Silicone Removal from Lips and Re-shape - Santa Monica, CA

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I had silicone 5000 injected using the micro...

I had silicone 5000 injected using the micro droplet technique 7-8 years ago. At first they looked great, but over time lumps and bumps began to form. The top left lip was an area of concern where it was larger and hung down. On the right side there was a divot. I used fillers to even then out which was costly and temporary. I decided to look for a long term solution and found Dr.Raffy who says he specializes in silicone. The doctor said I was a good candidate. Several months after the consultation I decided to go through with it. I'm currently at day 9 and there is a still a great deal of asymmetry on the top lip. The stitches are still in place. I'm trying to be patient to see final results. As it stands, my bottom lip looks ok, however the top is deformed. I will continue to post updates.

My initial perception was positive because he is experienced with silicone and I thought he would be a good fit. I traveled out of state for this reason. I booked a month ahead, took time off work, and started to prepare. I had questions about pre and post op care and called the office and emailed the doctor. No instructions or packet were given to me. No one responded until 1 day before the procedure. It was a nurse calling between surgeries who was clearly rushed and brief. On the day of the procedure I received a message that an anesthesiologist was on site and I need to call back to let them know if I wanted to go under. It cost $600 extra. The doctor previously recommended local anesthesia and I was confused why it was being changed at the last minute. I am glad I went through with it though because 1.5 hour of watching people work on your face didn't seem pleasant. When I got there the doctor told me I might need more than one surgery to fix my lip. While I appreciate the honesty it would have been better to hear that at the consult rather than right before going into surgery. I understand its permanently in the lips, however I hadn't planned on multiple surgeries. I started feeling uncertain and nervous. I went through with it anyway because I thought I was in good hands. Overall, pre and post weren't smooth because I was not well informed in advance and felt rushed. When I went to checkup the day after and 8 days post I was assured I'm doing great and not to worry. Currently, it's day 9 the stitches are still in, still swollen, and still asymmetrical. The dr says 10 days are required for recovery. I'm trying to be patient. I will save star rating until the healing is complete.

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