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Looking to gain back what was lost from pregnancy....

Looking to gain back what was lost from pregnancy. I had silicone implants placed in 2009 and then had a baby 2 years later...that was not planned and I deffinatly did not anticipate breastfeeding. Now my baby is 20 months and I'm looking to get a revision to have more volume. I would like to change my 400cc silicone implants to 500 or 550 cc silicone and I don't think I need a lift considering I already had one last time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

consult booked

Scheduled a consult for oct9th with a Dr I found on here. I have also seen this Dr on a local show sac &co. Hope he can help me accomplish my goal!

consult coming up

Cant wait for my consult this Wednesday ..I'm excited to see a new Dr and get a new point of view

i have a decision to make....

I went to see a new Dr today and really liked him but the surgery is 3000$ more with him..and he said I need a binelli lift too.


Ive been trying to make a decision all weekend as to which Dr to pick...one promises no cc to reocur since I did have one first time around...the other Dr says he cant make any promises ...I'm gana make some phone calls to the new p.s surgeon I saw and ask some more questions..maybe I need a third consult to help me decide :(

another consult..this will be my.last one

Booked a apt for this Thursday to see one more p.s...my friend recommended him and she had good results!

consult tomorrow...third drs the charm??

Going to see Dr.lee tomorrow at 10am...I'm excited I hope it goes well! After I see him I will decide which Dr out of the three I have seen I will pick! I'm hoping for a December surgery date!

I've got a winner

I went to my third consult today and was very pleased! I will me going with dr.lee for a donut lift and new implants. Now I need to book my surgery ..im looking at december 20th as my date !

all booked

Booked for December 20th..I'm so excited cant wait! !Xmas boobies!

8 weeks and counting

Yay I'm counting down the weeks! I need to put some before pics.

7 weeks and counting!! Xmas boobies

Not much new to update other then everyone around me wants revision surgery after I tell them I'm getting it.IT must be contagious!

one month till my pre op

One .month left until my pre op and I can't wait. I can't wait to see what size my Dr suggests..im thinking 500-550

pre op apt date moved up

Spoke to my ps office today and they changed my pre op to November 26th yay sooner the better!

well im officially unable.to.post a.pic

I give up.my pics never post:(

2 weeks to my pre op..woohooo

2 weeks till my pre op ..so exciting I can't wait to be all lifted and full again!

one week till pre op...yay

I'm so excited for my pre op..can't wait to discuss size!!; I started to buy things I will need..so far I bought peaches and pineapple slices!lol I need to figure out what else I may need

pre op tomorrow so excited

Office called today to remind me of my apt that is tomorrow at4pm ..cant wait to decide on size and discuss all the details! I need to go to the bnk sometime before my apt tomorrow so I can pay in full! Yay

pre op yesterday...now im worried about size

So I went to my pre op yesterday..everything went good. I'm just worried about size. Dr suggested 595 almost 600...ahhhh I don't want to tip over..it sounds so big.then the assistant said go big or go home..not really what I wanted to hear.now I'm nervous I don't want to have problems.im already at 400cc and they aren't very big on me just average so maybe I need bigger.also he said he will put a drain in my left Breast so I don't get another CC. Phew now I'm gana research size a little more.oh and I paid in full!;


So my hubby is excited about the size and that makes me feel so much better!soooo 595 it is!!

3 weeks to go

Pain meds filled ..all except the nausea patch. Ill have. To go back for that. I got a price of 21$ which is much better then $400 that a different pharmacy quoted me! Labs done too..now I just need to pick up test results and fax it to my Ps..yay getter closer !

post surgery bra recommendations

Any suggestions of post op bras? The one my Dr office gives is cheap..i want a nice front opening one ..went to target and had no luck. All rxs filled.got a new front zip hoodie! Getting so excited and yet nervous.im hoping my revision turns out good I'd be do upset if they didn't turn out beautiful this time..last time they were nice until I discovered I had a cc 9 months post op.

funny hubby

My hubby had to tell his boss that he needs next Friday off for his wife's surgery..thats all he said didn't mention what type. He works for a small company so while he was telling his boss his co worker walks up and says" you requesting the day off for your wifes titte surgery???" ahhhhhh his boss replied happy wife happy life!...on another note picked up 2 new bralettes yesterday at the store!!yay excited

more nervous second time around

So I'm getting real nervous.nervous on size don't want to be huge. Nervous on how I will lift my son afterwards. Nervous I will have a drain on one boob..not sure for how long. Hoping I'm making the right choice on having a revision. Also feeling guilty to spend so much on myself at Christmas time :( . Hope I'm doing the right thing.

Finally, a pre op photo!

upset stomach...nerves kicking in

I woke up today with stomach pain abs and I know it is because I am nervous..ahhhh.i don't like the fact that my husband isn't allowed to wait for me in the waiting room during surgery..he will have to leave and come back..that makes me nervous and sad

size freak out

Ok so now I'm freaking out...is 595 too big?? I wonder if I can still ask for 550...should my Dr have different sizes at his office for people who change their minds??? I don't want too big of a chest to where people stare at me....omg I hope I'm not screwed

freaked out...

I don't work till 2pm today..honestly was contemplating calling out today. I'm just laying around with my son today(so not like me.we normally go to the gym first thing) I have been avoiding going around all the sick people . My husbands boss is not happy he is taking fri and sat off to take care of me. So I guess I get to stress out all day today! Yay

nervous stomach...starving already

So my hubby woke up at 6 am...he can't sleep...im still laying in bed and my stomach is gurgling not to mention I didn't sleep much...dr office called yesterday and I discussed size concerns.she was like"would you. Rather be too big or too small?".....the next size down is 545 &she said I wouldn't see much difference....on another note just wanted to say the support on this site is so wonderful; since I don't have much support other then my husband I am do grateful to all you sweet girls!;

all done

Quick update..got called to come in early...was done by 3:30 arrived @10:30 ..alott of waiting then I don't remember much else after anesthesia...ido remember waking up to music playing. Now that m home I'm doing good. I am in pain so probably be taking meds soon can't tell on size but I think he used 595cc's

wish the dr office was open on the weekend

I did end up with a drain. On my left boob...I discussed size with my p.s before. Surgery. He said I should stick to 595 what I was sized for..he did say they have one size down if I change my mind..that was the last we spoke of that.. now I'm wondering and hoping g he did use the 595 because they don't look wiper big..it could be because they are hard and swollen right now..


Also there is quite a bit of pain this time and I thought it wouldn't be that bad second time around..guess I was wrong . I will stick to the pain meds today. Overall I'm thrilled and excited to have new non saggy boobies!

glad i went big

I called my Dr today cause my husband said the Dr said"you will be happy with the size"....so I caller to double check and they are 595 Hp!! So glad

feeling good

Feeling pretty good today except for needing to ho buy a stool softer.i do have a drain so I have to wear big hoodies to hid the drain.i don't want anyone to see it.i haven't had any pain meds today and feel pretty good! So glad I got 595 not 545 because as of now they aren't too big at all..im sure they will change since they are high and tight right now! Overall I'm thrilled with my results and love my Dr and his awesome staff!!

went shopping now.super tired

I felt really good this a.m went Xmas shopping just to one store but now feel pretty tired.only took psi. Med 2 times today.not in. Too much pain. Got a nice sports bra at v.s cheap. It was on sale and I had a $10 off coupon. Looks very supportive.I'm still wearing.g my surgical. Bra untill my apt which isn't untill12/30. I want to get a thank you gift for my Dr office..any ideas? Maybe sees candy?

feeling.tired but good

My Ps officecalled this a.m I toldthe girl how I just love them all they wereim sire they were all so awesome. She said I may even get to come in the day after Xmas and get the drain removed.I told her I'm glad I went with 595 cause they don't look very big yet even though they will change when they d&f! Cant wait!!

itchy tape and annoying drain

I cant wait for this horrible drain to be removed.also both boobs are tightly sealed epithet bandages and water proof tape so I dealt cant see my results but I cant wait!!! All I can wear in public is hoodies to hide the drain:(

drain driving me nuts

I hope my Dr office can get me in tomorrow to yank out this drain and remove this tape do I can see my boobies. So far I can't tell how they will look.the sides look big but the fronts are squished with tape. I swear this drain is putting a damper on mt Christmas! I'm deffinatly a downer today ..my poor hubby:(

i was finally.able.to.post pics

So weird I decided to try to add a pic the same way I have always tried an it actually worked...so weird.you can see my nasty drains in my first pic.

apt today for drain removal

I have a 1'30 apt today to have drain and possibly tape removed! Yay can't wait to let my new boobies breathe!!!

apt today went well ..i love dr.Lee!!!

Got my drain removed but wont get my stitches removed until 12-30 so my boobies remain taped up. The Dr came in and said everything looks good. The nurse removed the drain but Dr.Lee took the time to come in and check me out ! That just proves he is a awesome caring Dr which I have so much respect for! I will be recommending him to everybody and anybody I know( even though alot of people I know already used him!!! So happy!

excited to finally be able to post pics

They are already soft.little to no pain a little sore when I woke up. Cant wait to get stitches out Monday!

itchy tape

One more day until I get this terrible tape off..i was itching in my sleep and now I am sore:(.. On a happier note its football Sunday and I'm wearing my new niners jersey over my new boobies that my hubby bought me for Xmas!

10 days post op apt

Had my apt today and got big tape removed and all my stitches from my donut lift removed!! Still will have tape directly around my nips but they look good and Dr.lee(love him) said everything looks great. He said they are still a little smashed down..he cleared me to do cardio just not upper body but my elliptical is fine minus arms...told me to only do one massage for now which is just pressing the sides in for a couple of seconds.they are already super soft like before just bigger!! And no hard lefty like before yay!! Once again Dr.lee is awesome!!

itching on top of boobies??

So now I'm mostly itching on top of my boobs not anywhere near incisions??? Why?? Is the skin stretching? My Dr said they are still smashed down so are they itching from stretching??? Ahhh its driving me nuts and fyi Benadryl cream and cocoa butter not helping!!!!help

go.to.the gym or not???

My Dr cleared me for cardio...I'm just hesitant to go since so many people way further post op then me still are not cleared ...I'm really thinking of going today but I am worried ..I can always wait and start back next week.....ahhhhh decisions

started back at the gym yesterday!

Started back at the gym yesterday. I was cleared a while back from my Dr but gave myself extra time.. I just did light cardio and didn't work up a sweat...but at least I burned calories!! I'm still not lifting my 2 yr old because I want to avoid complications.. (do not want a CC again).otherwise I feel great.boobies are still sore. I've decided not to listen or worry so much about others negative opinions like those who say" you look the sane as before" I know I'm not the same they are not saggy anymore and are fuller and that's what I wanted! I haven't gone bra shopping..i don't think they have dropped ...ill add pics later since I am work right now!


Also besides hitting the gym 4 days a week I am juicing veggies every a.m for breakfast.eating 2 hard boiled egg whites for lunch and a big salad. And a small dinner! I want to be fully ready for bikini season!!


Scored 2. Bras. At Soma today! 34DDD AND Those bras are normally $50 each! The lady measured me said I'm either a ddd or the next size up. They don't sell any push ups there in my size. but the sales lady says Fredricks carries big sizes too!.im not getting a push up anytime soon. Anyone have any super supportive sports bra suggesting for working out?

typos to last post

Typos: the bras i bought were10$ each..again I called my Dr office and they said I can wear underwire no push up!
Roseville Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Lee. Very nice and professional. Calm and mellow. I'm happy with my choice! Loved his staff also. Every single person he works with are awesome. Very proffesional and nice!!love him and his staff! ! Post surgery I love this Dr. Even more! I am thrilled with my results and think he genuinely wants good results for all his pts. He took the time to come see me even for my short post op ate(2so far) and really has a great attitude! His staff were so sweet and helpful post op as well! On a scale of 1-10 I give them a 11!!!

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