Less Than Impressed with The Cosmetic Institute. Sydney, AU

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Hi guys I had my BA in May 2014 with Dr Ali at TCI...

Hi guys I had my BA in May 2014 with Dr Ali at TCI. By October they were both completely bottomed out. In for revision surgery with Dr Ali in March 2015. This failed, another try in mid April. So after 3 surgeries and 2 years I still have issues and have finally booked in to have these things fixed once and for all in July with Dr Miroshnik. This whole debarcle will have costed me over $20 000 by the time I am finished and 2 years of my life. Please don't go to TCI. They are all lovely in there but their surgeons are cosmetic surgeons not plastic surgeons. If anyone wants to message me for more info I am happy to chat. I have kept quiet about this but I really think people need to know how wrong this can go. I know I thought it was pretty straight forward but clearly it is not. Go to the best that you can afford, it's your body and you have to look in the mirror and feel happy with your decision everyday. I have 2 kids and I know I chose TCI due to feeling guilty about spending more than that on myself. Believe me you will feel a lot more guilty when you end up spending $20k on a set of Ta tas and your poor mother and husband have spent the last 2 years helping you recover from multiple surgeries that should never have been required. Good luck everyone, I hope you all get the results you are after.
dr Ali

dr Ali was really lovely but unfortunately in above her depth with BAs and subsequent revisions.

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