My 30yr Silicone Implants Leaking, Want Removal, Implants, Lift& Tummy Tuck - San Diego, CA

I have seen my ps and am all set up to get the old...

I have seen my ps and am all set up to get the old leakers removed, new ones and a lift, also a tummy tuck. I am 60 yrs young with ugly scars on my stomach from a few previous operations not to mention the sagging skin, I have always wanted a nice flat stomach, and though I weigh 123 lbs, it has always stuck out. I would love to hear from anyone who has gone through these 2 procedures at the same time. I'm scared about pain and how long I will be laid up. I love my ps and several years ago he did some neck scar revisions, he is an artist. Name is Steve Laverson MD in San Diego.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I haven't done this breast and tummy tuck yet, but am scheduled for nov 22, I'm having the work done from an excellent Dr that I already had work done years ago from him. He has moved farther away than I would like but worth it. I would recommend him from small procedures to big ones. The man is an artist and I trust him, Dr Steve Laverson, SAN Diego,ca

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