left. So when i take selfies, the left profile looks much smaller than the right. This is also making the nostril indents? groves? (not sure what they're called) uneven as the left side is more defined than the right one. But I took a front view selfie yesterday and it looked pretty even so i'm happy about that :) I also feel like my nose is much smaller in real life than when i take pictures. I never knew how swelled my nose used to be even up to a week ago. But now, there's a huge difference as i feel like it's quite small now..

I also started smelling something funky in my nose.. i think this must be the post surgical scars that are healing inside the nose- which i assume it couldn't be detected before due to the swelling. Now I can. It's not bad as the present swelling is still preventing the smell coming through entirely. Anyway,
I can't stop taking selfies! I prefer to take them when i'm wearing makeup as i feel better about myself lol.

One of the most mysterious things that i've noticed, is the nostril sutures. I could swear that it all came out on day 4. I couldn't see them after the surgery either so i had to ask Dr G whether he even reduced my nostrils. But today, a little suture came out of the skin on one of my nostril scars?? I have no idea where Dr G hid these (maybe under my skin??) but from get go, I could never see these little suckers.. it's a real mystery!

I still haven't seen people in my life that don't know that I had this done. I'm very scared that somebody is going to notice! A lot of the times, i'm convinced that they won't notice but then as more time passes, my nose is looking smaller and more defined. So i'm afraid that it looks obvious!

So to my fellow Rhino patients- When did you come out of your cave after your op and did anyone notice anything??

1 Month post op!

Wow. It's unbelievable that one month has already passed since my surgery! So here a few observations/changes..

- I am slowly slacking off at sleeping on my back. Some mornings i wake up on my tummy. It's really really naughty of me but i'm starting to relax about these things.

- The constant pressure/throbbing on my nose is slowly going away. I only feel it now and again but it's not constant anymore :-)

- The right side of my nose is still more swelled than the left. It's making my nose look pushed to the right.

- The nostrils scars are obvious when i don't wear make up. When i conceal it with makeup you can still see a bit of it. I hope this goes away soon..

- My nostrils are very clear so there's hardly anything to clean but i still clean it twice a day with Hydrogen Peroxide and Saline.

- I get random pinching, tingling pains in my nose every now and then.

- Whenever my nose swells, it's more noticeable to me in the way that my nose blocks up , rather than the physical swelling in itself.

- Something is making me sneeze a lot lately.

- Now that the bridge is becoming thinner, the tip of my nose looks a little disproportionate from the side profile. The tip is still very hard when i touch it but all the senses in this region are back. The nose bridge from the left profile is much lower than when looking at it from the right profile. Sometimes, it looks a bit too low and in some pictures, i look really really alien like! I've emailed Dr G about this and am waiting for his response.

- I started wearing really light weight sunglasses.

- I still haven't drank any alcohol.

- I haven't started exercising yet- i'm wanting to know to what extreme can i go with exercising..? I've asked Dr G about this as well, as i want to know whether i should only be lifting lightly or what.. i'm really afraid that my nose will bleed! :/

- All in all, my side profiles look pretty good other than the left side where the bridge looks a bit too low and my tip is a bit fat. From the front view, the uneven swelling is definitely obvious.

And other than my work colleagues (nobody noticed) I saw one person in my life that doesn't know i've had this done. And she didn't notice anything! Phew!

Dr G's response

So, I've heard back from my lovely surgeon after sending him my 1 month post op pictures along with some questions. He is always ever so prompt with this replies! He's such an awesome doctor, honestly!

His exact words were, "for 1 month it looks EXCELLENT!"

Then he went onto say that

he doesn't think the bridge was shaved too low,

that if I drink alcohol I may bleed a bit and swell up

that I can start gradual exercises now and

that it's too soon to be discussing indents/grooves.

I'm glad to hear that he thinks my progress is going well. I must admit, the only obvious swelling I can see is from the front view. But from profiles, especially the left, it looks quite small.

So I saw a close friend for the first time yesterday since my surgery. She didn't say or notice anything either! I was really nervous about seeing her but it was all good :) Perhaps people do notice something but they just can't put finger on it so they don't say anything? It amazes me as the difference to me is really obvious!

Today I feel like my nose is a bit stuffy and swollen. I think it's from sleeping on my tummy all night. I can't help myself, it's my favourite sleeping position! So I've decided, from now on I'll try sleeping on my back with my neck pillow every night. For at least another month.


Hey everyone I'm putting 2 pictures up but only for a few hours! So I hope all of you that have requested it get to see it!

My fellow Dr G's patients travelling to L.A from overseas :-)

Oki dokes. So, I stated in my earlier update that i'll put together some important information for you but then got caught up with my busy life! I'm sorry! These are some of the things I needed to know from other travellers prior to my surgery. So here are the important things that hopefully will help you all out :)

Firstly- The Aussie dollar against the USD sucks at the moment. hopefully it won't be the case when you go :)

Secondly- I want to stress how important it is to take care of yourself mentally and physically prior to the surgery. This means, eat well, exercise and cut down bad habits well before your surgery date. Your body is a temple, treat it like one as you're about to undergo a big surgery. I can't speak on behalf of everyone else, but I believe a well planned nutrition and staying healthy contributed to a fairly smooth recovery for me. I didn't bruise and my swelling subsided fairly quickly. I also didn't take heavy pain meds that were prescribed to me so therefore, my head and mind were clear which help me dodge the emotional roller coaster/depression after the surgery. Im not saying that it only comes down to these meds and everyone is different and we all have different pain tolerance, but I believe by not taking these meds had a major contributing factor to me feeling level headed.

Flying out:

I arrived three days prior to my surgery. This gave me plenty of time to settle in, distract myself and buy everything that i needed for the post op! I didn't feel rushed at all and feeling prepared made me feel good and calmed my nerves down.

Prescription medications:

At your pre-op, Dr G is going to give you a prescription for Vicodin and anti nausea meds (can't remember the name)

Vicodin- Due to high level of dependency issues in the U.S , this medication is extremely hard to find there. I had to ring around to about 7 different chemists to find one handn't run out and when i finally some, they were hesitant to tell me that they have them in stock (probably just in case I rob them in the middle of the night with my other co drug dependents lol) This is an opiat based pain medication and as I've mentioned before I've always been against it. But i bought them just in case as i din't know how much pain to expect after the surgery. But in the end, i wasn't even close to needing them and all i took was Tylenol extra strength for the first two or three days. I haven't needed any pain medication since.

Anti nausea tablets are for when you wake up from general anaesthesia as some people feel nauseous from it. This was so bloody expensive! I paid something like $98 USD! I felt so ripped off, especially because i didn't need these either but I only got them as i've never had general anaesthesia before and didn't know what to expect afterwards.

Getting around:

UBER- Use über everyone! (But you will need to catch a normal cab from LAX as UBER's are not allowed in the LAX terminals. ) Uber is such an amazing invention and an economical way to get around L.A! The Cabs in L.A are just as expensive as Australia! I've had some of the most amazing conversations with my UBER drivers in L.A, they were all so friendly and kind. This worked out better than hiring a car as i knew that i wouldn't be going anywhere for the first week after the op. So it would've been a waste. But it depends on how long you stay in L.A as well :) Car hire in L.A's not cheap either.


I used Airbnb to find my studio apartment- my host was so kind and friendly and i got a great deal. But I stayed in Hollywood but i actually don't recommend staying in this area only for a couple of reasons. 1. Being that this is a very touristy area so it's always very crowded and 2. it's quite dirty and a bit sketchy to be walking around at night as an alone woman. BUT, I was there in time for both the Grammy awards as well as the Oscars, which was all happening around the corner from me. so that was exciting :) I'm usually not keen on touristy areas but i only chose this location as it was halfway distance between Dr G's rooms and the hospital where i had my surgery. The areas i would recommend depends on what you plan to do and how long you plan to stay. Here are some of the areas you can consider:

- Glendale- This is a very quiet, clean, residential area. There is a shopping mall (Americana and Glendale Galleria) which has really good shopping. This is obviously handy to travel to and from Dr G's rooms and to the Vertigo hills hospital, if that's where your surgery is.

West Hollywood- I LOVE this area. It's uber cute and a central spot! It's clean, has a new mall (the grove) near by and it's very safe to walk around at night on your own. It's not the cheapest but well worth the money. About 15-20 minutes to Dr G's rooms.

Westwood, Santa Monica and Beverley hills- Really safe, upscale, clean and amazing areas. About 30 to 40 minutes drive to Dr G's rooms though. But there's always traffic on the way there. Great for shopping and great restaurants!

I chose to stay in my own apartment as staying in a hotel and being seen by other hotel guests after the surgery wasn't an option for me. I preferred the privacy of my own place where i could hide away after the op. I highly recommend Airbnb :)


I'm pretty sure i lived at the Wholefood Supermarkets most of the time that i was in L.A. I'm an advocate of this organic supermarket. They have all the groceries, health foods and vitamins that you need, plus, they have fresh breakfast, lunch, smoothies and coffee options- the choices are endless. It is on the expensive side, but for me it was worth eating clean in preparation for the surgery and post surgery. Otherwise, Ralph's is a large chain supermarket - you'll get everything you need there :)

L.A weather:

It's perfect by the day then the temperature just drops at night. You will almost always need a jacket if you're venturing out at night time.


Pharmaceutical cost in LA is about the same as Australia. So to save time and the hassle, if i could have done it again, i would've bought most of the stuff from Aus.
Here are the things that i used religiously during my pre and post op:

- Bromelaine vitamins
- Arnica Montana 12C
- Vitamin C 1000mg
- Good quality neck pillow
- Humidifier
- Q tips and cotton balls
- Lip balm
- Hydrogen peroxide
- Saline water/spray/mist- doesn't matter they're all the same but you need a few bottles as they're only little.
- LOTS of water. I went through about 50 bottles of water due to my mouth drying out. Water is very cheap in the U.S- buy lots!
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Gel eye packs- small and big to alternate the areas of the face.
- Antihistimine - you can buy Telfast 180 from Australia-(face rash from the tape)
- Witch hazel (face rash)
- Neosprin (or you can just buy any rash cream that works)
- Netflix in your room!! - I haven't watched that many movies/tv series in a while
- Chia boxes/baby food in a tube/yoghurt in a tube
- Bendy straws

Flying after the surgery:

I flew home after 12 days. I didn't have any congestion at this stage, however my nose and between my eyebrows swelled up once we were high up in the sky. It was uncomfortable but i was fortunate enough to sleep through most of it. I actually think it's worth staying back for maybe even 3 weeks and making a holiday out of it, if you can afford the time and the money. I had to ice my face on the plane and the cabin crew kept asking me if i was okay. I'm just glad that they didn't try to quarantine me and accuse me of having Ebola or something! Haha lol.

This is all i could think of right now- i'll let you know if there's anything i've missed :)


Take 2. Pics!

Okay ladies. For those of you that missed it I'm putting some pics up again but I'll be pulling them down shortly after.


Sorry everyone I'm having a lot of issues with putting these pics up. First pic is before- left profile.

Second pic- post op 3 weeks - 3/4 left angle.

Third pic- post op 3 weeks-left profil.

Pics & 31 days post review

I've prepared some photos to share with you all. The first collage of 4 pics are before's in all angles, smiling and not smiling. The following pics after that are all after's in different stages in my recovery.

Although i've tried putting the pics up twice, it's failed miserably as some of you didn't get to see it due to the time differences between our countries and what not. So..i've decided to just take the plunge and put up a few more and leave it up here for a little longer this time. It's taken a lot of courage for me to do this guys!! so i hope you all get to see it this time! It's kind of nice to be able to get other people's opinion on my nose since it's been my little secret and I don't get to hear what people actually think about the change.

Going through all my photos today made me realise how F'ed up my front view was after the cast removal! Lol. And how TRUELY ugly my old nose was! I don't miss that thing at all!! I guess time passes SO QUICKLY and you forget what your old nose used to look like.. Well, today was a nice little reminder that 1. I made the BEST decision by fixing my nose and 2. I chose the BEST surgeon to fix it! So i guess this opportunity has allowed me to evaluate my old nose vs new nose concisely which made me EXTREMELY happy and i feel VERY grateful towards Dr Grigoryants :) So if you're thinking about having your surgery with Dr G, I am behind you 100%. Go for it!

Enough blabbing. You'll see some shocking front view pictures from when i had my cast removed and wasn't wearing any tape. As you can see, it used to look like a damn marshmallow! Lol. I can't believe I actually went out in public looking like this now that i think about it!! Haha lol. The reason why i'm putting this picture up, is to show you how different your nose is going to look like within just a couple of days/weeks from the cast removal day. Back then, I honestly couldn't have fathomed my nose to look like the way it does now.

So today is my 31 days post op. I'm noticing the changes with my front view more as time passes. The uneven swelling on the right is evening out and it doesn't look as swelled these days. It used to have this bump causing my nose to look like it's been pushed more towards the right side of my face. Although the unevenness is still there, it's not as bad. I tend to play with it a lot and push it to the left side and in the mornings when i wake up, i massage my nose and press all the blood flow downwards. I don't know if this effective in any regard but mentally, it feels like it's doing something. Lol. The swelling does go up and down depending on how i sleep and what i eat. I've put one front view picture that was taken today.

The alar base areas are softening up as well lately. The entire nose used to feel so hard and stiff that i could't blow my nose as i couldn't grab the whole nose to prepare for the blow. But these areas feel more normal now and i've been blowing my nose in the shower.

I REALLY miss having a drink! I'm not a big drinker at all but on Friday nights like tonight, i realllly wouldn't mind a glass of something! But I won't do it. :-(

I'd love to hear what you guys think of this new nose :)

Some more info

I've been asked by some of you to share what examples I used to show Dr G at my pre op. So I've uploaded one that I used to show Dr G that I got from his website. I did use another example however I didn't retrieve it from his website and therefore felt that I'd be breaching this person's privacy by uploading it on here without her permission. So I've only upload just this one photo which is primarily what I wanted Dr G to see anyway. The rest of the photos are there to just show you some random things from my recovery days in LA :-)
Lots of love xx

5.5 weeks post - distant front view photos

I wasn't going to update my review until 2 months post but today, after taking some distant selfies I discovered that my front view photos makes my nose look unshapely and blob looking..

It's different to when I take a close up shot where the definitions are obvious and you can tell that the swelling has subsided a lot around the bridge area. But from distance, It just looks like this blog. The bridge and the tip don't blend in at all. This big round ball thing (the tip) just sits at the point of my nose! I don't like this at all. Can someone please tell me they experienced the same thing but it eventually blended in??

2 months post op

I'm about 9 weeks post op now, so just over two months since my surgery!

I've started exercising a month ago. I remember the first day, I was quite nervous about going too hard but towards the end, I lost patience and did a full work out anyway. My nose felt blocked for a little while (swelling) but it was nothing major and probably wasn't even noticeable.

I've drunk alcohol. I started off with one beer initially and have slowly been building it up. I'm not a massive drinker so the most i've had in one day was about 4 -5 drinks and my nose didn't gush out in blood or anything dramatic like how i imagined, haha.

I don't see much of a difference since 1 month post op, except that the bridge is looking more defined lately. My tip is still quite scooped and in some photos, the tip looks unnatural as it doesn't blend in with the bridge properly. From the side profile, my bridge is quite low as i have no swelling left at all in that region and you can see where the tip starts as there is a slight bump/step there where it meets the tip. At two months, i thought the tip would have dropped by now so this has concerned me a bit. In some angles i look like miss piggy but in other angles it's not noticeable. I raised this with Dr G and he said that once the tip has softened, it will drop. Well the tip is still very hard to touch still and i can't see this softening up any time soon.

The constant pressure on the nose has disappeared, I don't sneeze all the time anymore, the tingling sensation is more or less completely gone, the nostril scars are 90% gone, I only clean my nose every now and then and I've stopped using the saline spray. I've also slacked off at sleeping on my back and I pretty much sleep on my tummy every single night. I eat anything i want, in fact, i've been over indulging a bit too I'm drinking alcohol also and I go swimming in the ocean quite a bit as I live by the beach :) the ocean water is so good for the nose!

One thing that is evident to me is my lip area. I remember Dr G saying that once the nose is reduced it brings in all the other facial features with it that was protruding out with the nose; such as the lips. I always felt that i had slight tension on the top lip but since the surgery, my lips have been pulled inwards with my nose. I am loving it!

Just another thing i've noticed is that from the bottom angle, i always felt that the nose should be pushed more to the left.. it just doesn't feel aligned perfectly. But then I've always had some asymmetry to my face and when i push my nose to the left a bit, my nostrils then look significantly uneven. So i think maybe this is why Dr G didn't push it to the left too much. Anyway, these are just little imperfections that i pick up on although i try not to focus on it too much.

Anyway, for all of you that are considering Rhinoplasty with Dr G, you have my full support! I highly recommend him! I feel really feminine in the face and NOBODY has noticed any changes to my nose. How awesome is that :) :)

2 months post pics

2 months

Before & After pics

Here they are :)

Here are some more recent pics

More before & after

More before and after's

6 months post op!

Hello everyone! I have reached 6 months since my surgery and here are the latest:

- My nose has softened up a bit. I can wiggle it from side to side and almost smoosh it but the tip is still hard to touch and the cormunella is still very much hard.

- I'm smelling the bacteria scent in my nose much more often now. Especially when i'm snotty or when i flare up my nose lol. It's gross but I think this is a sign of continual healing.

- The ski slope is looking less prominent now. It's not as obvious.

- From the front profile, i feel as though the width is still the same as pre surgery. It looks just as wide as before. And it doesn't help when i take a selfie on my phone where it will distort my face making it look even fatter! So i actually can't tell if what i'm seeing in the mirror is how it is or that it's actually bigger/smaller. Dr G assured me that it will get slimmer in time. I really hope so as this is the only thing that i'm unhappy about at the moment.

- My life resumes as usual. I don't worry about how much salt i'm consuming or how much alcohol i'm drinking. It doesn't make any difference to the size of my nose, although i've gained some weight recently and i think there's been some fat distribution happening in my nose, as i mentioned, from the front it looks as wide as before.

- Dr G said it's looking really really good so i'm pleased.

- I don't think about my nose or look at my nose as much and as obsessively as i used to. Instead, i've started focusing on my other imperfections. Argh.. i can see why plastic surgery can become addictive! But last night, i looked at the pictures of my old nose and boy.. do i love my new nose or what! :)
Here are some pics :)

6 months post

6 months post

1 year post op

It's now near 1 year post op for me so here are some of the latest. Overall I am very happy with my new nose and its DEF an improvement. I was looking at pictures of my old nose and my thought exactly was, "ew". Lol. So far, only two people have asked me if I did something to my nose and that I looked different. the funny thing is, I rarely see them nor am I close to them AND they are both males. Others have said nothing. That blew me away as my close friends hasn't said anything. There are a few things I'm not happy about. First is that I love my left profile view but not so much the right. For some reason it looks piggy from the right angle where it doesn't from the left. The tip is still very hard to touch and it's the only area where it feels there's any swelling left. There is also a tiny bump on the bridge and it's only noticeable in certain photos by not really. I saw Dr G at 10 months post and he told me that there is bit of swelling left there. I just can't understand why there would be swelling only in that tiny spot but none on the rest of the bridge?? I hope he's right. The tip is still feels upturned because all of the swelling has subsided on the bridge. I'm hoping that it will come down a little more. My nose is something I definitely don't obsess about anymore. And have learnt to stop being a perfectionist because I'm not quite sure that a perfect nose could be achieved with surgery. All in all I do not regret doing this one bit and feel much more feminine with my new nose. If Dr G says that nose can take up to 3 years for it to completely show results then i have faith in that it will come close to perfection. Now I get compliments on my nose :) and revision isn't a plan for me no matter the imperfections I described. I'm still very glad that u chose Dr G as my surgeon. No photos will be uploaded for this review. Sorry! The only thing that I wonder about is whether I should've left a little cornunella rather than get rid of it all, which in turn it could have improved

Question. Bump on top of the nose bridge

Just a quick update and a question for those of you that's over one year post. without pictures. Sorry guys!

I'm now 1 year and 3 months post. And I still don't like the right profile vs left profile. I really like my left profile but from my right one somehow I look piggy.

The other thing that bothers me is that I have this bump on top of my nose bridge and from the 3/4 angle the line that runs down from the top of my nose bridge to the bottom isn't straight because of this bump. As my nose becomes more and more defined this bump is becoming more obvious. Dr G said that I'll see results up to 3 years but has anyone else had this and saw any improvement?
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr Grigoryants has always been so fantastic at responding to my many questions from day one. Considering how busy he is, it doesn't cease to amaze me how prompt and polite he is. He allowed me to express my desires and my fears in length and he makes me to feel comfortable to approach him whenever I need to; He doesn't make you feel intimidated like many other doctors do. He is a great surgeon and he's confident in his work. He made room to fit me for my surgery and everything was on time from when I met him for my pre op consultation. All in all, I am very happy that i've chosen him as my surgeon and although it's still early days, I think he did a great job with my nose and so far i'm really happy with it!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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