What Happened to my Jawline & Profile?! Seattle, WA

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About 10 years ago, I noticed my jawline & profile...

About 10 years ago, I noticed my jawline & profile was changing and I was astounded! To make matters worse, I have an excessive amount of fat under my jawline now too. Throughout the last several years, I have considered neck lipo, so when i had the opportunity to try this new cutting edge treatment (Kybella) I was very excited!
The treatment was not too painful and it only took about 15-20 minutes to do it--it was a piece of cake. The post procedure pain was more significant than I expected, and the feeling was very annoying as well. The next day the swelling (along with tenderness & firmness) started and this is when the real 'downtime' occured. Despite the significant swelling, I was able to work the next day; however, others may not be able to depending on their job. I hoped and prayed the swelling would go down quickly, but it did not. It is now day 12 and I am finally returning to my pre-Kybella neck.
I have high hopes that my neck will continue to shrink and tighten in the next few weeks and that I will soon be able to say, "It was worth it".

I am happy to answer any questions about this procedure!

VIDEO from the day after Kybella treatment #1

Day after Kybella Video
Day after Kybella video (continued)
Here is the VIDEO from the day after Kybella treatment #1

Video from Day 4 after Kybella treatment

Day 4 after Kybella
As you can see, anyone could easily work, or be out in public on Day 4 after Kybella. I just wouldn't recommend entering a beauty contest, or being in a wedding, or going to a reunion, or family photos--but looks okay, a little swollen, a little sore, but not-unsightly!

3 weeks post Kybella treatment # 1

3 weeks post Kybella treatment # 1
Finally back to normal! I might have been back to normal baseline at the 2 week mark. Still slightly tender to touch and feels a little bit numb. Other than that, I am all good to go and ready for the improvement to start!

Almost 2 month post Kybella treatment #1

Almost 2 month post Kybella treatment #1
Things are looking better! in a couple of days I will have treatment#2 done. I am excited for more improvement, but not looking forward to the post procedure pain and swelling. I am very happy that I know what to expect and I know it won't be worst than the first treatment! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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