Strongly advise that you avoid at all costs!!!

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Horrible result. No aftercare from him. Hes useless. Another take your money and run doctor. He sent his nurse to do everything he was supposed to do. After surgery the nurse called me not him. I couldn't even contact him when I desperate needed to. You literally have to go all the way into the office to get any questions answered. Whenever I booked to see him I'd wait for 45 minutes and see him for 5 minutes before he passed me over to the nurse. On top of that, when I wanted questions answered, they had to go from me to her to him to her and back to me-- ridiculous!! He is a joke and he messed me up badly, my nose looks like a clown nose with a ball on the end, a hanging columella, a bump on the bridge and leans to the left where it didn't before. I was pretty before so coming to terms with having paid for an uglier face is incredibly hard and ill definitely be getting revision from an actual EXPERIENCED surgeon. I advise you that if you want something done on your face go to a FACIAL surgeon. Also, go to someone with a gallery of patients where you can see them from all angles. If they don't have more than one angle, RUN!!!-- theres probably a reason they cant/wont show them.

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