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As I enter my last day of accutane treatment I...

As I enter my last day of accutane treatment I realize it has truly been a journey. This time last year I was dealing with one of the worst bumps I had ever had. I had terrible cystic acne on my face and would never know when the next bump was going to come. This lasted through college and finally I decided to take accutane entering the workforce (21.) It's been the best decision ever.

About me: Male, African American, 22, treatment: 5 months

Expect to be very dry for 2 -3 months. I used carmex most of the time and it worked great for chapped lips. The other part of the time I used burts bees and that didnt help the dryness.

You will peel a lot and people will wonder why you are so dry ( a lot better than them wondering what the huge bump on your face is) For this I used cerave sun cream (morning and night.)
At 4 months my face wasn't nearly as dry and my lips didnt need as much carmex.

I wasn't good at staying out of the sun. I wore hats when I went outside for a while then my face got discolored so I stopped wearing hats and the color evened out. My face was a lot lighter where the brim of the hat was. I took it during summer and would definitely recommend taking it in the winter.

I didnt drink much the first couple months. Mind you, it was my last couple months of senior year of college. People were drinking...a lot. But I would never not take this medication because I couldn't drink. Then the last month I began drinking more, got drunk a few times. Head hurt the next day pretty bad but didnt last long. Still not sure the side effects of drinking but not worth the risk the first few months when your body is getting used to the drug.

My family has a history of depression and I wasn't depressed at any point during the treatment. Treatment took 5 months.

If you are getting cystic acne and are hoping for the day they will just disappear....they won't. They will keep appearing in locations you didn't even know. Take this drug now. Believe me, I scoured the blogs and reviews for weeks before taking it. Its a big decision but when you get to 4 months in it's great. The last two months are like coasting.

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