49 Years Young with 16 Year Old Saline Implant exchange and lift. - Chicago

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Thank you to everyone for Realself! I'm a 59 year...

Thank you to everyone for Realself! I'm a 59 year old with 2 grown, breast fed kids. I loved my implants for the first several years but now, with aging, and I'm thinking capsular contracture they are VERY firm on the top and my nipples pointing down, as if my skin has slipped off the breast. I hate them. I'm extremely self conscious, however my sweet hubby says he loves them (smart guy! Lol!). When I first got them, I wanted natural, fuller breasts. I really liked the PS, but she over filled them and I was sick. After 2 weeks (and $2,000+ more) she pulled some saline out. Much better! But, I have a puckering under each nipple, I'm guessing from too tight sutures. I also hate that. I've decided, with my hubbies blessing, to have a revision and probably lift. I have two consultations in a few weeks, one with original PS and a new PS. I'm very excited!! My breasts don't feel or look natural, and I feel like I'm obsessed....ok...I am obsessed. I'd like silicone, and I love the anatomical shapes, but have heard that they can move around. I'm thinking my silicones are around 350cc, but not sure. I really like the natural slope and more fullness on the bottom.

59 year old with 16 year old saline implants

I've been looking at tons of before and after pictures. This is so exciting! Kinda weird that you can pick your boobs out of a lineup!! Lol!! These are my "wish breasts" and I think they look so soft and natural. Remember, I'm 59.... Not 20-ish!! Hopefully this is my second AND last augmentation....I'll be taking these to the grave!!

Final consultation today!!

Today I consulted with an awesome PS and have made my decision. I'm having Dr. Gurley do my revision with breast lift. She's awesome and made me feel so relaxed and confident. My surgery is set for April 16....I can't wait!! Nervous, anxious and excited!! I've loved all the comments and picture you ladies have submitted. My choice has been very personal, and nobody knows my plans for surgery...so that's why Realself is so important to me. You girls are my inspiration and support. Thank you all!!

A few more wish pictures :)

In my consultation yesterday, my awesome PS really took the time to consult me, listen, and appreciate all my concerns and questions. I had TONS of pics, and we looked they all of them, and she completely understood what my goals were by the time I left. Her advice was practical, and genuine. (Unlike my original PS)
I'm a young 60, and want to be size and age appropriate for my body. She took several pics, asked lots of questions, and we we decided on a general size.
My consult with original PS from Salines in 1999, was a few weeks ago. It was uncomfortable and not good at all. She didn't have my whole chart, couldn't tell me what size implants I had, and was insulted when I asked about the scar under my areolas puckering. She said she didn't want to sound condescending, but the choice of implants would be her choice! Keep in mind, the original surgery she made me huge, even hubby said so, then 2 weeks later I had to have revision to remove saline, and she went in thru 1st incision, which I found out is a no-no. That also cost me another $2,000+. There was no way I would ever use her again, and it was really a blessing because I found Dr. Judith Gurley. Yay!!
Sorry I'm rambling....nobody but my hubby knows about this, so you are my support system. Thank you!!

Looking forward to fuller, perkier breasts!

Looking forward to fuller, perkier breasts! My old 1999 Salines have a bit of capsular contracture and never really settled and dropped. They were implanted too high and now with age and gravity, my breast tissue has slid south. Will be replacing with saline and having a lift using lollipop incision. So excited!

Having you as my breast supporters is awesome ;)

I've been researching and following so many ladies during their surgeries...it's been like therapy for me! The only person who knows about my BA and lift, is my hubby, and I like it that's way. Nobody else has seen me naked...thank God...so there really won't be much for them to notice. I'll be perkier and have a fuller lower pole. As my Dr. said, she'll put the silicone implant where it's supposed to be for a beautiful shape and lift my tissue to reposition my nipple and stop the sag. (Old implants stayed high)
Yippie!! I just can't hardly wait! Isn't it funny, how I'm willing to go thru the pain and cost of beautiful breasts? It kinda makes me feel shallow, but I'm really not. I'm 59, still sexy- so my hubby says- and always take pride in my appearance. Our breast are an extremely important part of feeling sexy and beautiful. We wear our clothes better, look more in proportion, and just plain feel better.
Like I said, I need to journal more for myself, and welcome any suggestions or comments. You are my breast supporters...lol...and when I'm in recovery, or feeling that after surgery depression I've been reading about, I'll need to come back and read inspiring comments. I'm a little scared, but the thrill seems to take over.
My pre-op is tomorrow and I'm super excited! It's all really happening! For the past 5 years or so, since the sag took over, I haven't gone bra-less...at all. It's uncomfortable, and all I can feel or see thru my shirt are my nipples pointing south...not an attractive look for me. Crazy, but I don't even want hubby to see me in the buff from the waist up...he's a sweetie, always says I'm sexy and very complimentary. You should have seen his eyes when I promised him a nice little T-shirt with nothing between my perky boobs and the fabric!! It should be fun too, right??
I'm rambling now, but in a week or two, I'll be glad I rambled. When I'm reading my old posts, it'll help me get thru the recovery or loneliness.

Preop appointment today….So excited!

So my surgery is one day from today, I'm headed in for my preop appointment. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it! When I got out of the shower I looked at my sad little boobies, sliding off the old implants and nipples pointing south, so I thought I'd take a couple of pictures. My right breast is smaller and lower than my left breast and my left nipple is bigger than my right nipple. Dr. Gurley said when she does the lift she'll even out my nipples, as well as make my breasts as even as possible. In my consultation, she lifted my skin up to about the point to where it would be with the lift and a smaller implant. This is exactly the look I'm going for, but obviously not quite as high positioned on my chest. So I'm off to my appointment with a few more questions and a few more pictures, and I'll check in later!

Pre op all done today....oh no!!! I have high blood pressure!!

Today I saw the medical assistant, Coleen, at Dr. Gurleys office. Yippie!!! One week from today, April 16, I'll have nice, perky, full breasts????
We went over the surgery packet, meds, she told me what to expect, showed me the surgery bra....lovely....and a few other things.
Interesting how each Dr. is a little different in recovery. I'll be able to shower in 24 hours, and they want me up and walking the next day with what I'm comfortable with. Definitely not to overdue it, but circulate my blood and help with breathing. No exercise like running, aerobics, upper body workout for 6 weeks. Walking yes, they encourage it. She also suggested, to beat the post surgery blues, getting out of the house....lunch, dinner, going to the park or a movie....but know my limits. Great idea! I mentioned how important Realself is to me...she likes this site a lot, and understands how we turn to it for support.
Darn blood pressure!! It's been running a little high for the past couple months....140/75. But today it was 190/90...yikes! We were worried I may have to postpone surgery so I headed over to my MD. She gave me a physical, blood work, and my blood pressure was down to 145/72. She put me on a low dose "water pill" used for high blood pressure and I'm cutting out salt....my favorite "spice" lol! Both my parents had strokes, and I know it's nothing to mess around with. She said I shouldn't have to put off surgery, but we will monitor pressure thru the weekend and Monday. It was up when I had my mammogram too, so I'm thinking it elevates when I'm stressed. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

Cleared for surgery tomorrow????

I haven't really posted in a while....had a situation with high blood pressure...which called for extra tests, monitoring and diuretic. After logging bp it's high at the dr office and walgreens, and very normal at home, whether at rest of working outside yippie!! Looks like I have "white coat hypertension!" It spikes when at the des... A lot. Got a monitor -OMRON and took it with me to the drs office...works fine. Blood work was excellent.
So....this time tomorrow I'll have perky, full breasts and I'm so excited! Actually so many emotions are present. Scared, nervous, doubting, happy, anxious...you name it.
I'll be re-reading all your journals over the next few days, so I can be reassured everything I'm feeling is normal
Kinda funny...I've been keeping so incredibly busy to keep my mind off it, and trying to do my gardening and things I'm not going to be able to do for 5-6 weeks...planting, pruning, organizing. So I'm good and exhausted! I finally got the OK at 2:00 for surgery, then the panic set in. Got all my meds picked up, grocery and laundry done, I think I'm ready.
Still not quite sure of silicone size, it will depend on the size saline she removes. I want to remain the same size basically, just lifted and fuller. I trust her judgement and we've discussed it and we went over several pictures.
I check in at 11am and surgery is 12:30. Hubby is driving me and he'll be caring for me. I'm hoping to be able to do more for myself Friday. They want me up and walking, raising my arms and showering 24 hrs after surgery...so Friday afternoon.
The nurse told me to "peek" if I want, pack them back up and go to bed happy. I'm planning on it! I think I'd wonder and worry if I don't look for myself. They said the lift gives you immediate results, so different from saggy girls
Well, wish me luck and sweet dreams....the boobie fairy is coming tomorrow ????

Have meds, ice packs, clothes.....any suggestions?

My surgery is scheduled for 12:30 tomorrow, have to be there at 11:00. I think I'm ready, but sure would love suggestions.

Goodbye saggy breasts, hours from now I'll be in surgery…

Surgery is scheduled for 1230, I have to be there at 11. I just took my shower and washed real good, washed my breasts in my chest, and surprisingly enough I feel very calm. It's very surreal actually… Feeling my breasts, the shape, How they feel inside and out. Am I greedy? It's a lot of money and sometimes I feel kind of selfish. Hubbies really good with it, so he makes me feel less guilty. He says he'll be happy if I'm happy! What a guy! Anyway got to go dry my hair and get a few things ready. We're going to run a couple errands on the way to buy time. I don't feel terribly hungry or thirsty, probably Thursday more than hungry. A little anxious, but I have a lot of confidence in my doctor to make the right choice. I did not have confidence in my first plastic surgeon 16 years ago… Felt uneasy from the beginning, and it proved to be true. So here are a few pictures of my puckering left nipple in my very saggy right breast, it will be interesting to come back and look at these pictures after sir

Morning after pictures

I thought I'd go ahead and take a few pictures with my surgical bra and all the padding and tubes. I think these journals are such an excellent idea for me, because during my recovery process I can go back and truly see the progress. When I look in the mirror I don't seem to see differences as much as in a picture. I'll shower later this evening and post some pictures them to

The new girls are here!

Good morning all????
Surgery was yesterday around 2:00, and I believe it lasted 2 hours. Home by 7. Pre surgery marking went very well....she had all my chart, we went over pictures again to confirm my wishes. She has such great common sense and so practical. Half of her practice is revision with lift, and she mainly works with ladies and reduction. Like i said, I had complete confidence in her.
She did reiterate that there was a chance I'd lose nipple sensation.....anybody have experience you could share about that?
Last night was a blur...Pain meds and muscle relaxer worked great. I did not end up peeking all the way, but brushed my finer down my cleavage and I loved it.
I did not want to be much bigger, so it will be interesting to see them today. I can tell they are higher, and am confident they'll drop and relax to fill the cup. I'm not concerned at all....so far...lol!
I had to write a med schedule, cuz it's hard to remember. Percocet, Valium, prti colace, antibiotic. No to mention my daily vitamins! I noticed it talked about 5 minutes for the Percocet to start.....it's a miracle pill. Valium is used for relaxer.
Everyone was wonderful and treated me with such respect and friendliness. I loved the part when they gave me "a little something make me relax and next thing I woke up in recovery!!????????????
Go back 16 years ago original PS put huge Salines in 1999, and I was mortified. 2 weeks later, another surgery, more money ???? she withdrew some saline, went thru the same incision....a big no no, and I ended up with Salines too high and pulled incisions. Then with age and gravity, my breasts slid off the implant and nipples pointed south.
Pain really isn't that bad, better on the right , minimal. Left side must have had more aggressive work, cuz it burns, zings, and spasms. I take meds regularly, over lapping a bit, to head it off. I did end up with drains, which makes me think it was more extensive than first thought. Hubby does the draining and helps with everything...I am able to potty by myself, cuz I'm not giving in to him helping with that!! lol!!
I'm prepared NOT to have boob greed that so may talk about. When I look at my pics, and of others, I'm going to try and remember how they will drop and fluff. When I would wear my push ups I always felt like they looked too big, and entered the room before the rest of me. That's not the look I'm going for. So if I keep reminding myself of that, I'll be fine. Part of whet made me look like that was the implant was so high, and the bad ding on the lower part of the bra, made me sssso full.
She said I had really good breast tissue to work with, and gave me Allergan round smooth Natrelle 15 234cc in right, and 231cc in left. She was going to even up my nipples, left was bigger. I'll check back in later with pictures.

Nipple sensitivity ?

I'll be showering around 4:00 so I'll get a good look and take some pics. For those of you with breast lift and augmentations....how is the nipple sensitivity? Doc did say there's a very good chance I'll lose some due to the cutting around the areola. I completely understand. I was wondering the general consistence from you girls. With my BA in 1999, I lost some feeling but most came back after a couple years.
Thanks, just needing to hear from you girls

24 hours Post surgery pics....beware I'm really bruised!

Hello everyone! I'm feeling really good and I LOVE MY BREASTS!!! I slept thru the night except to go pee once. My right breast is great, I've had full rang of motion since I got up. There's just a minimal amount of pinching. My left girl is really sore....not always, but it burns, pinches and pulls. The meds work great, I had to write out a schedule....to many to keep track of.
My Dr. Gurly was wonderful. So calming and reassuring before surgery. We went over pictures again and she told me exactly what shed blue doing, then confirmed with me that's what I wanted.
I'll know more on Monday as far as the Salines she removed.
As you can see I'm really bruised, she said I started bruising during surgery. I've always been a bruiser, but this is scary looking. I hadn't had any aspirin or Advil for 3 weeks. I'm not worried, it'll go away. Because of the bruising she had to put in drain tubes. Not too bad, just in the way. Hubby is helping sooooo much!
I let I took my shower and washed them softly, it felt so good. Then dried them the my hair dryer while hubby washed my bra and dried it. We don't want any bacteria in there.
The shape is just going to be perfect once they drop and fluff. When I looked for the first time, I love the shape, size, cleavage ....everything.
Left nipple was bigger than right so she corrected it, and the right breast was a tad bit bigger so silicone implants are a little different. Allergan natrelle 15, moderate round smooth 234 on right and 213 on left.
The meds work, but I think tomorrow I might try to wean off....we'll see I'm not one to suffer if I don't need to! Lol!
Hubby helped after my shower and you should have seen his face his eyes were huge and he's thrilled! ????
I've never seen any other pics with such bruising, but it'll go away. My incisions are clean and neat, and it looks as if there's glue over them instead of tape.
I'm groggy and my eyes are crossing....so I'll post more tomorrow. Thanks again for all your supports and comments.

About the bruising

I really hesitated posting so soon because of the bruising...but decided to anyway. Our bodies react in different ways to trauma, and I bruise. The other day- pre surgery, I was walking and tripped on the curb and fell....looked like a 2 year old flying thru the air...LOL!! Landed on my left side, bruised my hand, elbow, shoulder and hip! Looks awful! So I'm not worried. All my blood work came back normal, so there's no underlying problems. I will post pictures later today after my shower, without the tubes handing from my necklace. I'm in love with my shape, know they will drop and fluff, and settle in beautifully. It's an awesome feeling to feel confident that I made the best choice in Drs. and procedures for me. I'll fine out Monday what size Salines she removed. My original PS said my file from 1999 was destroyed....she's a whole different story, and I'm planning on writing a review about her. Dr. Gurley removed them, and I had told her I liked my size, just not the shape or placement of the old ones. She was awesome and I'm thrilled with the entire outcome.
I've been moving my arms and have full range of motion now,, the left side burns a bit, but I'm moving very well. ????????????
So please don't let the bruising bring you negative feelings or thoughts. I'm feeling great, and will be healing beautifully.

Had a good day today's

I actually slept all night on big squishy pillows in my bed. Got up one to take pain med at 4. My belly is so huge I feel like I swallowed a basketball!! I'm taking peri colace with every pain pill and meal it seems, drinking tons of water and walking. It will pass eventually.
I only took a Valium/muscle relaxer early, and a Tylenol at 2, but the long day has caught up with me and I'm taking pain med at bedtime. Ice packs feel SOOOOO good! We drove to our lake spot and hubby did a little work and I putzed. Planted some flower seeds, walked to the water and took some pictures and just kinda hung out. Drive is only an hour, but it was a tiring day. Took a shower and it felt so good. I washed out my surgical bra and hubby dried it good, I dried my boobs on cool air with my hair dryer....we don't want any moisture getting trapped in there! I'm feeling tight, especially left side and I think the pinching g is coming from the tubes, but not sure. Not getting much fluid from the drains, I guess that's good. They aren't bothering me anyway.
I took a few more pics and I honestly think the bruising is subsiding a little. The bruising to me is like remodeling or rehabbing....I can see thru the mess and appreciate what the final project will be like. Have a great night ladies???? I tried several times to upload pics and it won't allow. I'll try later.

Pictures finally loaded

2nd day post op pics after my wonderful shower. I shampooed my own hair and have full range of motion of arms. It pinches and pulls a little, but I was told to practice lifting arms. Bruising a little lighter.

Post Op was fantastic! No more tubes :)

Today my post op went very well....there was very little drainage so the tubes came out! She had to put them in due to my bruising. It feels so much better! I switched to a different surgical bra with a lower cut. This one" pushes the girls together for at least a week, to help the implant stay in place for more cleavage. I had no cleavage with the Salines in 1999. She opened up the center muscle a bit to allow for this. She also closed up the outer edge of the pocket a bit to help keep them where they were surgically placed. Sorry, I don't remember most of the surgical or breast terms. These procedures contributed to most of my bruising. Dr. Gurley wants me to sleep on my sides now, to help the breasts fall to the center more. Makes sense. I love the idea of the transition bras...they each serve a healing purpose for me. I also liked the tubes where she placed them, just outside and below the breast....the holes should close up in just a few days using polysporin. ....not that I liked them....oh no! Glad they're gone!
Each day the bruising fades, the incisions look good and I'm imagining the shape....I'm gonna love it.
The idea of a lift scared me, but there was no other way. Hearing all your stories sure has helped.
I have full range of motion of my arms, can only casually walk, no exercise of course. AND I look pregnant!! I've "pooped" but not enough, not to mention no exercise. Last night was my last pain pill. I hope. Today I took Advil, yesterday Tylenol. But we had a big day yesterday on my feet, and that pain pill was calling my name.....but they also make me constipated. I hope you are all healing and doing well. I'm feeling really good so far. Good night :)

One week post op....loving my new girls

My shower tonight was wonderful!! That warm water and sudsy light massage is heaven. Bruising I'd really going way, and the shape changes daily it seems. Hubby has been gone for 3 days, so when I asked if he's like a peek, he was excited! He couldn't believe how the shape is changing and bruising is fading. I offered a gentle squeeze and he said, with huge eyes and again from ear to ear, woody!!!! Hahaha...I laughed! He's been so supportive and helpful. He could see such a difference since Sunday. These guys must be so sick of hearing about boobs....as much as they like them! Anyway, I'm coming along great. Today was a long day of errands and being on my feet, and I could tell. I laid on the couch with ice packs (frozen peas work great.... Just remember not to eat them, lol!). Then we want out to dinner and I've had a shower and pj's. Feelers great. I'm alternating Tylenol and Advil, and doing pretty good with pain. I think tonight will be my last muscle relaxer. I think they really help so soon, after a long day.
Anyway, hope you all are well, thanks for your support.

Suggestions for bloating? Belly is out of control!!

I definitely can tell if I'm too busy during the day. And if I can't get a nap, I'm toast. Last night was the first night I did not take a muscle relaxer, or even Tylenol or Advil....big mistake. I had 2 small glasses of Cabernet, so I didn't want to mix. I woke up at 3 very uncomfortable, not intolerable, but hurting. I took an extra strength Tylenol and finally went back to sleep. The squeezing bra I wear during the day is tight, so I can't wait to take it off in the evening.
It's interesting to go back and read my journal for me, this BA and lift has been quite a ride emotionally - in a good way - and I wish I had done it 5 years ago. I got to where I didn't feel good in my clothes, nipples so low it was uncomfortable, and the old hard Salines high, I didn't want to even hug anyone, and I'm a big hugger! I've come across a few people I needed to hug, and I just say "gentle hug, I strained my back" and it works! Yay, I love hugs!
So I look at my pics and see a difference already. Bruising aside, I'm starting to drop, the squeezing bra and sleeping on my Sid is bringing the girls together for more cleavage. My lower incision is in my crease now, and I definitely have great feeling in my left nipple, but the right one is still thinking about it. It would be the price I pay for the lift.....well worth it :)
One more thing....oh that belly!!! I'm finally not constipated, but still bloated. Not to mention I haven't bee able to do any kind of exercise, just light walking. Since I'm a little older, every day counts with toning muscles. Oh, well, in a few weeks I'll be able to start good walking at least. I eat really healthy, very few carbs, and drink tons of water.
Any suggestions for the bloating? Does GAS-X work?

My squeezing bra

PearToHourglass, you were asking about the bra. Here's a picture of the tag, it the same as original surgical bra tho....no distinct label.

2 weeks today and I'm in LOVE!!!

Today marks my 2 week anniversary....it's really been ok. Not too much pain, swelling is going down and I absolutely love the shape! I know they're still dropping and fluffing, bit I know they will be perfect!
My follow up appt is tomorrow so I'm excited! Hopefully since I'm healing so well, I'll be able to do more activity....we shall see!
My bruising is almost gone, and even tho the pictures don't do them justice, the incisions are healing great.....when I get out of the shower, I dab them with the towel and dry them with my hair dryer on low, just to make sure they're good and dry. Clean bra every morning and at bedtime (2 diff bras). So anyway, I think that has helped with healing.
Hope you all are well, have a great evening :)

2 week follow up today....yay!!!

Great 2 week post op! Healing very fast, incisions look great, bruising gone, and settling nicely. Such good news for me. Today is the beginning of 3rd week, and I got a third bra....underwire with lace ( from Dr. Gurleys office) they supply me with all the bras in stages. Part of the surgery package. They sure know what they're doing. I highly recommend Dr. Judith Gurley for breast surgery. It's an art and she's very talented. She specializes in reduction, lift and revision. I'm absolutely thrilled.

I feel younger....

All I can say, is having beautiful new breasts makes me feel so much younger. It's a wonderful feeling :)

3 weeks today.....even more in love :)

Had my 3 week post op today and things went very well. Took pictures, questions answered, and good progress confirmed. These girls are coming along great! Almost all scabs are gone (I hate that word....yuck) but healing nicely. I asked if I could walk, vigorously, and yes, just try not to bounce the boobies and swing arms. So...I graduated to a sports bra from the dr. office. I love it that bras are provided and I don't have to worry about getting the right bra. It's underwire, and I can wear it when I'm gardening, or active. Day bra is still the tan underwire, and bed time is the squishing bra. My cleavage is beautiful, I think. Didn't have one before.

I am having a little stinging or burning under the breast in the incision at the crease. She said that's normal now, especially with the underwire. My nerves are "waking up" and healing from within too. It's not bad, but definitely not pleasant. Anyone else have that about 3 weeks?
I've attached my 3 week pics and the sports bra.
Hope everyone is doing good!!

4 Weeks Today!!!

I had my 4 week post op today, and not a lot to report. I'm thrilled with my results tho, and am healing good. I had a little spot under my right breast that was a suture trying to poke thru. I washed it twice a day, blew dry with my hair dryer :) and put polysporin on it for a few days. She said to leave it alone one and keep an eye on it. It's not open, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'm still the the underwire doc gave me during the day, squishing bra at night, and underwire sports bra for activity. So ism anxious for another week to see change! She did say they will continue settling for the next few months, up to a year. Fine with me! I wanted smaller, more lifted with fuller lower pole. A little more age appropriate...I like the fullness and I think once they settle down they will be just perfect ! I've never said....I'm 5.4 and 140 lbs. I wear a size 8 usually, sometimes a 10....and never wanted my boobs to enter the room before me. Lol! That's just me.....they're perfect for my frame and size. Here's a video. I'm not massaging, and only wear the bras I'm prescribed and provided by the drs. office.

4 Week Pictures

These are pictures from my 4 week post op on May 14. I had posted a video, but decided to take it down. Incisions are good, no stabbing left. My right vertical incision had a tiny spot that was a suture poking thru, but it's gone now....just a little pink. I'm still wearing the tan underwire during the day, squishing bra at night. The underwire presses against the incision and hurts mildly at crust, then goes away. She did lots of muscle repair on both sides, and corrected the pocket.....that's the reason for the underwire. It's keeping my breast in place. She did say at 6 weeks I'd graduate to no bra at night....maybe. Last night while my bra was drying, I was bra less and it felt weird....not heavy, just unfamiliar. I'm loving them and so happy with my results. I almost feel guilty when I read of others who are not happy or feeling sad about their own results. I know it's hard, but we just have to be patient and wait for that final result.

5 weeks and oh so loving the girls!!!

Yesterday was my 5 week post op and no news is good news!! Scar has healed well, a little red here and there, but no openings. I stay in my underwire during the day and squishing bra at night until I have my 6 week post op June 2nd, a few days late. She said at that point, I can sleep with the girls free, but continue in an underwire.
One thing about vVctoria Secret and their staff, here anyway, they didn't measure me correctly several years ago, and I have a drawer full of the wrong size. I always battled the falling strap and bra moving around, but figured they knew what they were doing. They measured me 36D or 38C. Not, never was. I measure 34C, maybe 34D. Huge difference. I'm trusting Dr. Gurley and her nurse Colleen. So in a few weeks I'll go back, or maybe elsewhere, and get a few beautiful new underwires for my beautiful new girls!!! That's exciting, and feels so good to feel good about myself again.
It will be interesting, once I stop the squishing bra at night, so see how they change. I'm loving it, and so it my sweet, deserving hubby!! He has been so patient not getting to "play" with the new girls. We weren't taking any chances with open incisions until healed.
Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Weekend!!

6 weeks now, and feeling beautiful!

6 1/2 Week Post Op video.
Today I met with Dr. Gurley for my 6 week post op. I gave her a big hug and thanked her for doing such an awesome job on my breasts. I really didn't have many questions, I feel my healing process went smoothly, and I'm so happy! I'm to continue wearing an underwire mostly, or the underwire sports bra. No more squishing bra at night, but well see how I sleep. I'm a side sleeper, so I won't be on my tummy. I might want a light, soft bra for awhile at night. An occasional bra-less outfit is fine, or swim suit, but I'll continue healing for another few months and I still want to use caution.
My next appointment with Dr. Gurley is in 6 weeks. Each weekly post op appt. from the second week on, I saw Colleen, Dr. Gurleys nurse, and she was awesome. She took pictures of my progress, answered questions, and we'd chat. I'm actually gonna miss her!
I'm adding a 6 week video, it's so much easier to see the form, shape, incisions etc. The incisions are still pink for the most part. The crease incisions are flattening and smoothing out. My breasts are so soft and jiggly....I love them!
Judith Gurley

Dr. Gurley was a blessing...(previous surgeon would not have been a good choice.) My positive experience started with a phone call to the office, and a conversation with Barb. From there everything got even better. Colleen, Dr. Gurleys nurse spoke with me over the phone and made me feel so at ease. During my consultation, Dr. Gurley was a real person, talked with me, not at me. She measured, took pictures, asked lots of goal questions. We looked at tons of pictures. I was consulting for a breast revision with lift. She explained everything completely, and answered all my questions and concerns. I left there feeling confident I had chosen the perfect surgeon for my surgery! The day of surgery, Dr. Gurley came in to mark me...she had all my pictures we had looked at, and we went over everything she'd be doing, what to expect afterwards. I really wasn't even nervous because of the confidence I had in her as a surgeon. From my first consultation to my 6 week post op appt., if I had any question or concern, I could call the office, and Colleen always called me back. I never once felt like they were too busy or rushed me. I honestly cannot stress enough, how skilled and professional, yet personal, Dr. Gurley and her staff were/are. If ever I were to choose another procedure, Dr. Gurley would always be the ONLY CHOICE in my surgeon. Thank you Dr. Gurley!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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