Juviderm is Ruining Lives 2 Years Later - Southampton, NY

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26 months ago, I had Juviderm injections under my...

26 months ago, I had Juviderm injections under my eyes, & in my lips, to try & even out some bumps & symmetry which had been lost over time as a result of fat injections, ( another "myth; I had my lips done via fat in 1990, & it NEVER dissolved, just got bumpy.) All was ok for a while, but over 2 years later, both results suddenly began to change & move around for the worse.
The "volume" which WAS, in my lips, has now moved WELL over the lipline, on both the top & bottom lip, giving me platypus effect, esp the upper. My eyes suddenly developed HUGE kidney shaped FESTOONS, underneath, which appeared to move around if pushed. One knows, when a substance in one's face is foreign. ONE injection round of Vitrase fixed the eye bags within 24 hours, a problem with which I'd been living with for weeks, wanting to die every morning.
Now, my lips have followed, one month later, looking like someone punched me in the upper lip, & I will have to find another doctor, because the original DR refuses to believe this is from his injections.
Something's happening to many of us, 24+ months after injections of Juviderm, which these doctors are in complete denial about. Women are being admitted for depression, for ruining their faces, because this problem is not being dealt with. My doctor refused to even LOOK at this site, and all the misery people are sharing, two years after injections, There is not enough known about the long term affects of this filler, and what they THINK they know, is very flawed.

Pictures of Juviderm "Bulges" under eyes, lips, smile lines

I have still not found a doctor to try and fix my lips.

7 weeks after small amount of Vitrase Under Eyes

Now, about 7 weeks AFTER one very minute amount of dissolver was injected under eyes, may not look it, but great improvement. Transformation was immediate. I have a lipodystrophic very thin face, so every "bump" shows up. WE, are the ones who WANT filler in the first place, because of this very fact. My eyes "hollowed" again, bags beneath shrank a bit immediately, though they are still VERY much there, but but more residually, more from the skin that was stretched. I no longer can actually "feel" a substance moving around under my eyes. As you can see, the lips remain a disaster, lumping unevenly on top, & a deflated lower, hanging like a ducklip.

2 hours after HA dissolver

My original DR Kelly has come through after all for me, & I had the first Vitrase injections in my lips today. I don't see too much difference yet, but the pressure & tightness from the edema, esp over the upper lip, feels a tiny bit less. The bottom lip seems to be "flattening" somewhat.

Lips 1 week after first Vitrase

It is huge, the difference. DR Kelly treated the lips themselves, but these next injections need to be above & below the lips, where it is obvious the Juvenile swell is still going on But the difference is absolute

After 2nd Vitrase Dissolver to Lips

As if someone pricked a balloon, I'm showing my lips before and after 2 rounds of Vitrase dissolver.

Fillers Juviderm & Fat ruined my lips forever

I've had 2 rounds of Vitrase in the lips. Now, the top is excessively bigger than the bottom, chronically giving me an upsidown smile-frown. I hope to god some more Vitrase in the top will do SOMETHING to improve this...The lumps, I am forever stuck with, for they are from an old fat injection. However, the swelling of the breaking down Juviderm, "pushed" these lumps lower on my top lip, covering my teeth, looking awful, and from some angles, hideous.
Hamptons Facial Plastic Surgeon

Though at first Disbelief it was Juviderm, has come to see in my undeniable results with Vitrase, AND, the useful posts on this site,that something's definitely yet unknown here, and is he is eager & willing to help me get through this experience, which in my experience is rare and lucky in a cosmetic doctor.

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