2nd BA ( bilateral revision & capsulorrhaphy). Finally Happy – San Diego, CA

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Post op !!! :) .. I'm literally driving home from...

Post op !!! :) .. I'm literally driving home from my operation with Dr.Pousti... I needed major pocket work after my first BA 2 years ago... My implants were horrible, they would move around so much like I had a ziplock bag hanging around in there..
Anyways let's go back a little bit to pre op.. I did extensive research about this magical man with hands made to fix people, my consultation was awesome, staff was so friendly, other patients who I spoke to were friendly and all seemed so happy with dr.pousti, I was convinced he was the best before I even got there .. And when I met him he was everything I read and more. He's warm , understanding , and give you real hope.. He doesn't try to sell you on a dream.. just figures out what you want and realistically let's you know what's possible for your body.

The best was the mutual understanding I had with my doctor , I felt dr.pousti really listened to me to make sure we were on the same exact page about what I wanted .. He calmed me down the morning of and just made me feel relaxed.. I trusted him.

I'm so excited to see his work of art as my healing goes on :) I'll keep everyone posted and will be posting pics updating anyone who's interested with my story

Implant revision &exchange to silicone
Bilateral capsulorrhaphy
-650 ccs

Day 2...

Stray above the pain and baby yourself ... A percoset every 4 hours really keeps the pain bearable ...
I must say the second time around isn't as painful as the first... I was in better physical shape pre op this time and I think that had a huge effect on this post op being so much easier so far...

BY THE WAY DR.POUSTI not not my original surgeon .. He just worked his magic and fixed it...

Swollen and happy

Day 4

Yesterday I went for my 3 day post op (Friday) I was in a lot of pain driving there (i drive from 2-1/2 hours away without traffic) but as soon as I got the the office dr.pousti and his staff were so comforting to me.. He looked at me and said how they look great..& I looked down and smiled because he's right.. They look amazing.. I left and had a rough night pain wise because I didn't have much of an appetite so I didn't wanna take meds and be sick.. I woke up to a call from dr.pousti himself to check on me.. And make sure I was feeling better from the day before.. And reminded me to eat and relax..

Besides some itching I'm feeling better today.. It's easy to feel defeated during healing and him and his office go above and beyond to help make it easier.. A phone call goes a long way... And everyone enjoys feeling special and not forgotten.

Some pre / post op

I attached my before pictures
at the top from my first who butchered me for fun... He put
550 HP saline impants

And my post op pictures right after surgery ...
With DR.pousti
650 MP silicone

-I'm so happy ..

He did bilateral capsulorhahpy on both breasts.. And implant exchange to silicone because I had horrible ripples from the salines before. I didn't want a lift at this time because my nipple position wasn't that important to me, I just want boobs that don't fall into my armpits and all over my chest ..

By the way... The office keeps calling to check in on me everyday .. The girls are so sweet and helpful :)


Tomorrow is 2 weeks post op

I'm still sore and tend to get a little cranky from my inability to do almost everything.. Lol I keep trying to remind myself patience :)
I went to get a massage and facial yesterday.. Couldn't get the full massage but the lady propped me up laying on my back and did what she could without moving my arms... I felt so much better in my back today from that. And the facial helped my face feel clean. It's difficult not being able to shower like I use to... I'm over Sitting in the bath and having my boyfriend wash my hair in the sink lol...

Other than that ... the office has been great the girls call and check in with me to see how I'm doing all the time.. I feel so cared for by them!!! Daisys always so sweet in the morning :)

I'm excited to take this bra off at my post op visit on may 6th .. Until then tying to keep my arms at my side , feels best sleeping at a slight upward angle .. And I've always been a side sleeper ..

Day 18

I finally took my bra off to wash it and I'm in boobie heaven... I'm so happy...I still have the bolster under my boobs to help keep them in place while my internal sutures fully heal .. (Minimum 4 weeks per dr.Pousti) Still have about a week and a half of that ... It's starting to smell very ripe around there lol .. But the extra support under there makes me feel so reassured.. Today was the first day I really feel I'm getting back to normal.. I'm taking it easy but noticing I'm asking for less assistance with things... But still remind myself not to lift anything.. I never want to go through this again so I'm babying everything... Also soooo happy my dr went with moderate profile for me because I had a decent amount of breast tissue.. I use to have HP saline and they projected ridiculously far from my chest when I would wear a bra ...

1 month and nothing but smiles

So I just left my 1 month post op appointment, it felt so good taking the bolsters off .. Daisys the best , she was helping me clean up some of the tape residue and sharpie from the surgery.. As soon as the bolster came off it was my first time seeing them, I wanted to cry I'm so happy.. It feels weird not having my implants drop into my sides when a bra comes off.. They look amazing, I don't even know how dr.pousti fixed them way beyond what I was expecting ... I feel beautiful again.. I couldn't stop smiling .. I'm still gonna baby everything.. I take pillows in the car, I still am not driving, I'm a side sleeper and I'm still sleeping perked up on my back so my arms stay at my side.. I know how important fully healing is, if I want lasting results. I don't pick up anything over 2-3 lbs, I just started feeling like I can move my arms more normal, but still very careful when I reach for anything.. Atleast I can put my hair in a high bun on top of my head now lol..
Anyways.. I got approved for showers as long as I put water proof band aids over my incisions so the tape doesn't get wet. I really love how the post op care instructions were so different form other doctors (per online reading) for my procedure, I feel dr.pousti has extensive post op care to make sure your results are nothing less than the best. I really think the bolster is what made my breasts look so perfect.. It holds them and supports them right where it needs it. I keep hearing him tell me they're still gonna look better and I'm already so beyond happy.. Finally feel "fixed" :)


I decided not to get a lift, my nipple position was never too much of a concern for me.. I know I'll need one later .. But I'm so happy, the shape and position are perfect.. I love all my cleavage.. I love them.. Still tender, no rush to rub wash off the sharpie.. Luckily my hubby doesn't mind LOL
Off to do some massages ...


Side by side .. So u can see the magic he worked on me!!!!


Starting to get some sensation back into the girls.. Doesn't feel as numb anymore .. My steri strips are still on I'm not even that curios to see my scars anymore I know I'm gonna be stuck with whatever's under there anyways so I'm trying to leave them on as long as possible to hold my scar tight.. I still have discomfort in both breasts.. Which is normal.. I'm 100 percent uncomfortable without a bra feels like I need to hold them up.. Maybe it's my paranoia of them dropping again.. I shower with a sports bra.. And still wearing my surgical bra 85 percent of the time (just a regular sports bra other than that ) feels like the more I have the supported the better .. I'm posting a few pics.. I still have some marker .. On the sides it's not bruising.. And since no one really sees there I haven't been in a rush to try and scrub it off... Until the next update :-)


So as my last post said I wasn't in a hurry to take off my steri strips well I ended up showering and soaking them in hydrogen peroxide yesterday ... Here's the pics :-) .. dr Pousti tried to fix my uneven scars from prior BA .. Gonna put on scar away strips today to keep it tight


Loving them more and more everyday .. They're getting softer and feel more natural everyday... I went to Vegas this last weekend and got so many compliments on my "amazing boobies" ... Still feels weird when I try to sleep on my side but I'm adjusting lol


I was looking at pictures from last summer (pre revision) when I had my old saline 550 HP implants... I can't believe how messed up my pockets and implants were .. I put a few pictures together ..

Makes me love my new boobs even more.. I'm also gonna post a pic from the pool tanning yesterday.. I love how my implants don't fall into my sides anymore.. I can't believe looking back at pictures..

I keep massing them and they seem to be getting softer by the day.. :-)

Few more pics

9 weeks post op..

73 days post :-)

I went for my 2 month check up last week, everything was good.. Just gotta keep massaging. I addressed the need for a lift, dr pousti said he'll see me in a few years and lift whenever I want too.. Just keep them in good support for the first 6 months.. Which I do now because when they aren't super supported I feel like they're gonna drop to my belly button lol.. Rather be safe than sorry.. I still sleep with my surgical bra.. I normally just put it on over whatever sports bra I was wearing.. I'm a wild sleeper so I don't wanna sleep on them and possibly push them out or strech out the pocket... Other than that everything's good.. I've started hiking again, yay ! And they feel so soft I can barley feel the implant .. It's crazy how natural the silicone feel compared to my old saline impants ... Here's a pic I took last night .... The tan line show I've been enjoying them ;-)

Dr.pousti is the best , he makes you feel comfortable.. He listens and works with you to achieve what you want .. In the most realistic way for your body .. He's kind, caring and compassionate.. He goes above and beyond for his patients .. he takes pride in his work, he's honest and loves what he does.

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