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I have my rhinoplasty/septoplasty scheduled for...

I have my rhinoplasty/septoplasty scheduled for next year. Honestly, it has been torture waiting to have the procedure just because of the excitement but I think that booking it so far out (completely my choice) has forced me to think about any refinements I want to make in the choices that the doctor and I already discussed. Booking it so far out has also given me time to let the reality of the procedure really set in before I have it done.

I had my consult with the doctor over a month ago. I felt comfortable with my doctor the moment I met him- he made what was a nervous situation for me very comfortable. I can say that I went into the appointment thinking I knew what I wanted but I can say now that I didn't. By no means did he change my mind or sway me any particular way, what I mean is that as a doctor, he has much better insight into the workings of the procedure than a lay person like myself. He knew how to deal with that since he brought up topics about the procedure that I had forgotten to ask. He actually cared to take all the time possible during my consult to give me information and ask what I wanted from the procedure.

Now about my nose: I have a significantly deviated septum (in my humble opinion), a fair dorsal hump, and slightly drooping tip. There has been nothing in my life to prompt me to have the procedure considering that I have never been teased about my nose. With that said, I am doing this solely for me. I have two benefits that will come of this procedure- improved breathing and a softer appearance that I enjoy.

I think what I look most forward to after having this procedure is being able to smile without my nose drooping significantly downward and feeling what it is like to breathe out of both my nostrils.

A Few Before Photos

I do not have access to my computer with the majority of my before photos but I have a couple that show some of the problem.

More Before Photos

I wanted to update with some more photos. My nose really projects when I smile and also moves crookedly to the left because of the deviation. Anyone else had a similar profile as I do?

How to deal with coworkers

Before I say anything, I want to get out there that I am getting this surgery done completely for me. I am not trying to impress anyone else besides myself. If I did not have that mentality, I sure as hell would not do this because of all the side chat I know will go on at work when I go back.

I work in an environment where when people do things like this (cosmetic procedures, dressing differently), they become the topic of office jokes both behind their back and condescendingly to their face. I know I will be no different once I have my nose done. Although I don't care what they all think of my nose (my reasons for doing it are my business in my opinion), it is also uncomfortable and distracting to deal with people who might try to make the change less positive. I don't want to have to explain anything- that I did it for my health and that I also did it because I wanted to improve my appearance.

Phew, okay, now that I have that off my chest, what have some of you done to deal with going back to work? What were some experiences you had both positive and negative? I want to be mentally prepared for the unnecessary beat-down I might get.

Pre-op Appointment

I had my pre-op appointment a few days ago. It was very straight forward and went smoothly. I met the nurses and doctors that will be there the day of my surgery. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and more than willing and answer questions.

What I like about Dr.Most is how practical, concise, and realistic he is. He made no false promises and was very clear about what I should expect for my outcome. He expressed that removing the dorsal hump on my nose was not going to be an issue. However, he did say that straightening my septum will be a challenge since it is fairly bent into a c shape (not sure how well you can see that in the photo I provided). Of course, he promised his best and I am sure he will not disappoint.

With all of the time I have had to do research before my surgery, I really only had one main question for him and that was regarding "nostril show" after surgery. I REALLY do not want to have my nostrils show from the front any more than they do now. He addressed my concerns and made me feel confident that any show increase from the front would be minimal, but may occur slightly. I can appreciate that he was completely realistic about it.

I am beyond excited to have the surgery done. I have 100% confidence in my doctor having seen his previous work and having talked to him. I really think he was the best choice. I can't wait to show you all my after photos in February!


Only a few more days to go and I am obsessing over my septorhinoplasty. Here is a cropped version of the before/after simulations the doctor sent me. They tell a better story in the context of my whole face rather than the cropped version though.

Day of Surgery

It has been a few hours after surgery and I can say that I am already highly impressed with the entire team at Stanford. Not only is every single person friendly and understanding in the whole process, they are knowledgeable and organized.

I was feeling good from the moment I woke up. Actually, if it wasn't for the bleeding (which is normal), I feel like I could be up and on a hike if you can believe that. I was so surprised when I woke up and I was breathing through my nose. As suggested by the doctor previously, he seldom needs to pack the nose and thank goodness for this comfort!

I can already tell from the view beneath my nose that my deviation is fixed. Very excited and very positive right now.

6 Day Update

It has been an experience to say the least the past few days. I didn't sleep at all the first two nights and luckily got in some naps the following two days. Last night was the first night I slept for 4 hours straight which was great. It wasn't because of pain, it was just overall discomfort. I should mention I used ZZZQuil to help me sleep (I did not take pain killers with it).

Each day, the swelling that was at my eyes the second day has moved down. Now it has moved down to my cheeks and jaw and is just sitting there. I really hope the swelling in my cheeks goes down soon because it has been sitting there for 3 days now and it's a funny sight. Anyone else have a similar thing happen with the swelling?

Other than that, the bruising around my eyes has gone yellow at this point and is moving along.

I get the stents out of my nose tomorrow (to keep it straight since I had septoplasty too). I am not sure how painful that will be but I have not been able to breathe from my nose for 6 days. Not because of packing, but because of the stents and swelling from the septoplasty portion.

Excited for tomorrow so I can post pictures :)
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