Breast Revision and Lift: Love my Results!

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Why I did it: I had a breast augmentation in 2004...

Why I did it: I had a breast augmentation in 2004 when I was 18. I specifically remember asking the doctor to make me a small C but I believe the doctor took it upon himself to make me larger (I recently saw my post-op sheet from the first doctor and he had put in 395 cc round implants, filling one breast to 410 cc and the other to 400 cc) and after gaining some weight my bra size was a DD. Besides a sore back from the weight of my implants, I also had a large amount of sagging. So by the time I was 21, I was very unhappy with having to wear a padded bra to hold up my breasts and my body being out of proportion.

Finally, at the age of 23, I decided it was time to downsize. I started my search on the internet which lead me to I knew that I needed to do thorough research in order to end up with the result that I wanted.

I initially had scheduled consultations with six plastic surgeons (I wanted to be sure because the first time around I went with my doctor without seeing anyone else). My doctor was the second doctor that I met with, but he made me feel so comfortable and we seemed to be on the same page as far as expectations and results, that I booked my surgery with him for one month later on Friday, November 13, 2009 (oooh, spooky!). We decided that in order for me to achieve the results I wanted, it was best for me to have a full lift as well as an implant removal and exchange. We decided to go significantly smaller, using 300 cc round implants with one breast filled to 330 cc and the other 310 cc.

The procedure was performed at the surgeon's office, in an accredited surgical site, so no hospitals! (Yay!) I went under general anesthesia and I remember nothing at all (I went under local the first time around and I can remember screaming from the pain during surgery.)

I was given medication for pain, nausea, and sleep plus antibiotics. I stopped taking the pain medication 2 days after surgery and I never touched the ones for nausea or sleep. I think my stomach hurt more than my breasts because I wasn't able to use my arms for much of anything. Great abdominal work out!

I am now almost two weeks out of my surgery and the results are amazing. I've been to see my doctor twice since the surgery and I have another post-op appointment scheduled in four weeks. I can't say enough good things about my doctor. Like I mentioned above, he's very in tune to what his patients want and he's just the person to give it to them. I'd recommend him to anyone, hands down, no questions asked. I'm very happy!

- more in proportion with the rest of my body
- can go braless
- less pain in my back
- more comfortable with my body
- much smaller nipples (YAY!)
- I found a fantastic doctor that I can get in touch with easily and if ever I want another procedure done, I know just who to see

- coming out of general anesthesia
- I remember telling my mom that it felt like I was too drunk (I hate that feeling!)

 More information about my implants: As...

 More information about my implants:

As stated above, I had 400 cc saline implants above the muscle and I went down to 300 cc smooth, round, moderate plus profile saline implants and the same pocket was used, so they are still above the muscle.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Dr. is very attentive. He makes his patients feel comfortable and well taken care of. He even called me the day after my surgery from his personal cell phone to see how I was doing and to let me know that he could be reached at any time if I had any questions.

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