Facial Fat Transfer #2 ... I Look More Like my Realself Now! Thank You! - San Diego, CA

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I wanted to try the fat transfer again , and...

I wanted to try the fat transfer again , and this time, I made sure I went to a Dr who is ethical, caring, and experienced. I was afraid he was going to put me under general like my first Dr. but Dr. Hilinski said he could do it under local and so off I went to see what he could do to repair my poor botched face. My Dr. was professional all the way, it did not hurt to much and I knew I was in good hands.  I went home after thanking my Dr. for being so sweet, he was very gentle and he asked me to let him know if it hurt too much when he was suctioning the fat from my body, i am a strong person, but honestly, it did not hurt that much , i was scared but i trusted this doctor, and i thought it was too cute how they listened to music during the surgery, and i was treated with respect, and my dr was very professional, i just felt like crying from the thought that even do there are many evil doctors out there, there are still many good doctors, and i had found one :)

After my surgery there were moments I was scared that my face was going to look bloated but i did not panic. I took it easy and i kept praying that my 3 year nightmare was coming to an end.

I did look scary at first. but that is normal, so I just avoided the mirror for a few days, i was very optimistic and i knew my Dr. was a good man, and he had done his best to do a good job,

I kept putting ice to my face, and this is very important if you want the fat to last. I looked good one day but then the next I would look horrible, which was no reason to panic, because it takes a while for  your face to heal. I waited it out and I was very hopeful that my beautiful face would find a way to heal itself, it just needed a bit of help from Dr , and fat too repair itself and I am very impressed with the results. My Dr. fixed most of my face, and it was not easy, (I am still going to go back for more procedures in order to fix the areas that need precise treating of such as  my upper mouth /saggy lip area and n/l folds,  as well as my lower eyelids. my cheek area looks very beautiful and I love the way I look more like my real age now,  It might take a few more procedures to completely restore my face , but I do not doubt that Dr. can restore my face, and this makes me very very hopeful!  I had great results with this Dr. and this was my second fat transfer , and this time i had great results, having gone to the right Dr.

My only regret is  that I was unable to get this done sooner,  because I lost 3 years of my youthful years being botched and this Dr. is truly heroic :)

I sent him some pictures and he emailed me back and the next step is going to be to fix the whole area around my mouth, and hopefully he can fix my lips, i hate how the upper lift was turned inside out (i dont know what my previous dr did to my lips/mouth area, and i hope this new dr can fix the sagginess from where my last dr was too aggrrssive with my skin and God knows why my upper lip is turned almost outwards but i am happy with the fat transfer this time,

People are spreading false information about fat grafts to scare you, or for trollish reasons, it's sad.

I have been so happy with myself that i have not wanted to visit this site since i really have no reason to besides to leave this review and give credit to a job well done by an excellent surgeon. He did not focus on my mouth area but that is next.. I knew that fixing my face was not going to be an easy job, but now that the majority has been repaired, i can focus on the other areas , and it makes me feel wonderful knowing that i can message my dr and that he does a good job and that he is so sweet and i can't say enough about how happy i am with everything.

I love the way i look and he has given me hope and that means so much to me. Thank you! :)Updated on 22 Dec 2011:Dr. Hilinski was great, he did a great job, as for the fat transfer, I see what people mean when they say it does not last, and i think the way to have the best results is to make sure you slim down to as much as possible, if you plan on having lipo on your body, do it before or with the fat transfer that way you won't lose the fat in your face as you slim down your weight.

Right now, if i were to compare the fat transfer with the filler, i am still unsure as to which procedure i liked best, i still have to go back for another round, so I am still hopeful, i will update as soon as possible, thanks :)

Okay here is the thing... Month 5 ... I noticed...

Okay here is the thing... Month 5 ...

I noticed thaf the fat seems to come back when i maintain my. Weight and when i am dieting it goes down... So i realize that if you want the fat to last, it is important, very important to be at a comfortable weight before getting the procedure done, unless ypu plan on havinf your stomach fat lipoed...

I also realized i was wrong.. This dr did inject fat into my lower eyelids, i barely touched my lower lids softly to feel if there was fat there and there was.. So .... My mistake...

The problems i was having was when i would diet And not eat that much the fat did not like that and i am pleantly surprised at how the fat hAs almost regenerated after a goods nights sleep and a healthy meal. I AM SUPER happy! I was not giving enough crefit to my dr but i can clearly see now that my whole face has dramatically improved... So much that i was being too picky... I tell myself... Relax, you are almost there... It takes time, and this is one treatment, but i am so impressee by this dr's skill that it isn't hard to ask for perfection. And this dr is right there... Considering how botched my face has been, this fat transfer has been a miracle and i always knew that it is a great procedure, a true fountain of youth ladies.. I can't say enough about how important it is ti find an ethical doctor that actually cares about his patients and one that is proud of what he does, and who treats everyone with the same caliber of respect.

I love my realself because this is the old me.. The beautiful me that was hiding underneath that botched mask that i was forced to wear for almost 3 years :(

Btw he took fat from my hip area since that fat is hard for me to lose and my cheeks are healthy, bright pink (i blush a lot). And my whole face looks so pretty!

I am a very lucky person, and he has given me hope!

10 stars!

Ok i had my second corrective fat transfer and i...

Ok i had my second corrective fat transfer and i regret not having had the fat from my flanks instead, this time the fat did not last long and it was taken from my belly button, my lowe half of my face is still disfigured but i am hoping to have 1 more f/t to fill out my lower face and raddiesse into my jaw area :/ I am hoping for thebest¬°
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

I knew i was right all along, and all i needed was to find a good, trustworthy doctor and voila! My expectations were reasonable all along ¬° I also expected much from this doctor, and he lived up to my expectations thank you so much! I would post my pics but I am dealing with issues with being impersonated so sorry! I will be giving my pictures to Dr. Hilinski so if you want to see my results he can show them to you during your consult, :)

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