Breast Implant Replacement, Capsulectomy and Lift

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I am scheduled for surgery next month and excited...

I am scheduled for surgery next month and excited to have 30 year old implants removed. I'm undecided about having the implants replaced. I do not want large breasts like I have now (36G) but worry that I will not be happy with just a lift. I had two consultations and the first Dr said "You have plenty of breast tissue to have a D cup after implants are removed. The second Dr thinks I will have a better result with smaller implants although he said this based on my description of the ideal size for me. I'm nervous... Implants or no implants? I do not want to take them out and then go back and have implants put in later. I'm 5'7 160 and hope to lose another 20 pounds. I have been working out since January and I'm feeling great! Losing these giant boobs will be such a relief.

Retiring my boobs

Here is a before picture

Pre op EKG is abnormal!

I went to my primary physician to get a medical release form but my EKG is abnormal so now I have to get an echocardiogram next week. Should I be worried? It took me so long to make the decision to have this surgery and I will be so upset if I am not cleared. How could this be? I feel great! I will not get the results or clearance until one week prior to my surgery date so I am really concerned.

Echocardiogram today

I'm having the echocardiogram this afternoon. I can't wait to get this off my mind and be cleared for my surgery. Sleep evades me right now as I think about the surgery, outcome, recovery etc.. I'm a personal chef with one week off so I'm quite worried that I won't be strong enough to work. I also worry that my fitness level will take a hit. When you are sixty you have to work really hard to stay in shape ( even with help of a PS) I lost twenty pounds this year and finally see some muscle tone again. I'm feeling so healthy and when I get these oversized boobs replaced I hope to feel even better! Wish me luck today that all is well with my old ticker!
I'm adding two more before photos .

I think I may have posted to the wrong

I think I may have posted to the wrong area in my first attempt at writing a review. There are so many wonderful stories and support on this site for whatever your goal is. At first all I could find we're stories of first augmentation or implant removal with no replacement. All of these women offer wonderful insight and support for each procedure. Everyone has such different visions of what they want as far as size, shape etc... Or just going back to natural. This is a decision I have struggled with for many years now. I had my first implant in 1985. After nursing five children my little 34 B girls were in sad shape. I went big... At least I thought they were big. I'm not sure how cc's were implanted. I was so excited and inexperienced I just went with whatever the PS thought. For 10 years or more they were great 36 D and I really enjoyed them. I was active. 5'7" 125lbs. My weight stayed in a 10 pound range until I hit the big 50. Since then my weight went up to as high as 177. You can imagine how frumpy big boobs are if you are overweight and 60. Last january I was tired of being depressed and tired all of the time so I started working out with a trainer and I'm now at 155. I'm feeling fit but struggling with weight on my chest and heavy sagging boobs. To top it off I need a capsulectomy on my left breast. It has been that way for years. I have always been afraid of scarring to get a lift. At first, I decided to just explant and let nature take its course. Then I thought well maybe a lift. Scars are better then what I'm dealing with now. Big ugly frumpy boobs. Fast forward after two consults and finding a doctor I am comfortable with I'm scheduled for surgery August 5 for a vertical mastopexy lift, explantation, capsulectomy and new smaller implants behind the muscle. I wear a 34G now and would like to be a full 34C or 34D. I think if I go smaller maybe they will hold up longer. I can't imagine surgery again when I'm 70 but hey who knows! My pre-op appointment is next Tues. I did have an abnormal EKG and an echocardiogram as a follow up yesterday. I hoped to be cleared by my primary by Monday. Fingers crossed. I want to thank all of the beautiful women on this site for sharing there stories and recovery etc.. This is a very emotional choice we all make for ourselves. I would never have imagined I could be so obsessed with boobs. I think I have looked at hundreds of before and after pictures and read countless stories. Some happy ...some sad. I'm lucky to have a very supportive husband. He has wanted me to have my implants replaced for years as he worried about rupture and my health. So I'm ready and here to share my journey

Pre-op appointment tomorrow

I'm cleared for surgery! Echocardiogram came back ok. Tomorrow I will go in with my latest list of questions and pictures of wish boobs. Right now my biggest concern aside from waking up (lol) is that my pockets will be too big for smaller implants. That is not an issue that we discussed when I had my consultation. I really want to go down to a full 34C from 34G. I hope it is possible. Last night I was actually dreaming about the surgery. In my dream I woke up in the recovery room with boobs the size of watermelons! Well... At least I woke up right? I'm going to have a busy weekend before surgery. My granddaughter's first birthday party is at my house and 5 or 6 of my grandsons are sleeping over. I have not told my sons or extended family about my surgery. Just my two daughters and my husband know. I have not even told my friends. I'm so glad to have a Realself and a place to journal my feelings and share the experience with others. One week from today I will be recuperating!

Pre-op appointment

I had my per-op appointment with Dr Prada and staff today. I paid my fee and then went over the packet of information I was given via email a few weeks ago. I checked off my questions one by one. I went over the paper work and pre and post op instructions with Angie, pictures were taken and then I waited to speak with Dr Prada. Five minutes later Dr Prada sat down with me for any additional questions and explained the procedure.
What I have learned about breast revision today is that you really need to trust your doctor when it comes to the type and size of implants. Especially in my case as I have no record of what size I currently have. Much of my result will be determined by what my PS sees in surgery. I just hope the 30 year old implants will come out easily. Anything can happen when they are that old and there is no way to no what surprises are in store once the operation begins. Well at least I don't have the anxiety of choosing a size. I'm leaving it to the expertise of my doctor. My hope is that my new boobs will be smaller and less matronly. I trust Dr Prada to do his best! Monday cannot come soon enough!

Need editing button

I really can spell and please forgive the grammar errors. It drives me crazy that you can't edit your posts to made corrections.


I'm getting closer and it's hard for me because I have no idea what size I will be when this is over. I really want to be a C and not a D but I feel/hope my PS will choose what is best for my frame. It's weird reading all the comments from the first BA board. Everyone worries about their boobs being big enough. I guess I have carried this weight for many years and know what gravity does to the big girls???? but I did enjoy the size when I was young. I just find it hard to wear fashionable clothes without looking inappropriate (for a Nana) and push ups and pull ups are a bear with big ones!!! Wow.. Monday around the corner. PANIC

Before in bikini

I only wear this in my own pool or at the beach away from 9 grandsons! Lol

Can't sleep...

It's 2:30am and once again I am wide awake. Five of my grandsons camped out here last night with a movie and popcorn. You would think that would wear me out enough to sleep. I'm nervous and don't laugh but constipated. If I feel this way now how will I feel after surgery? It's a weekend so I can't call the PS office to see if I can take something before Monday. It's crazy the last minute questions that roll through your mind. Do I really need to wear cotton underwear the day of surgery? oMG I don't think I own a pair? Why do I only own one button down shirt? I know why... When you have 34G who can find a button down shirt that fits? Back to the scary questions. What if my scar tissue is so bad in the left breast that PS will have trouble replacing my implant? What if I wake up from recovery with "Big Girls" again? What if I don't wake up? Is Real Self my new Facebook addiction? I don't even look at Pinterest anymore! Why did I go off my anti-inflammatory gluten free diet just when I should stay eating clean? So I'm really sharing my pre surgery chitters! Back to sleep I go...

It's over!

Hi all. This will a short update as it hurts moving my right arm even to type. Everything went smoothly at the surgery center this morning. We arrived at 7:10, a little early due no traffic. The paperwork and payment was made. The staff was very nice and reassuring. I was given anti nausea medicine via IV. Dr Prada arrived early and we went over the procedure again. Next he marked me and we talked about size. I felt comfortable that he would do his best to downsize. When awoke in recovery Dr Prada was there and explained that the left breast was ruptured and a real mess. He also explained the the right breast was bleeding out so capsulectomy was performed on both breast. The size of my 30 year old implant was determined to be 450cc . Dr Prada had to make the pockets smaller to hold the new 350cc implant.
I believe he might have to make a small incision in folds of my breast as well but I'm not sure (pretty groggy during the conversation) and hubs had not arrived from the waiting room. I was having a hard time breathing and had the desire to yawn but couldn't. I felt the nurses were in a hurry to get me moving dressed and out the door.
Don't get me wrong they were very nice but I felt that I irritated them as I was freaked out by the pain and trying breath normal. After getting dressed we made our 20 minute trip home I felt nauseous but did not throw up. I drank some water and tried to eat some dry crackers which I threw up 20 minutes later.
I must say after being told over and over by doctors and nurses that the pain would be less with revision I have to say I disagree. Could this be from all the cleanup that Was needed? I don't know but I was in pretty bad pain until after my dose of medication at home. It is tolerable when I'm not moving. Oddly enough my right breast that was not as bad is hurting worse. I cannot move my right arm without pain. The nurses told my husband that I should not raise my arms above my head do to the pocket work that was done to fit the smaller implant. No worries as i can barely lift a glass of water without pain. Its time to become a lefty i guess.I am not to remove the dressings and binding for 72 hours now instead of 42 and NO shower until after my post-op visit next Monday. (Sponge bath only) :-( I am getting up to pee but I'm having a hard time getting out of bed. I started taking Colace stool softener in hopes of helping the constipation that is soon to follow.

Thanks for all of your positive, feedback and advice. I will update tomorrow.

Day 1 post

I'm feeling better today but still in bed most of the day. Pain is tolerable but right arm worries me as it hurts to move from below my breast to armpit and down my arm. I'm not supposed to raise my arms. My biceps have already disappeared and it sounds like upper body workouts are a long way off. I'm very excited to take the binder off and see the new girls but I can't do that until Thursday. I'm following dr orders completely as I don't want want my pocket repairs to come undone. Constipation and swelling is a pain. I have taken Colace and ducalex with no results yet. Added stomach pain is not fun.
My hubby is treating me like a queen. He insist on cleaning the drains and charting my progress. Trying to find something to wear over the dressing and binder is impossible so I'm just walking around in sweats and binder. Not very attractive outfit with my drains hanging on the sides. I'm still trying to figure out why replacement aug is supposed to be so less painful. I know its because the pocket is already there but oh my this is so much worse to me. I know call the whambulance... Must stop my complaining and think positive thoughts.

2 Day Post

Today is so much better. I slept through the night without pain meds so I was really hurting when I woke up. Drains are both about 25cc 3 times a day but the color is getting lighter red. I had cereal and fruit for breakfast and my daughter-in-law stopped by with a salad for lunch. Hubby learning to make green smoothies for me so I snacked on one of those after a nap in the afternoon. I'm so sick of this binder and curious to see my new girls. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the smaller size and all the scars. This is definitely an emotional time. I'm searching the Internet for wireless sports bras so I will have something to wear when the ugly surgical bra comes off. I have a dozen beautiful bras from Nordstrom all 34G and some 36DD. Having a C/D will be a big change but I'm really looking forward to it (I think)
Tomorrow I plan to take a walk outside and feel the sunshine. I hope I'm cleared to raise my arms on Monday after first post-op appointment. Tomorrow I will post a picture after the binder comes off. Wishing you sweet ladies all the best as you recover.

3 Days Post

The binder came off today but my drain site was bleeding quite a bit on the left side. I made sure to milk the tubes but did not see any clogging. Still putting out about 25cc per side three times a day. Color slightly lighter red. I took a shallow sponge bath today making sure not to get my bra wet. After calling the office they said to keep my bra on until Monday so the sweet little girls and I still haven't met. I don't feel swollen at all but if I am I'm sure going to have itty bitty boobs when the swelling goes down. I'm okay with that (I think) but it's a big change for me. I still have to keep my arms down. No reaching above the shoulder. Right arm still hurts but is better today. Healing hugs to all :-)


I peeked and feel like crying:-( I tried to prepare myself that my boobs would not look "normal" right away but oh my... My poor nipples used to be a pretty light pink and they are mad red and splotchy. My boobies have a strange shape. I won't look again until one week post op at my appointment but right now I'm feeling very sad.

4 Days Post pics

Feeling blue.. But adding pictures to track my progress

5 Days Post

I slept pretty well last night considering I'm still propped up and a side sleeper at heart. I woke this morning to the smell of bacon and coffee. My husband is NOT a cook and struggles with anything but grilled filet and a baked potato but he is trying so hard. I'm worried that I'm eating to much without exercising as i seem to have ny appetite back. Pain is better and I'm trying to alternate Percocet with Tylenol. Tylenol takes the edge off but the Percocet takes it away. I only have three valiumn left. Doc was very stingy with those. Oh well... My jingle bells (drains) are giving off a little less fluid and I so hope to say good bye to them on Monday. I went to a new place and had my hair shampooed and blow dried by a very nice guy. He used a curling iron and gave me "beach waves" I didn't have the heart to tell him it would have dried that way naturally but $40 later at least I felt pampered and clean. Two inch sponge baths are not the same as a hot shower but it feels good to be clean. I have not taken a nap today so I'm getting very tired. Would love to lay on a raft in my pool but I guess I will settle for watching Murphy (my dog) relax on my raft.

Dr questions:
1. Why the odd shape of breast? Please tell me they will look like breast again
2. Right look much larger. Swelling?
3. Nipples are angry, low and pointing down. (My biggest fear going in)
4. When can a lift my arms? Pain in both is like I have done 100 pull ups and range of motion is limited without pain.
5. My surgical bra seems very loose. Why do I not have a band?
6. When can I sleep not sitting up?

Hugs to all you ladies and happy healing.

Post op appointment

Good News and Bad News!
I was unable to get rid of my "jingle bells" today. I'm still draining too much so it may be another week of sponge baths:-(
The good news is I'm healing well and not much bruising. I'm to do nothing with my stitches. I found out that my old 450's were replaced with Natrelle silicone 15-339 in left and 15-304 in my left. I assume moderate profile? It doesn't say on the card.
I was reassured by Di (nurse) that as things settle my nipples will end up where they belong and not looking down :-) and that I will be happy with my 34D perky new boobies. I amazed how thin the vertical scar looks. The nipples are a little bit more angry looking but who could blame them. I have put them through so much in sixty years. 5 nursing babies and well...lots of fun! Hehe.
I have a new bra on and it's so much more comfy. See the picture. So all in all I'm feeling better today. Still dealing with pain but had my RX refilled. I will alternate with Tylenol and only use when I need them. I had planned an overnight golf trip with my husband tomorrow but was advised to stay home. Walking is good but still no reaching over my head. I think I will have to have someone come and clean my house. Do men just not see the dirt? My husbands version of cleaning the bathroom is not the same as mine! So that's it for today. I searched for the support group on FB but it didn't come up. Maybe an iPad issue?
Happy healing ladies. I'm very glad you are all here to share with???? hugs

8 Days Post

Ups and Downs
I woke up at 4a with terrible pains in my arms. I guess they are just stiff? Trying to be patient. No more naked post for a couple of weeks (too scary) but did try on my swim suit top to see the difference. Not the best picture tho..

Old Tummy tuck scar

This is a close up of TT scar from 2006

Drains drains go away

As told others I was so bummed to find out my drains will be in until next tues and I'm back on antibiotics. Drains for 15 days! Really? And I'm still concerned about shape and nipples pointing down. It's strange not being a big breasted woman and I'm adjusting (it is what I wanted after all) as I dwell on all these issues I remind myself again that so many women are suffering from breast cancer etc...and then I feel like an a-hole for complaining. I have my big girl panties back on now and I'm focussing on my blessing and good health.
Hugs my friends

Trying to stay positive

I still have not had original clear bandages removed so lots of dried blood and no change in shape or direction of nipples. I noticed on my left boob on the outside it looks like I have dimpling or cellulite !!! Oh no! WTH?? I can't wait to talk to the Dr Tues to set my mind at ease but wow I'm just so worried. I know it takes time and everyone heals differently but I have never seen this kind of thing on anyone else. Should I be worried?

Off topic

Not an update but this so reminds of real Self and friends that help us through and give support. One of my favorites.

Reason, Season, or Lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you figure out which one it is,
you will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON,
it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.
They have come to assist you through a difficulty;
to provide you with guidance and support;
to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.
They may seem like a godsend, and they are.
They are there for the reason you need them to be.

Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time,
this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON,
because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it. It is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons;
things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person,
and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

New pictures

Not much change but new bruise and tends to hurt when drains are milked.

2 weeks post appointment

So relieved and happy! Good riddance to my drains:-) My bandages were removed today and I feel so much better. No infection, scars look good and I feel like they will fade out nicely. After speaking with my doctor and understanding how tough my revision was my expectations are not as high and I feel very happy with my results! It is hard to know how much my nipples with rise as my breast settle but I know there will be many changes to come in the next few months. I reminded myself of the main reason I was there to begin with. To get the unhealthy ruptured breast and a capsulectomy. My girls are happy and I think they are looking good for this 60 year old Nana!! I'm very happy with the size as well.
I think Dr Prada is amazing and I'm so happy with the whole staff. The only minor complaint I have and will mention because I want to give an honest review. It turns out for the past two weeks I should have been wearing the binder over my surgical bra. That was never mentioned on my instructions or when I went in for my first post op appointment. I feel like the compression might have relieved a lot of pain and kept the swelling down. I'm to wear it two more weeks over a sports bra 24/7 unless I'm going out for dinner etc... Still no lifting or reaching but YES I can take a shower!!!
I do have sports bra confusion. Dr Prada recommends Victoria Secret VSX but the style that hooks in the back has a very padded underwire (but i cant wear an underwire) The one that doesn't is the kind you have to pull over your head and a little hard to get off and on. I may just cut the wire out or look for other alternatives.
I'm adding pictures. As you can see my boobies are still boxy looking and nipples are low but I know they will change shape as the months go by. I finally showed them to my husband. He said they looked better then he thought they would but first question was about the shape. Go figure...

3 weeks post op

There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Today has been a good day so far. I still have to wear surgical bra or sports bra topped with an ace bandage 24/7 with exception of an hour or two a day:-( but we at the lake and going boating so I found a suit without wires and I'm going out to get some sunshine!! Pain is only bad at night and in the morning. Otherwise I just have that tight feeling with occasional muscle spasms so that is great!! Not much change in the looks so I will post another boobie shot at 4 weeks post op. here is a picture of my new little girls in the same suit:-)
I hope all you lovely ladies have a wonderful day!!

4 weeks post

I can't believe it has been four weeks! My post op appointment is tomorrow and I will finally see the scars ( yes the tape is still on) so I will wait until tomorrow to add a picture. I'm about to go insane from lack of activity so I'm really hoping the green light goes on tomorrow. I really need to stretch my body. I'm worried about range of motion in my arms, especially my right arm. It's very stiff and sore much like my breasts still are. Mornings and evenings are worse. I have been running errands and driving but still finding a lot of discomfort if I'm on my feet over 4 hours. Tomorrow I start back to my personal chef job. My husband is still off work so he will be my sou chef! Lol My clients have been so understanding. I have been off work for a month and two weeks longer then I planned. I'm going back the gym as well next week even though weight training will be another 2 months away at least for upper body. I will be so happy to return to yoga too! I was not mentally prepared to be inactive this long so my mood has been blue. I read about other women recovering so fast but I have to remind myself that every surgery is different. While I'm a very healthy woman and in my mind pretty tough, I'm remaining diligent to instruction because I don't want complications from not healing properly. I feel for mommy makeovers that cannot pick up their babies. I have a one year old grandchild and miss taking care of her.
My husband has been very supportive and almost too big of a mother hen. Sat we had date day instead of date night. We went to see The Butler (great movie) at a movie theater that has big comfy couches and then had ice cream martinis. Later we had an early bird dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant. My husband hates having dinner before 7:30 or 8 so he was making fun that we have officially joined the geriatric crowd. (He will still think he is a youngster at 70) The day wiped me out and I was propped up in bed by 8:30 confirming his comment. Grrrr
Yesterday was family photo day! My five children, their spouses and twelve grandchildren gathered at a park for pictures. It was their gift to me for my 60th birthday. I was able to wear a fitted white blouse that had not fit me in years. :-) My daughte-in-law commented that it must be nice to fit in normal clothes. :-O After the photo session we all had dinner at my sons house. I am so very blessed to have a happy, healthy loving family all living in the same city. It is always a lot of laughs when we get together. There are nine grandsons and three granddaughters. My husband has three grandsons in Texas along with one on the way so soon it will be sixteen total!!
Have a wonderful holiday if you are off today. I will let you all know how my post op appointment goes tomorrow. Hugs to all you wonderful women and thanks for your support!

4 week post op appointment

I went to my post-op appointment today. I was a little taken aback when the nurse asked me if i still had drains. Its been 4 weeks and she took them out on my 2nd post op visit. But I guess she sees a lot of patients so no big deal. She asked me how i was doing and i told her my arms were stiff from not raising above my head and she looked surprised and said well you can raise your arms. I reminded her that I was told not to. Oh well... Moving on .. My PS had an intern with him and she was very nice. I'm healing well and was given instructions to start massaging my breast. As I have said before in earlier reviews my right arm hurrts and there is a limited range of motion. My right breast needed more internal pocket repair and it really hurts in that area. There is a small indention under the breast on the right side. The massage will help as well as the stretching exercises for my arms. My PS said it will hurt like physical therapy but will eventually go away. I feel like my right breast is larger and maybe more swollen but my PS doesn't see any difference in size. He had me lay down and look with a mirror and they did look the same from that view. I will post pictures and would like to know what you think. Be honest. I know my PS had a tough case and as he reminded me that he is not God but I think my boobies look a little sad and really wish my nipples were higher. I know we all want perfection with plastic surgery and it's an unrealistic expectation but it's the way I'm feeling today so I'm sharing my "real" feelings here with my RealSelf buddies. Please don't get me wrong here. I think he did a great job and I'm very impressed with the thin scars. I hope the night/morning boob pain gets better soon but overall I feel I'm making great progress! I can start doing light exercise and stretching... Just need to listen to my body.

A couple more pis from the side

I think the scars look good for 4 weeks post:-)


Left at weeks weeks

Comfy bra to sleep in.

This is the most comfy bra I have found to sleep in:-)

A trip to Victoria's Secret

Yesterday I went shopping and to lunch with a friend and stopped at Victoria's Secret. I know it is still early but I wanted to see what they had in wireless bras. I was sized at 34DD. What?? I know it must be swelling. In the wireless they don't carry higher then a D cup so I bought a 36D. I had to put on the last hook but for now it is more comfortable in the band then a 34 anyway. I bought a very impractical pink and white stripe. I'm not even a pink girl but for some reason it made me smile so I bought it! I know it's too young for me but who is going to see it but me and the hubs. He liked it and said I looked better today and not as swollen. Nudy pics tomorrow as I'm anal about posting on the weekly post op date. Weirdo I know...
Yesterday I came home with chills, feverish and headache after my 3 hours shopping trip. I thought for sure I was coming down with the flu. Today I feel great! Recovery is so up and down! I'm sun screening up and heading out to the pool before I crash again.
I hope you ladies all have a wonderful weekend!

5 weeks post

At 5 weeks post I don't see much change in appearence from last week. I started using the silicone strips last night but had a slight break out on nipple so I might go back to Bio oil for now. My stitches seemed to be doing great with just the oil. I still have "morning boob discomfort" but only until I'm up and moving. I tried sleeping on my side but i woke up with pain near internal stitches on the sides. I have been feeling good except for some stomach issues. Maybe I have a flu bug. When I go out I'm good for 3-4 hours and then start to get a headache, feel nauseas and tired. No appetite at all but forcing down toast and smoothies. I'm not sure what to think about that? I still have not made it back to the gym. My weight remains the same but boy do I feel soft, lethargic and crabby. Maybe after work today I will make it to the gym. I'm stretching at home and taking walks. I still have pain when I raise my right arm to stretch or when I try to do something like clean the tub. This recuperation is longer then I anticipated but I'm very happy with my results! :-) happy healing to all you wonderful ladies! I don't know what I would do without your ears and support. My husband can only stand so much boob talk:-))

Sick again!!

Has anyone else noticed there resistance is down after surgery? I just got over a stomach bug. Now I have a sore throat and laryngitis!!! Grrr
Also have sharp pain in upper part of my right breast near arm pit that wasn't there before. Oh gosh.. I'm having a pity party. My husband's 6 weeks off ends Sat. He will be heading back to Texas where he works. It seems like I have been recuperating or sick his whole time home:-((

6 Weeks Post

I think 6 weeks must be the magic number for me. I can sleep on my sides and was able to get through most of my yoga class. I did swell a little bit during and could not lay on my stomach but baby steps are better then no steps right? I still have some pain in my right breast and stiffness in my arm but its getting better. My weight is down to 148 so I have lost a little bit since surgery. I'm happy with my results.. Still wish nipples were a little higher but it's nothing I can't live with at 60. I can't expect to have 20 something perky boobs. I'm just so happy to be feeling normal again.

7 weeks post saggy?

Well I'm at the 7 week post mark and a little worried that I'm already sagging:-(( It depends on the camera angle and it's not enough for me to want a revision at this point. Maybe at 60 this is as good as it gets. I have lost 10 pounds since surgery and I wonder if that could effect the lift? I'm very happy with my scar and other then pain in my right breast and more swelling I seem to feel better with each day. The right breast hurts at the crease and sides where I had internal stitching for pocket repair. The scar tissue feels hard in that area. I'm right handed and there was more pocket repair on that side too.
When I go back for my next follow up I'm going to get a consultation for an arm lift. I have lost 30 pounds since January and I can't believe how much hanging skin I have under my arms. No amount of working out seems to help that area. Speaking of working out I have gone back to the gym but only a couple of times for yoga and a drill class. I just can't seem to kick this upper respiratory thing so I'm really slowed down but I will get there. You can see in my latest picture that my stomach is suffering from lack of core work out. Hopefully, I will be back to a full workout soon.
I just want to thank you all for following my review and offering support along the way. It helps so much to have a safe place to vent and share the ups and downs.
P.S. I dyed my hair to a darker shade after being blonde my whole life. The jury is still out. Hubby prefers blonde.

Better attitude today..

Hi ladies. Sorry for my negative energy yesterday. I had a good nights sleep and feel so much better. I slept commando last night(what I'm used to) and felt so free from bra. I know I'm supposed to wear one but last night is the first night I did not wake up with pain in my right breast from the pressure of my bra. I have a very soft one too. Maybe I'll try a geni bra or something even lighter. Back to my negative post. I needed a kick in the butt for that. I'm grateful that I have the means and support to have plastic surgery and I have had a great result with scars and healing. Shame on me. I have been blessed with a healthy body and a nice shape. Why I sometimes pick myself apart is crazy and I really need to work on that. I'm starting today out with a gratitude list and concentrate on all the blessings in my life. I hope you all have a wonderful healing day;-)

2 months post

I can't believe it's been two months. I'm finally pain free and feeling great! The only issue I have is a small lump (scar tissue?) under my right problem breast. I'm still working on range of motion and an achy weak feeling in my right arm but hoping in time it will pass. I'm over all pleased with my result. To be honest I wish I were a little perkier but it's reality at 60. I will continue to fight the battle of gravity with as much grace as I can muster! Lol I'm having a hard time taking clear pics but will get someone to help me when I have the courage to share my results with a real live person. Hubby has only had a glimpse. How bad is that?
I meet with my trainer next week and I'm very excited to work on getting back on track. I can't believe how soft I am after two months of no workouts. I know I can't do what I used to before revision but I'm looking forward to getting the tone back that I lost. I hope those of you recovering will have a healing weekend of rest. Hugs to all the wonderful women on RS. I don't know what I would do without you.

Happy Husband

So I sent my husband the pictures of myself and he has been picking out lingerie all day!! He works out of town and is only home on his days off. I have never shared a picture before and he was very pleased:-)) I just wish my friends would understand and not judge me for for trying to improve my appearance. I work very hard and plastic surgery is an enhancement to what you have not a way to be 20 again. I wish they would stop saying I should be happy the way I am. That's just it... I am happy and comfortable in my skin. I don't judge women that proudly say " I would never have plastic surgery" because I'm happy the way I am. In a way it's like the stay at home moms vs the work out of the home moms. I appreciate and respect that we have choices in this world. Sorry for my rant ladies but I had some passive aggressive negative behavior come my way today...

3 months post

Well, I've been MIA from RS. Life just gets so busy. I wanted to post tho and say all is well and not much has changed. I don't go back to my PS until April. I have small concerns but overall I'm doing great! I have a small knot under my right breast and my left breast looks/ feels like it's dropping. It's not noticeable to look at but I can feel the difference. That being said no two breast are exactly the same. I think we don't notice as much until after a BA or BL and then we are looking for perfection. At least that's the case for me. Anyway, my scars are doing well and I'm feeing good. My weight is down to 147 and I'm still trying to lose a few more. I will post pictures soon... In this picture I was trying to show my shirt but seemed to cut it off.
Take care and happy healing.

10 months later

I thought I would add a post picture of my breast. I do have concerns that my left breast is falling more and to the side but really pleased with the smaller size and scars are fading nicely.

Just a before and after

To keep it simple. I will continue to add pics yearly.

11 month post

Hi RealSelf sister. I went for my 5 week face appt today and had Dr look at my left breast. It has dropped more then righty and caused me concern but my PS thinks it's ok. (In fact looking at it in the office it looked fine) I'm really ok too as long as it doesn't get worse. We agreed to keep an eye on it. The last thing I want is a revision. No CC and that was my main worry. So reality is at 61 I'm just not going to have high perky boobs. I nursed five kids and then had a BA 36G. The weight of the implant took a toll on the girls. I'm posting a picture of this ole Nana wearing a bikini and I don't think it's too shabby. Trying to take a pic with cell is hard and I will try and post a better pic sometime. So my abs need some work. I have not worked out as hard since the revision and fl recovery but now I'm ready to get toned again. I hope you are all doing well. Next up arm lift in the fall. :-) not perfect but perfectly happy!

I can't say enough good things about Dr Prada and I owe finding him to Real Self. All the wonderful reviews led me to him for my second consultation. I had planned on three but after speaking with Dr Prada I knew he was the doctor for me. I had to have my 30 year old implants replaced and needed a breast lift as well. I had a capsular contraction and knew at least one breast was ruptured. Dr Prada was very honest and helped me to understand what I could expect as a realistic result. I had a difficult revision and I can't believe how wonderful my breasts are healing. My scar is barely noticeable and I could not be happier! I also want to compliment the staff at The St Louis Surgery Center. They are very helpful, friendly and you never feel rushed. I'm hoping to have another procedure done in the near future.

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